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You will meet the wandering musician Gilbert about half-way through Spring of year 1. Visit the Harvest Goddess Spring after you have a vision of him in your dreams. The bard will give you a fishing pole, and he'll also teach you how to dig water paths so you can cross over water. After that, you won't meet with Gilbert again until you have restored the Summer season. He'll be an important part of restoring Fall, so you'll find him visiting the goddess' pond during the evening hours.

Gilbert has an usual way of rhyming all of his words. He always seems to be deeply thinking of things, letting his mind float away on the melodies that he creates by using his lute. He doesn't have a permanent home, so he moves from place to place as he searches for an ideal location. As you raise your friendship with him, maybe you can convince him to settle down and stop his wandering ways.



Gilbert's Search

Gilbert's request line, Gilbert's Search, centers around objects that he might find beautiful or unique to the valley. He will ask you for plant seeds, fish, and other things that you can pick up. The recipes he rewards you with are fish bait and not animal feeds. The bait recipes will be located at the bottom of the Make Feed menu when accessing a Windmill. Note that there are two Excellent Feed recipes in the Windmill; the one at the bottom of the list is the fish food version.

No.Items RequestedNotesReward
(Mouseover to View)
13 Crucian CarpVery common fish anywhere you go fishing2 Good Feed
26 Crucian CarpSame as #14 Good Feed
33 Bluegill
3 Tulip Seeds
Bluegill are caught in the waterfall during Spring and Fall. Tulip Seeds are 50 G each at Iris' shopRecipe for Good Feed (fish bait)
46 Bluegill
3 Great Milk
Milk comes from your cowsRecipe for Delicious Feed (fish bait)
53 Mosquitofish
3 Pink Dahlia Seeds
3 Agate Ore
Mosquitofish are common caught while fishing. Pink Dahlia Seeds are 50 G each at Iris' shop. Agate Ore is from miningRecipe for Special Feed (fish bait)
66 Mosquitofish
3 Great Eggs
6 Hardwood Lumber
Mosquitofish can be caught everywhere while fishing. Eggs are from your chickens. Hardwood Lumber is from chopping down the leafy treesRecipe for Excellent Feed (fish bait)

Love Events

Love Event 1

Talk to Gilbert when he is inside the Harvest Goddess Spring. He wants to know how well your fishing is going. Fishing is a great passion of his, and he is curious to know if you feel the same.

He reminds you that listening to the flowing water and the feel of the breeze is refreshing. Gilbert tells you that overfishing is not good for the environment (in his own rhyming way), so don't overdo it.

Love Event 2

screen shot

When you walk into the Goddess Spring area, you see Gilbert serenading the local wildlife. After the song is over, Gilbert explains that the animals used to run away from him, but now they stay and listen. Gilbert tells you that this place is rather marvelous thanks to you, but he is born to wander and expects to wander off yet again.

Gilbert explains that he isn't the type to stay around, but you look so sad that Gilbert offers to stay around a little while longer.

Love Event 3

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After you've completed Gilbert's Search 6, after 7:00 pm walk back to the front of your house at night or walk out of your house. Gilbert is there to visit the Blessed Tree before he takes off on his journey again. He feels that he has already stayed too long, and wonders why you want him to stay.

He figures that perhaps today isn't the day that he'll leave. Gilbert promises that he won't sneak away while you're not paying attention.

Love Event 4

Talk to Gilbert when he is in the Harvest Goddess Spring area, after you have completed Gilbert's Search 8. The bard explains that he likes to travel because of the people he meets along his journey. Gilbert understands that he can't wander forever. The Blessed Seed took root here in the valley, so perhaps he should stay as well. He asks you what you feel about that.

He yearns to continue wandering, but says he'll return to the valley where his heart belongs.