Getting Married



This bachelorette becomes available after you have restored Spring season to the valley. She claims her family was the first in Hillsville to settle in the area, and has become rather wealthy because of it. She has a pompous attitude regarding others who live in the area after her father discovered the valley, and she acts as though her family are somehow the protectors of the valley. Catherine will often criticize your farming efforts, whether it is part of the storyline or when she makes requests.

As you raise your Chemistry with her, she does become less of a snob and more accepting of your farming efforts.



Catherine's Gift

Catherine's personal requests start out pretty simple, but then she'll start requesting jewels starting with request #5. It won't be available until after you have received the Hammer from Tony as part of the storyline to restore the Fall Crystal.

You can find ore when you go mining at the crystal points, then take the ores to Brutus when he is in Moon Valley on Tuesdays and Fridays. Brutus will process the ore into gems.

No.Items RequestedNotesReward
(Mouseover to View)
13 Yellow PansyPlant Pink Pansy during Winter to randomly receive yellow ones500 G
23 Purple PansyPlant Pink Pansy during Winter to randomly receive purple ones1000 G
33 Strawberry JamHanna sells Sugar for 30 G each. The recipe is in your kitchen (1 Strawberry + 1 Sugar)1500 G
43 TulipSeeds are 50 G each at Iris' shop after Summer 1 of year 12000 G
53 AgateMine Sites SW2 and SE3. Brutus refines 1 Agate Ore into Agate for 100 G2500 G
63 JadeMine Sites SW2 and SE3. Brutus refines 1 Jade Ore into Jade for 220 G3000 G
73 FlouriteMine Sites SW2 and SE3. Brutus refines 1 Flourite Ore into Flourite for 240 G3500 G
83 OpalMine Site SE1, SE3, SW2, SW3. Brutus refines 1 Opal Ore into Opal for 250 G4000 G
93 CrystalMine Site SE1, SE3, SW2, SW3. Brutus refines 1 Crystal Ore into Crystal for 260 G1 Grapefruit Sprout
1 Peach Sprout
4500 G
103 PeridotMine Site SW1, SW2. Brutus refines 1 Peridot Ore into Peridot for 270 G1 Apple Sprout
1 Orange Sprout
5000 G

Love Events

Love Event 1

Walk into Moon Valley on Tuesday or Friday between 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm, and you'll see Doc and Catherine. Doc is inspired to make a new invention after looking at Catherine's hair style. After he runs back to his lab, Catherine seems to be at a loss for words, but quickly regains her composure and demands to know what you want.

Love Event 2

screen shot

On Wednesday between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm after you have finished Catherine's Gift #4, walk from the valley area to the area in front of your house. You'll meet up with Iris and April for some chit-chat. The three of you are talking when Iris notices that you are being watched from a distance. You turn around to find Catherine spying on you, but she runs off once she has been discovered.

You catch up to her, and she accuses you of following her.

Love Event 3

screen shot

Walk into the Harvest Goddess' Spring on Saturday from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm and you'll find Catherine looking at the spring. She tells you it is none of your concern as to what she's doing here, but if you must know, she is thinking about her father. She is worried because he has been gone on business for a long time.

Tabitha makes a glorious appearance in search of you. She has created a new magic medicine and is looking for someone to try it out. Catherine steps in on your behalf and forbids you to drink Tabitha's potion! Maybe you should of listened to Catherine, as drinking the medicine made you pass out.

Catherine gets some help returning you to your farm house. When you finally wake up, Tabitha declares that she'll have it working next time, but Catherine objects to there even being a potential next time. It's not like Catherine was actually worried about you!

After she leaves, Tabitha lets you know that Catherine had been waiting by your side until you woke up. Catherine must have a soft spot for you; after all, you're a good-looking guy.

Love Event 4

screen shot

Go to Moon Valley on Tuesday or Friday from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm and talk to Catherine. She asks if you've had any further issues since you fainted because of Tabitha's potion. She scolds you for not appreciating how important you are to everyone, and says that you must stop agreeing to partake in every reckless request that is made of you. Besides, if you faint again it will be a nuisance to her.