Siluka's Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

Her Favorite Napping Spot

You walk into South Lulukoko. It's so warm that you decide to sit and take a nap on a nice, warm rock. When you wake up, you find Siluka is also taking a nap right next to you! You jump up off the rock and she wakes up, a bit upset that her pillow left. Siluka says she was sleeping there because you were already sleeping in her favorite spot to nap, which you interrupted. You can sleep next to her if you'd like, but she won't allow you to have her favorite spot all to yourself.

Choice 1: Sit next to her

You sit back down next to Siluka. She thinks you're a bit strange. Oddly, most people will get up and leave when she sits in her favorite spot, or they'll ask for a favor in return for letting her sit there. The really sketchy ones will promise they won't do anything if she lets them nap next to her; those ones have very creepy, tar-black auras. You let her sit there just like the sketchy people, but unlike them, your aura isn't black and she senses no ulterior motive. You even got a little bit of a giggle from her before the two of you fall back to sleep.

Eventually Iluka comes by to wake you up. Siluka is suppose to be working right now! Iluka hopes you weren't trying to do anything skeevy with her sister! Before Iluka can respond, Siluka stops her and sticks up for you. You aren't like one of those other people! Iluka refuses to apologize and blames you for the misunderstanding.

After Iluka leaves, Siluka says she wouldn't mind napping here with you again. Your aura isn't sketchy, so she doesn't mind if you slept next to her. The warm grass, sun, and you; it was kind of nice.

Result: +2000 FP with Siluka, +15 AP with Siluka

Choice 2: Leave

Result: -2000 FP with Siluka

Dark Blue Love Event

The Flower That Fell in Love

What is Siluka doing on your farm? She explains that she's observing your farm since earlier this morning. At first she was just here to pick flowers that don't grow in Lulukoko, but as she was picking them she realized that they all have beautiful auras. It isn't just the plants; everything here seems to have a pure aura. It is strange how comfortable it feels to be here. Siluka was hoping to stand still and listen, she might be able to find out why. She hopes that she isn't getting in your way, or maybe you would like to watch with her?

Choice 1: Watch with Siluka

You stand there for a bit, but eventually you start to get bored and tired...

Choice 1: Give up

Okay that's fine. She's going to stay here a little bit longer. After you've been gone for a while, you decided to check back on Siluka. You find her face down on the ground!

Result: -1000 FP with Siluka

Choice 2: Keep watching

You continue to stand there with her, but eventually you start to feel dizzy. Apparently the same is true for Siluka, as she collapses from exhaustion right next to you!

Result: +2000 FP with Siluka, +15 AP with Siluka

Choice 2: I'm kind of busy right now...

Okay that's fine. She's going to stay here a little bit longer. After you've been gone for a while, you decided to check back on Siluka. You find her face down on the ground!

Result: -1000 FP with Siluka

After Siluka recovers, she admits that she hasn't had anything to drink all day. Siluka feels better now, and admits that when she gets caught up in something, she loses track of everything else. She promises to make it up to you somehow. You're just glad that she's okay.

Siluka now understands why this farm is filled with so many beautiful auras; it is because of you. You've put your heart and soul into caring for the farm, and in return nature is responding to your kindness. It's okay if you don't understand.

As she leaves, she looks around and asks the world around her if it loves you very much. Anyone could fall in love with someone who is so much like the sun.

Light Green Love Event

Kind Assistance

In South Lulukoko you bump into Caolila, who asks you for a favor. It seem that a fisherman was injured and couldn't go out to catch fish this morning, so Caolila needs to bring him something to eat. Problem is that she has her shop to run. Could you watch her shop for a few hours? Zahau and Ludus are out fishing so she can't ask them. You agree to help her with the shop. Caolila explains that there's a list of her prices in the shop.

You've no problem helping a customer, but when it comes to the cost of his order you can't read Caolila's price list. It's all scribbles! As you're trying to figure things out, Siluka walks by and sees you running Caolila' shop. With her help you were able to get the right pricing off of Caolila's price sheet. Siluka offers to help you with the shop tending. The cafe is closed for the day anyway and she can read Caolila's handwriting.

Choice 1: I couldn't ask that of you

She really doesn't mind helping you out, as she mentions she won't make it in time anyway. Not sure what she means there, but Siluka clarifies and asks again if YOU will LET her help?

Result: -1000 FP with Siluka

Choice 2: Thanks! That'd be a big help!

There's no need for thanks; you need help and she wants to help you.

Result: +2000 FP with Siluka, +15 AP with Siluka

Siluka offers to work behind the counter and give you prices when you ask her.

Once Caolila returns, she notices that Siluka is helping too. Caolila is humored that somehow you got Siluka to help you and casually mentioned the two of you working together remind her of a young couple running their own family shop. Siluka is a bit embarrassed, but Caolila is just teasing the two of you. She pays you 1000 G for your effort.

When Siluka returns home, Iluka mentions she was away longer than anticipated. Siluka had been out looking for a specific flower and didn't find it. It was a flower that only bloomed once per year, but Siluka doesn't seem to mind that she missed it. Something more important came up anyway.

Yellow Love Event

Iluka's Suffering

At the beachside cafe, Iluka is scolding her sister about not having any proof. Siluka is arguing back that Iluka needs to stop making assumptions that aren't true. They continue to bicker back and forth until you intervene. Siluka suggests that Iluka find out for herself, and continues to tell you that she has some things to do first and to wait for her at the inn.

