Getting Married

In Lost Valley, players have the option to get married and start a family. There are three marriage candidates available for each of the main character genders; three for the girl main character, and three for the boy main character. Same-gender marriage is not available.

















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Once you've seen a marriage candidate's four love events, the Harvest Goddess will enter your dreams and instruct you to visit her at the spring. She'll explain that if you want to get married, you have a few requirements that you'll need to complete. The Harvest Goddess says you need to upgrade your house, get a larger table to sit more people, obtain a bigger bed for you to sleep in, and then propose using a Blue Feather.

If you're having difficult getting the prompt from the Harvest Goddess to appear, make sure that you've completed the four love events associated with any of the three candidates. You don't necessarily need to be at 100% Chemistry.

House Upgrade

Once you've restored the missing three seasons, Doc will have a Large House upgrade for sale. Talk to him on Wednesdays or Saturdays, between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, when he is inside Moon Valley. View his house options and at the very bottom you'll find the Large House. The construction of the building requires 40 Hardwood Lumber, 5 Mithril, 10 Glass, and 85,000 G.

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Doc's first house upgrade is NOT the one you need for marriage. You need the next available upgrade after the farm house upgrade with the blue roof has been completed. Once you've built the first house upgrade, the orange-roof Giant House will be listed at the bottom of Doc's inventory and requires 60 Hardwood Lumber, 15 Mysterious Lumber, 3 Adamantite, and 400,000 G.

After you complete the Giant House upgrade, the next two components will be available in Doc's inventory:

Queen Bed

You'll need a larger bed for your new spouse to sleep in, so check Doc's inventory again for the option. To construct the Queen Bed, you'll need 3500 G, 10 Hardwood Lumber, 4 Supreme Wool, and 2 Silver. You already know where to find the Hardwood Lumber, and Silver Ore is pretty common when mining. The Supreme Wool come from the sheep that you care for on your farm.

Table and 4 Chairs

The next item is a table to sit at. The required materials for the table upgrade is 10 Softwood Lumber, 5 Orichalcum, and 6500 G. Softwood Lumber comes from chopping down the cone trees that grow closer to the entrance to the valley. Orichalcum is a little trickier; it is an uncommon ore found when mining, but it is not a difficult to find as Adamantite.

You do NOT need to construct the Large Refrigerator (3 Adamantite, 8 Silver, 8 Gold, and 5000 G) or the Large Kitchen (20 Mithril, 5 Adamantite, 20 Hardwood Lumber, and 8000 G) to get married.

Blue Feather

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The goddess mentions that a particular bunny has the Blue Feather. The rabbit you're looking for is the brown floppy-earned rabbit that appears during the day in Spring, Summer, and Fall. The white Winter-season rabbit does not have the feather.

To receive the Blue Feather, you're going to need to find the rabbit and pet it. Depending on your existing affection level with the bunny, you might get the feather from it right away or you may have to continue to give it attention. You can pet the bunny once per day, and you'll see little hearts appear above its head when you've successfully given it a head pat.

If you've never given the rabbit any attention, it may take a few in-game weeks before you are rewarded with the Blue Feather.

Proposing Marriage

Once you have the components together, you can propose marriage to your sweetheart. Talk to him or her when the person is in his/her usual spot and not wandering around the valley. The game will prompt you with "Do you want to propose?" Then select either "Yes" to propose or select "No" to simply talk to the person.

The proposal prompt affects the completion of existing requests or acceptance of new requests the person might have. If you select "No" to simply talk to the candidate, and you have a completed request ready to turn over, you'll never get the Requests menu to appear on the bottom screen. Basically, you're on-hold with all marriage candidate requests with whom you have completed the marriage requirements for until you finally propose to someone.

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If you select "Yes," the two of you will go to the Harvest Goddess Spring. You will hand over the Blue Feather to the person and see a little speech.

The wedding will take place 7 days after you propose marriage. Sam will officiate the ceremony, and all of the villagers will attend. The ceremony will last the entire day, but you will return to your farm house at 8:00 pm. You'll be free to take care of your farm chores after that, although your farm animals will be asleep by 7:00 pm.

If you have a high Chemistry with a marriage candidate and you've completed at least 8 of the candidate's requests, the person may propose to you instead! When you awake in the morning, the person will greet you and ask to talk somewhere else. The candidate will the confess his or her feelings for you, and propose that the two of you marry. If you reject the person's proposal, you won't lose any Chemistry, but the person won't ask you a second time. You can still propose to him or her by talking to the candidate and selecting "Yes" when being asked if you want to propose.

Post-Marriage Changes

After you get married, your spouse will set the table for meal times. Lunch will be between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm, and dinner will be between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm. You don't have to eat with your spouse two times per day, but it is available if you need to restore your stamina.

The clothes outfit you wore for the wedding will also become one of the options in your closing closet.

Every year on the anniversary of your wedding, your spouse will prepare a special dinner. Go into your house between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm to view the wedding anniversary event. The dinner party will end at 9:00 pm.