Yuzuki's Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

Yuzuki's Kindness

As you travel from your farm to the crossroads, you begin to feel tired and hungry. Next to the lake, you notice a man struggling with some packages. You decide to walk over and help him, but Yuzuki happens to walk up at the same time. He asks if you're acquainted with the gentleman. You shake your head and tell the man that you can help him carry his packages. The man thanks you; he just threw out his back and was wondering how he was going to transport them.

Thanks to Yuzuki, the packages managed to get delivered in time to make that day's shipment. The delivery man expresses his profound gratitude to you two. Yuzuki says that you both did what anyone would've done. Suddenly, your stomach rumbles, and loudly! Yuzuki covers for you by saying it was his stomach. The delivery man offers dumplings from a local sweet shop to him. Yuzuki asks if you would like to enjoy them together later. You agree, and the two of you leave.

Yuzuki thanks you for your help. He's unsure how it would've gone if you weren't there.

Choice 1: Thanks for covering for me

Oh, you mean from earlier? That's all right. Yuzuki thought it would embarrass you if you had to say it was your stomach. The words were out of his mouth before he really thought about it. Besides, he doesn't mind what those gentlemen say about him.

Result: +3000 FP with Yuzuki, +15 AP with Yuzuki, restored stamina

Choice 2: Sorry for the trouble

Result: +1000 FP with Yuzuki

Yuzuki can see why you would've been embarrassed. However, that stomach rumble lets him know just how hard you work. He asks you not to feel too embarrassed. He offers you the dumplings from earlier. You start to reject them, but he insists-until he's interrupted by another stomach rumbling. This time, it's him! The two of you decide to share the dumplings instead.

Event helpers: Neoko, Rune, and Lunachan

Dark Blue Love Event

Creator's Block

You walk up and greet Yuzuki as you cross the bridge in North Tsuyukusa. He comments on the poor weather. He's thinking over some designs for new hairpieces, but he's hit a bit of an artist's block. The master jeweler who was his master a few years back will be putting on a huge display of hairpieces soon. He sent Yuzuki a letter requesting a new design from him. He doesn't mind the suddenness of the situation, as he's used to it, but he can't seem to think of anything to make for the theme that he's been assigned. He has to create three pieces that capture the atmosphere of the three towns, and he's having trouble. He tells you not to be worried, though; he's sure he's just overthinking things. Now, if you'll excuse him...

Yuzuki looks like he's in a bit of a creative slump. Is there any way you can help?

Choice 1: Find things that may give him inspiration

First, you talk with a few people in Westown, then with the people in Lulukoko to ask for their help in finding something. In the meantime, Yuzuki is slumped over his work table, still having trouble. If only there were some other reference material he could look at... Suddenly, you knock at the door, bearing reference material! Jeez, the box is heavy. There must be a lot of things in it. Wait... did you spend the entire time searching for these in this awful weather? Yuzuki is so touched, he has to bite back tears of joy. He thanks you profusely for your help. Well, since you've gone above and beyond just to help him, he promises that he'll make the best hairpieces ever. Well, he'll see you again soon. Take care on your way home.

Result: +3000 FP with Yuzuki, +15 AP with Yuzuki

Choice 2: Work together with him to think up ideas

You chase after Yuzuki. He's slumped over his work table, still having trouble. If only there were reference material he could look at. Suddenly, you knock on the door, bearing... yourself. Wait, you want to help him come up with ideas? Don't you have other chores to attend to? He thanks you for taking the time to help. Now then, why don't you two start brainstorming? After a bit, you two have come up with some excellent designs. Well, he'll see you again. Take care on your way home.

Result: +1000 FP

Event helpers: Rune and Neoko

Light Green Love Event

Feelings of Gratitude?

You walk in to visit Yuzuki, who tells you that you showed up at the perfect time. He's done with the hairpieces you two worked on together. He asks you to try on one of them; he usually has his grandfather model hairpieces, but he thinks this one will suit you much better. You take a seat so he can work on your hair.

