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April is the daughter of the Hillsville florest, Iris. The two ladies come to the valley in search of exotic flowers to use in their bouquets. April is still learning about flower arrangements, so she is a little unsure of her abilities. She is also a little bit shy, but wants to be more outgoing. Perhaps becoming better friends with you will help her bloom.

You'll find April in front of your house on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so she is pretty easy to track down. She doesn't sell any flower seeds, but her mother will buy flowers from you at a higher price than Sam does as well as sell flower seeds for you to grow in the valley.



April's Bouquets

April's requests will be for flower. Starting at Request #6, you'll need to have restored the valley's seasons so that you may grow the flowers in the appropriate season for them to mutate into new colors.

No.Items RequestedNotesReward
(Mouseover to View)
13 Pink PansySeeds are 60 G at Iris' shop5 Yellow Pansy Seeds
26 Pink PansySame as before5 Purple Pansy Seeds
33 Marguerite
6 Pink Pansy
Marguerite Seeds are 60 G each at Iris' shopRecipe for Fertilizer
46 Marguerite
1 Tulip
Tulip Seeds are 50 G each at Iris' shopRecipe for Berry Blend (fertilizer)
53 Sunflower
6 Marguerite
6 Pink Dahlia
Sunflower Seeds are 60 G at Iris' shop after you unlock Summer. Pink Dahlia Seeds are 50 G at Iris' shopRecipe for Tomato Blend (fertilizer)
66 Sunflower
2 White Dahlia
2 Yellow Dahlia
Plant Pink Dahlia during Summer to randomly grow white and yellow ones.Recipe for Corn Blend (fertilizer)
73 Cosmos
6 Sunflower
6 Carnations
Carnation Seeds are 65 G each and Cosmos Seeds are 60 G each after you unlock Fall.Recipe for Barley Blend (fertilizer)
86 Cosmos
3 Sunny Red
3 Pink Carnations
Plant Cosmos during Fall to randomly grow Sunny Red. Plant Carnation during Fall to randomly grow pink ones.Recipe for Durum Wheat Blend (fertilizer)
96 Pink Roses
6 Red Roses
6 Purple Pansy
Plant Pink Pansy during Winter to randomly grow purple ones.Recipe for Organic Compost (fertilizer)
106 White Roses
6 Blue Roses
6 Viola
Viola are a mutation of Purple Pansys. Sell Purple Pansys to Iris to unlock the seeds, then grow Purple Pansys during Winter.5 SP Organic (fertilizer)

Love Events

Love Event 1

Talk to April when she is in front of your house on Wednesdays or Thursdays. She thanks you for the flowers you supplied for her first request, and comments on how neat she thinks you are. April admires you for being the first to find the Lost Valley, and loves the fresh air and green plants. She asks if you have any recommendations where she can see more of it.

Love Event 2

screen shot

Walk from the valley to your farm house area on Wednesday or Thursday when April is in front of your house and you've finish April's Bouquet 4. You'll see April and Emily talking to each other. When you walk up to greet them, Emily threatens that if you are ever mean to her friend, you'll have to answer to her! You understand, and Emily heads back out to work at the bakery.

April likes a lot of things about Emily. She's so perky and pretty! April wonders if she should try to be more like her friend.

Love Event 3

screen shot

Talk to April when she is in front of your house on Thursday or Friday after you have completed April's Bouquet 6. She seems very happy today; even her mom noticed how cheery she is because you have come to talk with her. April is embarrased as her mom continues on about how April waits for you to come by.

After Iris leaves, April apologizes and asks you to forget what her mother had said.

Love Event 4

screen shot

Talk to April when she is in front of your house on Wednesday or Thursday after you have finished the April's Bouquet 8 request. April wants to tell you something, but she is shy about it. You invite her inside of your farm house for a bit of privacy. Inside the house, April says she just really wanted to see you and didn't mean to be pushy, but she wonders why you've gone out of your way to do so much for her.