The Horse

After you finish Frank and Daryl's first Farming Tips, a horse will become available for sale. There are six styles of horses for sale at Animal Instinct in Westown, and two style (black and mohawk) for sale at Rural Outfitters in Tsuyukusa. A horse costs 50,000 G (or 35,000 G in Seedling Mode). You can have only one horse on your farm. You can sell your old horse and buy a new one at any time:

Brown Horse
No special Town Link Rank

White Horse
No special Town Link Rank

Red Horse
No special Town Link Rank

Long Mane Horse
Westown Town Link Rank C

Braided Horse
Westown Town Link Rank B

Spotted Horse
Lulukoko Town Link Rank B

Black Horse
No special Town Link Rank

Mohawk Horse
Tsuyukusa Town Link Rank B

The horse will live in the horse stall area next to your farm house. You can put Fodder in its feed bin to increase its hearts, but it doesn't have any byproducts or the need for the special animal feeds; regular 'ol grass is just fine for the horse. Increasing the friendship hearts of your horse doesn't make the horse run faster. The higher your horse friendship, the greater the sell price if you sell the horse (max 28,000 G).

To ride the horse, stand next to it and press the A Button; you don't need to buy a saddle or have a minimum friendship level. To dismount just press the B Button.

When riding the horse from town area to town area, friend events and love events will not trigger if moving from area-to-area is part of an event's requirements. It's a good way to avoid events, unless of course you're trying to trigger events. In that case you'll have to get off your horse and walk into the appropriate locations.

Unfortunately, the horse tends to wander away after you jump off and go about your business in town. Sometimes it is challenging to locate the horse when you're ready to return to your farm. It is okay if you abandon your horse and return home, as the horse will appear back in its stall the next morning. You can force the horse to return from where ever it is by going to your horse stall and selecting the Call Horse option.

There isn't a way to whistle for the horse or call it to where you are located.