Seasonal Festivals

As you start unlocking the hidden seasons and entice the villagers from Hillsville to visit the Lost Valley, you'll be able to participate in seasonal festivals that take place. These will typically start to unlock once you reach fall season, whether you've restored fall season or you haven't restored it yet.

Monthly Contests

10 - Fishing Contest

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In the morning on the 10th, Sam will remind you that today is the Fishing Contest. If you want to participate, talk to him in front of your house before 10:00 am. Sam will NOT be in shopkeeper mode until after the contest is finished for the day. You can select the class you'd like to participate in (Beginner), and then Sam will start the contest, making the time jump to 10:30 am.

You are to catch as many fish as you can before 4:00 pm. The size of the fish you catch will be added to a point total displayed in the upper-right corner of your top screen. For example, a 4.3 cm Mosquito Fish is worth 43 points, a 20.8 Yellow Perch is worth 208 points, and so on. If your bobber is still in the water at 4:00 pm, the time will stop so you can still reel in the last fish.

For the Beginner Class, you should be able to win with a score of over 1000 points, and receive the grand prize of 5 Special Feed used for fishing. In the Intermediate Class, you want a score of over 2000 points, and receieve a grand prize of 5 Wonder Feed.

After the results ceremony, you'll return to the front of your house at 5:00 pm. You also keep the fish that you caught during the contest.

20 - Cooking Festival

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Meet with Hanna in front of your house before 10:00 am to participate in the seasonal cooking festival.

In the Beginner class, you have until 4:00 pm to submit a maximum number of dishes. The points you earn for the dish is based on the price that Hanna will buy the cooked dish at. For example, Strawberry Jam will earn you 113 points because Hanna buys that dish for 113 G. You will get regular updates as to who is currently in first place.

When you have a limited number of cooking recipes, this festival is difficult to win. Luckily, the breads and other foods that Hanna sells when she is in shopkeeper mode on Mondays and Tuesdays can be entered as "cooked dishes" for the festival.

When it becomes 4:00 pm or you've entered the maximum number of dishes, Hanna will gather everyone back in front of your house for the results. If you win, you'll receive five of an item. You do NOT get your cooked dishes returned to you.

For the Beginner Class festival, you have a maximum of 10 dishes you can enter. Your goal is to get as close to 2000 points as you can. If you win, you'll receive 5 Great Flour. For the Intermediate Class festival, you have a maximum of 20 dishes you can enter. You'll want to earn 10,000 points or more, and you'll receive 5 Rye Flour if you are the winner.

If you don't win, you'll receive 5 Bread as a pity prize.

Seasonal Festivals

Spring 1 - New Years Day

This will be available starting in year 2. On this day, all of the villagers will be available to talk to. Each one will wish you a Happy New Year in their own way. You don't get a boost in Chemistry - it is just something nice that the other villagers do.

Spring 15 - Egg Festival

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This festival is to celebrate Spring season. You'll be searching the all over the valley for hidden eggs. They can be out in the open, inside the Mine Sites, at the Harvest Goddess Spring, and even inside your farm house! To participate, talk to Iris in front of your house before 10:00 am. The contest will begin and last until 4:00 pm.

When searching for eggs, look for sparkling nodes. They are harder to find in larger spaces such as the valley, so check Moon Valley and the Mine Sites. Each time you interact with a sparking point, you will earn between 100 and 5000 points.

At 4:00 pm, Iris will gather everyone back in front of your house for the results. If you win, you'll receive five of an item. You don't receive Chemistry with the villagers for winning.

Winning the Intermediate festival requires at least 10,000 points. You'll receive 5 Pure Organic fertilizer. The Advanced festival requires 13,000 or more points, and you'll win 5 Organic Omega fertilizer.

Summer 15 - Great Horse Race

If you have a horse (20,000 G from Hunter), you can participate in the horse race. Naomi will be in front of your house, so talk to her before 10:00 am. In this festival, your goal is to start from your house, hit the check point, and then return to your starting position. The person who does it in the fastest time will be the winner.

For the Beginner Class, you will be racing to Moon Valley and then back to your house. The check poing is inside Moon Valley. Run into the gray pole with your horse so the red flag appears, then race back to your house and hit the check point flag. The time goal you want to meet is about 40 seconds or less. You'll receive 5 Passion Feed if you win.

Fall 15 - Harvest Festival

This festival is for you to thank someone who is special to you. Talk to one of the available marriage candidates to earn +5% Chemistry with him or her.

Winter 15 - Starry Night Festival

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This festival will unlock in your first year, where you will go star gazing at the Harvest Goddess Spring with a special someone. Starting around the 8th, you can invite one of the marriage candidates to go to the festival with you. When you talk to a candidate, if you choose "No" on the "Invite to the Starry Night Festival?" prompt, you can talk to the candidate again to bring the option back up.

After you select your date, walk inside your house between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm on the night of the 15th. Your date will meet you inside and escort you to the Harvest Goddess Spring. The two of you will hang out for a little bit, and then return home. The festival ends at 9:00 pm. You will earn +5% Chemistry with the person you selected to go star gazing with.

Winter 25 - Stocking Festival

When you awake in the morning, you might catch a little "elf" delivering a gift from the Harvest Goddess. On the table will be a special gift bag of seeds such as a gift of 5 Dome Cabbage Seeds, 5 Magical Berry Seeds, and 5 Giant Pumpkin Seeds.