The Villagers

When you first arrive in the Lost Valley you'll find that the area is generally abandoned. You will find Rowan the Harvest Sprite and the other magical beings that live in the Goddess Spring at the top of the mountain, but no normal human people. The first actual person you'll meet is Sam the traveling merchant.

As your progress through the game's storyline, you will naturally unlock more villagers. They heard a rumor about a new person living in the Lost Valley and have stopped by to investigate. The villagers live down the path in the town of Hillsville, which you can never access, as your task is to live in the valley. Each day you'll find a variety of villagers either in front of your house, wandering the valley, hanging out in the Moon Valley cave, or resting at the Goddess Spring at night.

Increasing your Chemistry with the villagers will unlock their fetch requests. Some of the villagers can be persuaded to marry you, at which time the person will move into the farm house with you permanently. When it is a villager's birthday, he or she will be in the Lost Valley so you can give him or her a happy birthday greeting.


Birthday: Spring 14

Occupation: Florist's Daughter

Unlocks: Around Spring 8 of your first year

She is shy, but April will become more brave as you raise your Chemistry with her. She is studying to be a florist as her mother, Iris, but she lacks confidence in her abilities. April's requests will be for flowers that you can grow in the valley. She'll be available in front of your house on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Birthday: Summer 21

Occupation: Restaurateur's Daughter

Unlocks: Around Spring 30 of your first year

A very cheery girl, Emily is always smiling and glad to see that you are doing well with your farm. She visits your house on Mondays and Tuesdays and will request that you bring her crops so she can practice cooking at her mom's restaurant in Hillsville.


Birthday: Winter 7

Occupation: Wealthy Young Lady

Unlocks: After you restore Spring season

Catherine comes from a wealthy family that first settled in the valley, and she's not afraid to remind you of her high social status. Her requests will be for gems that she can show her father. Catherine will be in front of your house on Wednesday afternoons or inside of Moon Valley on Fridays.


Birthday: Winter 21

Occupation: Clockmaker

Unlocks: Buy the New Female Character DLC

She is not part of the main game, but you can add Andrea via download content. She is searching for ideas she can use for making her next clock masterpiece. You can find her in Moon Valley on Sundays and Thursdays. Andrea is dedicated to her craft, but will take the time to chat with you.


Birthday: Winter 28

Occupation: Blacksmith's Son

Unlocks: Around Spring 19 of your first year

Tony is trying to learn to be a good blacksmith like his father, but he struggles with Brutus' instructions and his own lack of self-confidence. He'll be in Moon Valley on Tuesdays and Fridays with his little brother Jimmy.


Birthday: Fall 14

Occupation: Dairy Farmer

Unlocks: After you use Insta-Building to place a barn in the valley

One of Hunter's cows wandered into the Lost Valley and decides to live in your new barn, with Hunter's approval. After that he'll visit inside your barn on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays, when you can buy more animals from his animal shop services.


Birthday: Spring 21

Occupation: Bard

Unlocks: After you restore the Summer Crystal

You'll dream of Gilbert early in the game, when he'll give you a fishing pole if you visit the Harvest Goddess Spring after 8:00 pm. Gilbert won't actually unlock until Summer returns though. The bard has traveled the world in hopes of finding a nice place to plant a special seed.


Birthday: Summer 7

Occupation: Pharmacist

Unlocks: Buy the New Male Character DLC

If you buy this special download package, Luke will visit in front of your house on Sundays and Fridays. Luke is cheery and always thinking of others, since his job is to discover new concoctions that may restore the health of the local villagers. Sometimes he can be forgetful though!


Birthday: Spring 7

Occupation: Merchant

Unlocks: At the beginning of the game

The merchant will be in front of your house every day except stormy weather days, from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Sam has a wife and daughter that you never meet, but he will request you to bring him items that he can give to his daughter to cheer her up.


Birthday: Fall 28

Occupation: Blacksmith

Unlocks: Around Spring 19 of your first year

Along with his two sons, Jimmy and Tony, he comes to the Lost Valley in search of ores that he can use in blacksmithing. Brutus does not speak your native language very well, so his sentences are short and to the point. You'll find him in Moon Valley on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Birthday: Summer 14

Occupation: Blacksmith's Son

Unlocks: Around Spring 19 of your first year

Unlike his older brother Tony, Jimmy is enthusiastic about trying to be like their father. Jimmy isn't old enough to work on smelting yet, so he concentrates on increasing his strength. He has a self-proclaimed rivalry with Sally and will ask you to bring him veggies and milk.


Birthday: Summer 7

Occupation: Florist

Unlocks: Around Spring 8 of your first year

With her daughter April, she comes to the valley in search of new flowers she can use in her flower bouquets. She hopes that you will become friends with April. You'll see Iris in front of your house on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Birthday: Fall 21

Occupation: Restaurant Owner

Unlocks: Around Spring 30 of your first year

Hanna is a merchant who appears in front of your house on Mondays and Tuesdays. She runs a restaurant in Hillsville. Hanna will buy your food-based merchandise for a higher price than Sam does. She will also sell cooking ingredients and cooking recipes. Her daughter, Emily, helps with the restaurant.


