Wild Animals

There are other animals living in the valley besides your livestock, chickens, and yourself. After you obtain a Flower of Grace as part of the game's storyline, you'll start to see some wildlife appear in the valley. You may pet most of these animals to raise your friendship with them, but only the brown rabbit will give you anything in return.

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When an animal is available it will appear in a random location in the valley. You may need to wander around to find it, and sometimes it will appear in a spot that you can't reach. If you need to reset the wild animal's location, open your main menu by pressing the X Button, then open the Save/Reload menu. You won't have to save your game, just access the save menu and exit back out to change the wild animal's location.

The animals will appear in various time and in different seasons:

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When you've raised your friendship to a high level, the wild animal may allow you to pick it up. Not the Bear, as it is too big, or the Eagle, as you can't raise your friendship with it, but the others are complacent enough to be scooped up and hugged.

There is a record to judge your wild animal friendship, called the Animal Index. You'll find it in your bookshelf under your Records list. It is difficult to increase (mine has never gone farther than 5%), so don't be surprised if it never increases pass Rank 1.