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As a child, Luke wasn't very healthy. The care that he received inspired him to be a pharmacist; to reasearch plants and herbs with the hope of creating medicine to cure common illnesses. Luke has come to the Lost Valley in search of exotic plants that he can use to make medicine.

Luke won't be available in your game unless you purchase the New Male Character download package. You can add DLC to your base Lost Valley game by selecting the Download Content (DLC) option from the game's main menu.




Luke will ask you to fetch him crops that he can use for medical research. He won't ask for animal products until near the end of his request line.

No.Items RequestedNotesReward
(Mouseover to View)
15 SpinachSpinach seeds are 20 G at Sam's shop.10 Purple Pansy Seeds
25 BroccoliBroccoli seeds are 30 G at Sam's shop.10 Red Cabbage Seeds
2 Material Stone
35 Cabbage
5 Strawberry
Easy crops to grow, buy seeds from Sam10 White Berry Seeds
5 Berry Blend
45 Celery
5 Onion
Seeds are available in Sam's shop10 Baby Spinach Seeds
2 Material Stone
55 Tomato
5 Corn
Seeds are available in Sam's shop10 Huge Cabbage Seeds
2 Rainbow Trout
65 Green Pepper
5 Wheat
Seeds are available in Sam's shop10 Fodder Corn Seeds
5 Corn Blend
75 Hot Pepper
5 Carrot
Seeds are available in Sam's shop10 Purple Potato Seeds
2 Material Stone
85 Potato
5 Pumpkin
Seeds are available in Sam's shop10 Baby Carrot Seeds
2 Rainbow Trout
93 Great Egg
3 Great Milk
These come from your chickens and cows10 Squash Seeds
10 Goby Blend
102 Miracle Egg
2 Miracle Milk
These come from your chickens and cows10 Scallion Seeds
2 Material Stone

Love Events

Information collected by irulethegalaxy.

Love Event 1

Talk to Luke when he is in front of your house on Sunday or Friday. He will talk to you about plants when the two of you are interrupted by Sam. The merchant says he has a new type of medicine, but won't reveal how effective it is until one of you buy it for 1,000,000 G! Luke wonders he should buy it.

Sam admits that the whole thing was a joke. Luke is embarrased that he was so gullible and wishes to be more like you.

Love Event 2

Go to the Harvest Goddess Spring when Gareth is there on Saturdays after 8:00 pm. Luke will be there asking for the wizard's secrets to making medicine. Gareth is not interested in giving such dangerous secrets to Luke.

Love Event 3

Walk into the area in front of your house and you'll find that Tabitha is there. Luke had invited her to come chat with him, but instead starts to bombard her with questions about making medicine.

Love Event 4

Talk to Luke when he is in front of your house. He'll notice that you're looking a little pale, which you deny, but you pass out from exhaustion.

Luke takes you to the bed inside your farm house. When you awake, he explains that you have a fever and gives you some medicine.