Birthday: Fall 7

Occupation: Traveler

Unlocks: Around Spring 23 of your first year

Naomi visits the valley to scoop out new stories, but she's really trying to escape her sadness and loneliness. Why is this reporter so depressed? You'll find out as you move through the story! She visits Moon Valley on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Birthday: Summer 28

Occupation: Traveler

Unlocks: Around Spring 6 of your first year

She may be small and young, but Sally is very tough. She has come to the Lost Valley in search of the mother that she lost. She looks for clues to her identity, and visits the valley on Wednesdays and Fridays. Sally is always hungry, and will request you bring her food.


Birthday: Winter 14

Occupation: Inventor (and being awesome)

Unlocks: After you return the Bracelet from Rowan to the Harvest Goddess

This wacky, bathroom slipper wearing fellow is looking for ideas for his inventions. Doc will give you the Insta-Building that allows you to place objects around the valley. Doc's building construction shop is in Moon Valley on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Birthday: Winter 21

Occupation: Wizard

Unlocks: After you complete Tabitha's Magic Fertilizer requests

He is a calm researcher who is interested in plant mutations. Gareth appears in Moon Valley on Wednesdays and at the Goddess' Spring on Thursdays. Since he is a magician, he only appears at night. His requests will unlock recipes for potions used for animal breeding.


Birthday: Spring 28

Occupation: Witch

Unlocks: After you unlock Woody the Harvest Sprite

She self-claims that she's the "number one witch" in the entire world, and she threatens to turn you into a frog if you don't comply with her requests. You'll find her at the Harvest Goddess Spring on Sunday nights and in Moon Valley on Tuesday nights.

Harvest Goddess

Birthday: None

Occupation: Harvest Goddess

Unlocks: After you unlock three Harvest Sprites

The goddess lives in the magical Harvest Goddess Spring on top of the mountain. She manages her little helpers as well as watches over the valley. You'll see her at the spring on weekdays from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Harvest God

Birthday: None

Occupation: Harvest God

Unlocks: After you grow the Skytree Seedling

The Harvest God lives high above in the clouds, which you can reach by climbing the Skytree in the back of the Harvest Goddess Spring. He has an eye for the "cutie" who lives in the spring below him. You won't be able to meet him on the weekends.


Birthday: None

Occupation: King of the Underworld

Unlocks: After you restore the Summer season

The Underworld King lives deep below the earth, so you will have to excavate a lot of stone to reach his land. He is not fond of humans! Convince him otherwise and you may discover what really happened to the seasons in the Lost Valley.


Birthday: None

Occupation: Harvest Sprite

Unlocks: At the beginning of the game

The yellow sprite will be rescued when you venture out into the valley for your first time. He always encourages you to do your best. His Harvest Sprite ability is to increase the health of your crops, which will increase the chance of crop mutations if available.


Birthday: None

Occupation: Harvest Sprite

Unlocks After you harvest the flower seeds Sam gives to you

This sprite will help increase the health of flowers, resulting in color mutations if the flower can change colors. Blossom is always looking forward to working with the flowers that you plant in the valley. He is easy-going and pleasant.


Birthday: None

Occupation: Harvest Sprite

Unlocks: After you catch fish using the fishing pole

Dewy doesn't like it when weather is hot, because that dries out the soil and affects your crops' health. This sprite can be tasked with watering your plants around the valley. He acts like a tough guy, but he's just easily frightened and complains a lot.


Birthday: None

Occupation: Harvest Sprite

Unlocks: After you have half-a-heart of friendship with one of your animals

This lovie-dovie sprite adores all animals. He will use his powers to herd your livestock out of the barn to graze in the valley, but he won't bother will returning them to the barn. You have to do that or Calvin will scold you in the morning.


Birthday: None

Occupation: Harvest Sprite

Unlocks: After you chop down a few trees

Once you receive an axe from Tony, you can use it to create lumber and unlock Woody. When assigned to work, Woody will create magical trees in the valley that last for one day. You might receive Mysterious Lumber if you chop the special trees with your axe.


Birthday: None

Occupation: Harvest Sprite

Unlocks: After you break some rocks with your hammer

Similar to Woody's abilities, Flint will create ore nodes throughout the valley. He's a pretty laid-back fellow and just wants Dewy to chill out. As you raise your friendship with Flint, the items that appear in his magical nodes will increase in rarity.


Birthday: None

Occupation: Harvest Sprite

Unlocks: After you cure your child's sickness

This sprite is the one who guides you to the abandoned cabin when you were lost in the snowstorm. Oliver is the sprite of animal care, and he will increase the affection of your animals as well as decrease their stress.