Finally, he's done! You get a nice close-up of your character wearing the hairpiece. Yuzuki tells you that he used materials from all three towns to make it. He planned to make three separate ones, one for each town, but thanks to you, he decided that he could make it better by combining the three. He wouldn't have reached that idea on his own, and says he owes quite a lot to you. It was by thinking of you and your day-to-day life that he was able to make the hairpiece. You are the embodiment of how the three towns come together, and thus he thought of a piece that would complement you. He says that it looks very beautiful on you.

You blush at this statement, and Yuzuki comments that your cheeks are starting to redden. Is having your hair up like that making you chilly? You tell him no. Huh, must have just been his imagination. Well, it's about time he take the piece out. Thanks for modeling it for him.

Outside, he tells you that he has to go give the piece to his master and thanks you once again. In thanks, he gifts you some perfume that he made. You ask if it's ok to put some on, and he says of course. You put it on. It smells very nice. Yuzuki is glad you like it. Anyway, he really must be going. He apologizes for taking up your time, and invites you to come visit sometime.

You begin to walk away, and are greeted by Hinata. He asks why you smell like some sort of fancy garden. You explain that you got some perfume from Yuzuki. At this, he doubles back in shock. He falls silent for a second, and you question him. He tells you that typically, when a guy gives a girl perfume, there's a romantic meaning behind it. This time, you double back in shock, flustered. Though, the only one who could say why Yuzuki did it is Yuzuki himself. And in his case, he probably didn't know it could be interpreted a different way. Hinata leaves, and you take out your perfume, thinking.

Result: +3000 FP with Yuzuki, +15 AP with Yuzuki

Event helper: Rune

Yellow Love Event

A Beautiful Model

Yuzuki is at Sharaku's hairstyle salon delivering some new hair accessories. Sharaku asks if you wouldn't mind advertising for the booth by wearing some of these items for her. Besides, she whispers that if she gets you all dolled up, Yuzuki would probably fall even more in love with you. You agree, and Sharaku asks Yuzuki if he would hand out the flyers to attract customers. He agrees to help too. She then asks if he would mind leaving for a bit so she could get you ready.

When Yuzuki returns, he is shocked to see how Sharaku's touch turned you into an even lovelier beauty! He even manages to blush a little bit! The two of you head out to advertise for the shop, you acting as the model and Yuzuki handing out the promotional leaflets. Your style seems to have drawn a crowd of admirers too, although Yuzuki seems to be uncomfortable with the attention you're receiving.

After the flyers have been handed out, the two of you return to Sharaku's booth. She's thankful for your help and says she's ready to get you back into your normal clothes. Yuzuki asks if she would hold off for a little bit before returning you to what you were wearing before.

When you're finally alone, Yuzuki apologizes for asking you to stay in your model outfit for longer than needed, but, well...

Choice 1: You were jealous?

No, when he saw you surrounded by the crowd of people, he wasn't jealous. Yuzuki was actually happy for you. You do look absolutely gorgeous right now, and the thought that the hairpiece that he crafted is helping to bring out your beauty makes him very happy. Yuzuki apologizes if that sounds strange. Anyway, he hopes that the two of you can do something like this together again some day.

Result: +500 FP with Yuzuki

Choice 2: You were really happy?

Yes, that's exactly it. Right now you look exquisite, and when he saw the crown of people around you, you were gleaming. The thought that the hairpiece that he crafted is helping to bring out your beauty made him think that perhaps you're that beautiful because you have him. He apologizes for his remark, but you agree with his rationale. You did agree to allow Sharaku to dress you up is to impress him. Ah, it seems that your plan was a success then! Yuzuki thanks you for being with him today.

Result: +3000 FP with Yuzuki, +15 AP with Yuzuki

Event helper: @AnnieCPie and Lunachan

Orange Love Event

The Fortune Teller

Yuzuki stops by your farm and asks if you have some free time. The weather is nice today and he'd like to spend some time with you. The two of you head to Tsuyukusa, where you meet a lady who asks if you're a couple. The old woman asks if it would be okay for her to read your fortunes as a couple. Yuzuki thinks it might be fun, so you tell her your birthdays.

The old woman thinks for a moment and says that the two of you met by a quirk, as your paths weren't meant to cross. Once your paths crossed though, they intertwined and will not easily disengage. The two of you are a prefect match for each other. However, a difficult trial awaits the two of you, one that could possibly fray the threads of your bond. She specifically says that YOU could be the one to cause your bond to break! Not to worry though, as she gives you some advice on how to connect with each other. She also offers to sell you a magic charm...

