Mining for Ore

Along the sides of the Lost Valley you'll find entrances to Mine Sites. These caves can be right out in the open or they can be hidden behind land that must be excavated before you can locate the site entrance. Before you can go mining for Stone and ores, you need to get a Hammer.

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You will get the Hammer as you proceed through the main storyline of the game. When you begin the task of unlocking the Fall season, you'll be told to talk to someone who knows about tools. Wait until Tuesday or Friday, then go talk to Tony when he is in Moon Valley. You will have to complete the request, Cheer Up Tony!, by talking to Emily, going back to talk to Tony, waiting until the following Tuesday or Friday to talk to Tony again, and then again wait until the next time he is in Moon Valley to receive the Hammer.

The Hammer can be used to break up the stony ground that blocks large areas of the valley. If you're targeting a square that is made of stone-like soil, the B Button will display "Excavate" instead of "Dig." When you excavate a stone field square, you will receive 1 Stone in your bag, similiar to how you receive 1 Soil when you dig up dirt. The Hammer also breaks up the rocks that are scattered around the ground. To break it up, stand next to a rock and the tool contextual menu in the upper-right corner will display "Mine." Then just press the A Button to break up the rock. The smaller rock will get you 1 Stone, a medium boulder will get you 2 Stone, and the large boulder will get you 3 Stone. Extra Stone can be sold to Sam for 30 G each.

Mine Site Locations

There are 9 Mine Sites in the Lost Valley. You can see the entrances to these areas along the border of the bottom screen map; note that one of the four doors in the southwest corner isn't a Mine Site. The Mine Sites have at least one mining points inside. Once inside a site, look around until you see the crystal mining node on the ground, then hit the crystal node with your Hammer to discover ore. You can hit a mining node between one and seven times until it is empty. To use it again, you'll have to wait for the the mining node to reset. Some reset the next day, and some have a longer reset time.

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In the northern part of the vally there are two Mine Sites. The western point (N1) is hidden behind a lot of soil, so you'll need to think of a clever way to dig down about 12 levels. The eastern point (N2) is on level 30 and easily accessible when traveling to the Harvest Goddess Spring.

In the southeast corner of the valley there are three Mine Sites. The northern Mine Site (SE1) is higher than the ground; build a soil staircase to reach it. The SE2 site just south of SE1 is also easily accessible by making a few jumps or filling in some soil. The site on the southern side of the valley, SE3, is hidden under the ground level. Dig down about 10 levels to find the entrance.

The southwest corner of the valley has the remaining three sites. You'll have to build soil stairs to reach the upper rocky area. SW1 requires a little bit of digging to uncover, and SW2 needs a staircase built up to it. For SW3, it is quite deep, about 20 levels from the top. The SW1 and SW3 sites have blue mining nodes where you can find rare ore such as Diamond Ore, Pink Diamond Ore, and Soul Gem Ore.

Flint's Ore Nodes

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After you unlock the Harvest Sprite, Flint, you can assign him to create golden mine nodes randomly in the Lost Valley. After you exit the Harvest Goddess Spring, view the valley map on your bottom screen for the node points. If you see Flint's head icon on your map, check out that area for the golden nodes. The nodes will remain in the valley for the day and will be gone the next morning.

When you destroy a golden node you can receive between one and five of the discovered item. The better your Chemistry with him, the better the ores that appear. The items that can appear in Flint's nodes are Stone, Glass Material, Bronze Ore, Silver Ore, Agate Ore, Jade Ore, Flourite Ore.

You can raise your Chemistry with Flint by asking him for help when he is available at the Harvest Goddess Spring, then by talking to him when he is out in the valley.

Refining Your Ore

Once you have raw ore, you can get it refined by talking to Brutus. He is in shopkeeper mode while he is in Moon Valley on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. He will require you to bring him the raw ore and pay a processing fee, and in exchange he'll give you refined ore.

You can also sell the raw ore to Sam as well as the refined ore. Naturally, the raw ore will typically sell for far less than the refined ore. With Stone, Glass Material, and Iron Ore, you'll earn a smidge more profit when you simply sell the raw ore.

Ore NameLocationRaw
Sell Price
Brutus RefinementRefined
Sell Price
StonePlentiful30 G3 Stone + 30 G = Material Stone50 G
Glass MaterialMine Site N2, SE1, SE2, SE360 G3 Glass Material + 100 G = Glass150 G
Bronze OreMine Site N2, SE1, SE2, SE3, SW280 G3 Bronze Ore + 250 G = Bronze600 G
Iron OreMine Site N1, N2, SE2, SE3, SW2, SW370 G3 Iron Ore + 200 G = Iron300 G
Silver OreMine Site N1, N2, SE2, SE3, SW390 G3 Silver Ore + 300 G = Silver800 G
Gold OreMine Site N1, N2, SE2, SE3, SW3100 G3 Gold Ore + 400 G = Gold1000 G
Mithril OreMine Site N1, SE2, SE3, SW3110 G3 Mithril Ore + 500 G = Mithril1500 G
Orichalcum OreMine Site N1, SE2, SE3120 G3 Orichalcum Ore + 500 G = Orichalcum1800 G
Adamantite OreMine Site N1, SE2, SE3, SW3150 G3 Adamantite Ore + 500 G = Adamantite2000 G
Agate OreMine Site SW2, SE3200 G1 Agate Ore + 100 G = Agate1000 G
Jade OreMine Site SW2, SE3220 G1 Jade Ore + 100 G = Jade1000 G
Flourite OreMine Site SE3, SW2240 G1 Flourite Ore + 150 G = Flourite2000 G
Ore NameLocationRaw
Sell Price
Brutus RefinementRefined
Sell Price
Opal OreMine Site SE1, SE3, SW2, SW3250 G1 Opal Ore + 150 G = Opal2250 G
Crystal OreMine Site SE3, SW1, SW2, SW3260 G1 Crystal Ore + 200 G = Crystal2250 G
Peridot OreMine Site SW1, SW2270 G1 Peridot Ore + 200 G = Peridot2250 G
Moonstone OreMine Site SE3, SW1280 G1 Moonstone Ore + 250 G = Moonstone2500 G
Onyx OreMine Site SW1, SW3290 G1 Onyx Ore + 250 G = Onyx2500 G
Topaz OreMine Site SW1300 G1 Topaz Ore + 300 G = Topaz3000 G
Amethyst OreMine Site SE3, SW1, SW3320 G1 Amethyst Ore + 300 G = Amethyst3200 G
Ruby OreMine Site SW1320 G1 Ruby Ore + 350 G = Ruby3200 G
Emerald OreMine Site SW1, SW3320 G1 Emerald Ore + 350 G = Emerald3200 G
Sapphire OreMine Site SW1, SW3320 G1 Saphire Ore + 400 G = Sapphire3200 G
Diamond OreMine Site SW1, SW3330 G1 Diamond Ore + 450 G = Diamond3330 G
Pink Diamond OreMine Site SW1330 G1 Pink Diamond Ore + 500 G = Pink Diamond3300 G
Soul Gem OreMine Site SW3330 G1 Soul Gem Ore + 600 G = Soul Gem5000 G