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As you proceed through the game, your activities will increase ranks. These ranks are like mini achievements you can do in the game, sort of similar to the Farm Degree ranks in past versions of Harvest Moon games.

When you earn a new rank, you will hear a chime and receive a notice on the bottom screen of your 3DS. Then the game moves on as normal.

You can find your current rank levels by going into your farmhouse bookshelf, selecting the Encyclopedia, and then select your Records. There are a total of 20 ranks you can work on, but it is not known yet if these ranks have any impact on the game.

Total Shipped: Total amount of gold you earned by selling products.

Total Play Time: Total amount of time you have spent playing the game.

Total Land Tilled: Total amount of soil you have tilled.

Crops Harvested: Total number of crops harvested.

Crops Discovered: Total number of distinct types of crops harvested or discovered. The GREAT variety count separately from the normal version.

Total Milk: Total amount of milk you have gotten from cows. This includes Milk, Great Milk, Ultimate Milk, Supreme Milk, and Miracle Milk.

Total Wool: Total amount of wool you have gotten from sheep. This includes Wool, Great Wool, Ultimate Wool, Supreme Wool, and Miracle Wool.

Total Eggs: Total amount of eggs you have gotten from chickens. This includes Egg, Great Egg, Ultimate Egg, Supreme Egg, and Miracle Egg.

Times Cooked: Total number of times you have cooked.

Total Fish Caught: Total number of fish you have caught.

Lumber Collected: Total amount of lumber you have collected.

Total Mined: Total number of times you have mined (either in the Mine Sites, excavating stone soil, or when breaking rocks in the valley).

Popularity: How popular you are with people in town. The Harvest Sprites don't count as people.

Breeder Index: How much affection your animals have toward you. The dog's invisible hearts also count.

Animal Index: How much affection wild animals have toward you.

Fish Contests Won: Number of times you have won the Fishing Contest.

Egg Festivals Won: Number of times you have won the Egg Festival.

Cooking Fests Won: Number of times you have won the Cooking Festival.

Horse Races Won: Number of times you have won the Great Horse Race.

Requests Completed: Total number of requests you have completed.