The Five Attributes

There are five attributes that you can increase to maximize your farm animals. Influencing these factors can earn you more profit as well as give you a better chance of winning the Animal Festivals.


The physical size of your animal doesn't impact its products, but it does help you win the Animal Festival if size is one of the attributes being judged.

The size attribute is a point scale from 0 (newborn) to 100 (large adult). The size will increase until it hits 100 points, at which the animal will be at its maximum size. When you buy a large animal (cow, sheep, etc.) it will automatically have 40 points of size, and small animals (poultry and rabbits) will have 32 points.

Regular 'ol Fodder will increase size by +1 per day. The spicy and sweet animal feed will increase size for baby animals but not for adults. Having a Calm type will give a +1 bonus to size when you interact with your animal friend. Fluffy Treats will increase size by +3.

Animals will never shrink back down to a smaller size.


The heart markers your animal has will determine the Star Rank of the resulting products. There are a maximum of 10 hearts with each full heart representing 100 Friendship Points (FP).

Raising FP with your animals is pretty easy to do, as you can raise FP multiple times per day. Some animals will gain more FP compared to other animals, and having the Cheerful personality type will give you an additional +1 FP when you do anything to raise FP:

Participating in the Animal Festival will give +10 FP with the animal you submit as your contest entry. Coming in third place will earn an additional +10 FP, second place is +20 FP, and first place is +30 FP.

Influencing your barns by placing a Horse King or Watchtower Farm Circle next to them will reduce the outside grazing time from 2 hours to 1 hour. The Fox Statue and Rabbit King Statue will give a bonus +2 FP per day.

You can also lose Friendship Points with your animals by doing careless things such as hitting them with your tools, leaving them outside overnight, not feeding them, and ignoring them for 2 days in a row.

Byproduct Amount

You can receive more than one item when harvesting products from your animals based on the animal's byproduct amount. This value can be increased to a maximum of 20. The byproduct amount will not decrease.

Increasing the byproduct amount is done by feeding Chewy Treats (+10 points) and Sweet Fodder (+10 points). Owning an animal with a Timid personality type will earn a bonus +5 points to byproduct amount when you raise its friendship. Every 50 points will increase the byproduct amount by one level.

The Giraffe Statue Farm Circle influences byproduct amount by allowing you to collect 1 additional item when harvesting animals. For example, a chicken that already lays 20 eggs will lay 21 eggs when this circle power is influencing its barn. This effect will go away if you remove the Giraffe Statue from your farm. There isn't a Farm Circle that will give bonus points towards the byproduct amount level.

Byproduct Level

For crafting clothing, you will inevitably need to have your wooly animals upgraded to producing plus-quality goods such as Wool+, Alpaca Wool+, and Rabbit Fur+. The byproduct level is ranked from E (lowest) to S (highest); the higher the rank, the greater the chance of plus-quality goods appearing when you harvest. For example, you won't see any plus quality at rank E, but at rank D you have a slim chance of receiving a plus-quality good. On the opposite side, having an S-rank animal will mostly produce plus quality and rarely a normal quality. The byproduct amount also has a factor in this, since harvesting more products per animal gives you more of a chance of seeing plus-quality products.

The byproduct level ranks are based on an invisible point system. Rank E is 0 to 350 points, rank D is 351 to 500 points, rank C is 501 to 700 points, rank B is 701 to 900 points, rank A is 901 to 999 points, and rank S is 1000 points. You can't lose points once they have been earned.

To earn byproduct level points you can feed the animal Crispy Treats (+10 points) and the high-quality feed you can craft using the Feed Maker Farm Circle (+10 points). Animals with Active personality types will increase their byproduct level faster (+5 points) than animals with other personality types.

There are also two Farm Circles that will give a +10 points per day if their power is affecting the animal's barn. The Flamingo Statue Farm circle is available once Lulukoko is Town Link Rank C or higher and you have won at least 3 Animal Festivals. The Chicken King Farm Circle unlocks once you have finished Farming Tips Part 2. The difference between them is just their range of influence; the Flamingo Statue's power only influences a single square of space, whereas the Chicken King's power will influence up to 3 spaces.

A single animal can make both normal and plus products, so there's no need to have a sheep that makes normal Wool and another sheep dedicated to making Wool+. The Textile Mill Farm Circle will accept both normal and plus-quality goods when crafting lower quality cloths.


This attribute is another that is a factor when participating in the Animal Festival, and also helps with increasing star quality of your wool, alpaca wool, llama wool, and rabbit fur. Coat is based on the same range and point system as byproduct level; D to S, and 0 to 1000 points.

You can raise the coat attribute by feeding the animal spicy-flavored food (+10 points) and Velvety Treats (+10 points). Gentle-type animals will earn +2 points towards coat. There isn't a Farm Circle that can influence the coat attribute.