Villager Schedules

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The village of Hillsville is located outside of the Lost Valley. Since you are tasked with managing the valley, you can't leave the area to visit Hillsville. Instead, the villagers come to visit you in the Lost Valley! Each day there will be a variety of villagers in different sections of the valley, either in front of your house, wandering around the valley, visiting the Harvest Goddess Spring, or hanging out inside Moon Valley.

The villagers who visit have two modes: an interactive mode and a wandering mode. When they are in interactive mode, merchants will be in shopkeeper mode and other villagers will give requests and accept requests. When they are in wandering mode, they will just walk around the Lost Valley; the only thing you can do with them at that time is talk to them to raise their Chemistry level. Those in wandering mode will not open their shops or bring up request prompts.

If an interactive-mode villager is to appear in front of your house or inside the barn, the Spring, or Moon Valley, they will appear at the time they're scheduled to appear if you aren't in the same area. For example, Hanna appears in front of your house in shopkeeper mode on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:00 am, but she won't instantly appear if you're standing there waiting for her. You will have to leave the house front area and walk back into get her to appear. Tabitha and Gareth are the only ones that appear in a puff of smoke at their designated time.

If a villager is going to appear as a valley wanderer, they'll appear when you enter the valley or when you access the loading screen (the one with the chickens that walk across the bottom). You can easily access the loading screen when you want by pressing X to open the main menu, going into your Save/Load screen, and then simply exiting back out with the B Button to trigger the chicken march.

Villagers will visit the Lost Valley on their birthdays, whether it is their schedule day to appear or it is their day off. They might be in any of the areas.















After you unlock Fall, Naomi will change her schedule:


After you unlock Fall, Sally will change her schedule:


Sam is in front of your house normally from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. He won't be found on stormy weather days.