Choice 1: Buy it

Before you pay, Yuzuki tells you not to worry and asks you not to buy the magic charm.

After the old woman leaves, Yuzuki apologizes for making that request of you. He didn't want you to buy the charm because it is his duty to dispel any doubts from your heart. Yuzuki didn't want you relying on some random magical charm instead of him. Even if the fortune teller's words come true, the two of you can overcome whatever the trial may be.

Result: +1000 FP with Yuzuki

Choice 2: Don't buy it

You decide not to buy the old woman's good luck charm.

After she leaves, Yuzuki chases after her and offers to buy the charm anyway. He brings it back as a present for you, since he detected that you were a bit concerned about what the fortune teller had determined. Personally, Yuzuki doesn't believe in fortunes, but what is important is how you feel about it. You seemed worried, so Yuzuki wants you to feel secure about your relationship. If buying a magic charm will do that, then he'll gladly buy it for you!

Yuzuki is a bit sad though, as he feels that his love for you isn't being accepted as genuine. Besides, whose words do you believe more: the fortune teller's or his? Well you prefer his words of course! The two of you continue on your date.

Results: +3000 FP with Yuzuki, +15 AP with Yuzuki

With either choice, you'll receive a Pearl in your bag.

Event helper: @AnnieCPie and Lunachan

Pink Love Event

Yuzuki's Illness

You walk into the house to find Umekichi and Omiyo inside. They tell you that you just missed Yuzuki; he had to run an errand, but did mention he was going to stop by your farm on the way back. They suggest you head back home and wait for him. Umekichi mentions that he's really happy that Yuzuki has you. He used to spend nearly every day in bed, but now he looks so healthy that both of them are very happy. When he was a child he used to go for a walk, most of the time he would be in bed with a fever the next day. Omiyo asks that you take care of him for them.

On the way back to your farm you find Yuzuki, but he is on the ground! You help him to your farm house and put him to bed. Yuzuki asks you to fetch Dr. Ford, but please don't tell his grandparents about this.

Choice 1: Tell them

You run off to fetch Ford, Umekichi, and Omiyo. When everyone is together, Dr. Ford says that Yuzuki just has a small case of food poisoning from sampling a wild mushroom that he found while foraging for herbs. Yuzuki apologizes to his grandparents for making them worry. Umekichi tells him that it is natural for them to worry about their grandson. They head out to fetch a palanquin to help carry Yuzuki back home. They ask that you stay with Yuzuki to keep him company for a moment.

After they leave, Yuzuki says that he dreads having to see his grandparents worry about him. You did the right thing by telling them though, and he apologizes for you having to find him like this. He casually comments that lying in your bed makes him feel like the two of you are living together. Maybe some day the two of you will live under the same roof... with that, Yuzuki falls asleep.

Result: -3000 FP with Yuzuki

Choice 2: Don't tell them

You bring just Dr. Ford back to your house, who says that Yuzuki just has a small case of food poisoning from sampling a wild mushroom that he found while foraging for herbs. Yuzuki thanks Ford for his treatment, but Ford tells him that you're the one he should be thanking.

After Ford leaves, Yuzuki is glad you didn't tell his grandparents. The sight of them looking over him with worried smiles is heartbreaking. Even though his health issues aren't of his own fault, it is more painful to see Umekichi and Omiyo worry than any health ailment he suffeers through. Now that he is healthier, he is glad to see their happy smiles. Yuzuki does worry that his health issues may have caused Omiyo to become unwell. You tell him that it isn't his fault; true, thinking that way would make Umekichi and Omiyo sad. He has kept that idea bottled up for so long, and being able to tell you about it has made him feel like a great weight has been lifted from him.

Yuzuki apologizes for you having to find him like this. He casually comments that lying in your bed makes him feel like the two of you are living together. Maybe some day the two of you will live under the same roof... with that, Yuzuki falls asleep.

He fells much better after he wakes up and thanks you for taking care of him. He gives you a kiss on the cheek and says a kiss on the lips will have to wait for another day.

Result: +3000 FP with Yuzuki, +15 AP with Yuzuki

Event helper: Lunachan