Crops and Mutation List

Crops are a large portion of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. Players will be expected to grow crops in the valley areas to earn money, complete requests, and use as ingredients for cooking recipes. Growing crops in this version of Harvest Moon can be more complex than simply throwing down some seeds and watering until full grown.

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Depending on the season, land elevation, and fertilizer, crops may grow into different crops when they mature. The mutated crops will always be part of the same family; for example, a tomato is not going to turn into a potato, but a tomato can transform into a new tomato variety. Some mutations take very little effort, while others are far along in a mutation chain and require a lot of hands-on care on your part.

If you haven't completed the main storyline yet, the number of plant mutation is basically limited to those that grow during Winter season. Your first mutation will most likely be Strawberry to White Berry, which doesn't take much effort at all. As you unlock the remaining seasons and their associated crops, you can discover more mutations. That same Strawberry grown during Winter may instead turn into an Angel Lantern when grown during Fall.

Mutated crops can even grow into more mutated crops. To do this, you'll need to unlock the crop mutation's seeds at Sam's shop. For crops that are one-time harvests (potato, broccoli, etc.) you will need to sell 30 of the new crop mutation to Sam and/or Hanna to make the seeds appear in Sam's shop. For crops that grow throughout a season (corn, strawberry, etc.) you will need to sell 50 of the new crop mutation to Sam and/or Hanna to unlock the seeds. You don't have to sell all of your crop mutations to one vendor or the other; as long as you sell the correct number of mutations, the seeds will appear in Sam's inventory. Selling GREAT quailty will also count towards unlocking seeds.

If you need a refresher on how environmental and player-made factors affect mutations, please review the Crop Basics Tutorial and Tips page on the Fogu guide.

Crop Families

There are 14 basic crop families, and they all contain hidden crop mutations. Unfortunately, there is very little information within the game on how to discover a plant transformation. It is a massive trial-and-error effort for players to determine what factors are required in order to create a new type of plant. Luckily, with effort from a lot of Lost Valley players, many of the crop mutations have been documented for sharing with other players.







Green Pepper


Hot Pepper






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