At Lala Salama, you explain the fight between the sisters to Ludus. He says they hardly ever fight and wonders what the argument was about. When Siluka arrives to fetch you, he asks what the fight was about. Siluka doesn't want to talk about it and tells him that it's none of his business! Wowzers! Ludus says it is rare for Siluka to get angry and asks that whatever it is about, don't drag you into it.

Back at her house, Siluka is eating her meal with you and notices that the salad has nasty wild vegetables in it. She brushes the issue aside though and asks how your meal is. It is tasty, yet you offer her the rest of your salad. Siluka doesn't want it because of all those yucky veggies and tells you that she doesn't want to eat anymore. She's only taken one bite of her salad though, so you know she isn't actually full. Siluka agrees to take your salad and takes a bite, but then runs off! She returns shortly and tells you to eat the rest of your meal.

After the meal, Siluka asks why you haven't inquired what the sisters' argument was about.

Choice 1: I'll ask the real Siluka

What?! You figured it out already? She asks you to wait a second.

Result: +2000 FP with Siluka, +15 AP with Siluka

Choice 2: ......

Siluka asks why you are staring at her. Perhaps you've figured it out? Iluka realizes that her trick didn't work and ask you to wait a second.

Result: -1000 FP with Siluka

Now that Iluka has changed back into her normal clothes, she asks what tipped you off that she wasn't Siluka. You can choose that you noticed her salad preferences or that she talked differently; either choice will be okay. Iluka calls out for her sister, who apologizes for deceiving you. Siluka explains that Iluka was convinced that you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. That is what they were fighting about. So Iluka had to see for herself by using this little trick on you. She admits that she was wrong though. Iluka explains that Siluka is the most important person in her life, and if you were so careless that you couldn't tell them apart, there's no way she would of allowed Siluka to stick around with someone who didn't care! She then leaves the two of you alone.

Siluka is pleased that you were able to pass Iluka's test and then gives you a kiss.

Orange Love Event

Seeking a Rare Rose

Iluka lets you know that Siluka just left to run an errand. Tototara is glad to know the two of you are getting along, and Iluka remembers how Siluka gave up on picking that rare flower to help you out (from her light-green love event). You don't know anything about this! Iluka explains how Siluka was on her way to pick a Rare Rose that only blooms once per year. She had left the house early in the morning to go get it, but when she returned later without the flower, Siluka said she didn't get the flower because she stopped to help you out.

You feel bad about the flower, but Tototara says there's no way to get another one right now. This rose is native to Westown. She remembers that Westown has a florist though; perhaps that person might know of a way to get a Rare Rose.

Over in Westown, you ask Lisette about the Rare Rose. She knows about the flower, but says it is a wild variety and almost impossible to find a domesticated plant. Lisette apologizes for not being more helpful.

You start asking the other villagers in Westown, but no one seems to know about the flower. Luckily Dessie notices your frustration and asks what is wrong. You explain the quest for the Rare Rose to the mini goddess, who happens to know what flower you're looking for. In fact, she has one in the flower crown she wears on her head! If you need it, Dessie is glad to hand it over, even though it is one of her favorite flowers.

You run back to Lulukoko and meet up with Siluka. You apologize to her about making her miss the flower's blooming. Ah, Iluka must have told you about it. She tells you not to worry about it, as she would of regretted ignoring you when you were in trouble. Besides, she'll have another chance at it some other time. You hand over the Rare Rose to Siluka, who is puzzled as to how you got one when it is the wrong season for it to grow. Siluka is thankful that you did this for her. She explains that this Rare Rose is also called a Heaven's Rose, as it is said that drinking tea that contained the rose can heal any illness. Siluka is very grateful that you did everything you could to locate one, just for her.

Result: +3000 FP with Siluka

Pink Love Event

The Aurora

As you wake up, Siluka calls out to you from outside. She apologizes for coming so early, but there is something she wants to show you. The two of you walk to Lulukoko; it seems you're a bit early though (for whatever it is). Siluka mentions she can tell that you're tired and worries that perhaps you work too hard. If she happens to live with you, she could watch over your aura to ensure that you are healthy all the time! Siluka becomes a little embarrassed about her suggestion.

Oh hay, it is going to start! Siluka explains that during the sunrise, everything starts to glow a green aurora just for a brief moment. The two of you watch the sun turn everything green for a little bit. After it is over, Siluka explains that it is called "Aurora Flash" and is very rare. There's many factors that are required to occur for it to happen, and they don't see it happen very often. Siluka saw it once many years ago and found it very beautiful. That's why she wanted you to see it this morning; to share with you the most beautiful scenery she knows of.

She has another reason why she wanted you to see it though. Since it is so rare, if one does see it they'll have good luck. Siluka hopes that this experience will bring you lots of good fortune.

Choice 1: Say thank you to Siluka

Result: +2000 FP with Siluka

Choice 2: Wrap Siluka up in a hug

Result: +2000 FP with Siluka, +15 AP with Siluka

Siluka was hoping that this would bring you happiness, but it turns out she got a lot of happiness in return. She admits that she isn't very good with expressing her feelings, and she doesn't know if you realize how much she cares for you, but just know that she loves you a whole lot. It's why Siluka wants to share with you all the things she feels are precious and beautiful. Since you make her so happy, she wants to do the same for you.