Ford's Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

The Perfect Dish

You walk into the clinic to find Ford hard at research work. He finally realizes that it is past his dinner time! He talks bad about himself; how can he even call himself a doctor if he's forgotten to eat! Skipping a meal is unforgivable mistake. Ford thinks he can make it to the restaurant, but his stomach grumbling.

Choice 1: Want me to make something for you?

Ford is surprised at your suggestion, but his rumbling tummy reminds him that he's just a mortal man. He thinks he might be able to trust your cooking skills. Ford tells you he only eats enough calories to sustain him until his next meal, and he has no choice but to accept your offer.

Result: +2000 FP with Ford, +15 AP with Ford

Choice 2: You'd better get going, then!

Yes, Ford needs to hurry, but the pains of his rumbling tummy is preventing him from leaving. You offer to cook something for him instead. He's out of alternatives, so he'll have to trust your cooking skills.

Result: -2000 FP with Ford

He doesn't prefer anything in particular, but Ford wants something with plenty of vegetables and doesn't have a lot of carbohydrate or sugars. Oh yes, and it can't be raw.

You work up a tasty meal based on his criteria. Ford admits that he wasn't aware that you were such a skilled chef. Nutritionally, of course; he doesn't care about how it tastes. The soup you made has both protein and minerals, and while it lacks beta carotene, but there's plenty of that nutrient in your side dish. Ford explains he scans his food with his Nutri-counter so he can track his calorie and nutrition intake.

After tasting the food, Ford feels much more confident about the meal you served. He tells you that he'll repay you some day. Ah, but now he's lost his train of thought with his research! Oh well, Ford decides to continue eating the meal you made.

Event helpers: Novamd8 and Danielle

Dark Blue Love Event

Love or Sickness?

You are walking through Westown when you start to feel dizzy. Ford happens to be walking by and notices your pale complexion. Suddenly you collapse!

Ford takes you back to the clinic, where he scolds you for not taking care of yourself. Working until you collapse is not something to be proud of! Ford asks what will happen to your crops and animals if you found yourself in the hospital? You should of known better; think before you act!

He then apologizes for the lecture. He didn't mean it to be a personal attack on you. Ford finds your dedication to your farm to be admirable, living and working with such passion among nature. It upset him to see you collapse on the ground. Ford requests that you don't push yourself so hard and to take breaks, as advice given to you by a friend. Ford leaves you to rest.

When he checks later, you still haven't fallen asleep. Ford wonders if it may be because you are laying in a bed that isn't your own. He asks if there is anything he can do to accommodate you.

Choice 1: Could you please hold my hand?

Ford is taken aback, but does recognize that human warmth has a soothing affect. He mentions that sometimes it is recommended to hold a child's hand to get the child to fall asleep. Ford is willing to give it a try. He takes your hand and asks that you close your eyes.

Result: +3000 FP with Ford, +15 AP with Ford, full stamina recovery

Choice 2: I feel well enough to go home

Ford objects! You are still very pale! You tell him that you can't sleep, so he offers to hold hand. But don't get the wrong idea; it's just a medical fact that human warmth has a soothing affect. He takes your hand and asks that you close your eyes.

Result: -2000 FP with Ford, full stamina recovery

After you fall asleep, Ford notices how small your hands are. He admires how you take on the difficult burden of raising a farm all by yourself. Stereotypes state that women are frail and weak, but you do not have either of those traits. Ford stops and reminds himself that he can't stare at a patient like that. He notices that his pulse is racing, and determines that he must be coming down with a cold.

Event helpers: Novamd8, AnnieCPie, and Yuriella

Light Green Love Event

The Master of Hospitality

As you are walking through the towns, you suddenly get caught in a downpour! You run to the closest place for shelter, which happens to be the clinic. Ford welcomes you inside, since having a low body temperature may invite in all sorts of viral infections. He brings you a towel to dry off with, and you notice a big pile of papers. Ford says you weren't interrupting anything; he was just writing an article for a friend and was just about to take a break. It isn't a bad thing to chat with someone while waiting for the rain to stop anyway.

Ford brings back some warm tea. It's unusual flavor comes from elephant dung?! What?! Ford tells you that the dung was dried for a year to remove any bacteria. When used as a tea it has several health benefits. You are not impressed and Ford apologizes. He had set it aside to serve to special guests, but he'll go and make something else.

This time he returns with a juice blend with enough vitamin C in it as a thousand lemons. Since you're outside a lot and sunburn is hard to avoid, this drink has a lot of antioxidants... oh, it is too sour? Yes, it is probably as tart as a thousand lemons too. Ford apologizes again. It probably isn't a good idea for him to try things he's not familiar with. Typically only Brad and Wayne come to visit, so entertaining a different acquaintance makes him a bit lost.

Choice 1: You can just be yourself, you know

Ford had hoped to entertain you as a guest, but if you don't mind him being himself then that's for the best.

Result: +3000 FP with Ford, +15 AP with Ford

Choice 2: It's actually kinda cute

What?! Oh, well he guesses his attempts to entertain you could be considered "cute" to some, but he was just trying to be a good host.

Result: +2000 FP with Ford

Ford will just have to try harder at entertaining guests. He notices that the rain has slowed down. You should be able to make it home now without getting too wet. Ford's happy that his clinic was the first place you headed to when you needed to take shelter. After you leave, Ford was hoping that the rain could of lasted a bit longer.

Event helpers: Novamd8, Niki, and Yuriella

Yellow Love Event

Why do You Love (your name)?

You find Ford walking in the direction of your farm. He explains he's reached a rest point in his research and asks if perhaps you would join him for dinner; it's okay if it inconvenient for you at the moment. You agree to have a meal with him and head to the restaurant.

While the two of you chat over dinner, Brad and Miranda watch from a distance. Ford brought a date to dinner?! Ford can hear their gossip and asks them to stop trying to ruin your date. They walk over to the table to tell you that they'll leave you alone, but not before Brad curiously ask Ford what made him fall in love with you? Ford replies that he doesn't know. Brad asks if it was perhaps your smile? Ford angrily tells him that he does NOT know! Brad and Miranda believe they might have gone a little too far, but you are visibly upset and run out of the restaurant.

Ford eventually catches up to you. He didn't expect you to run off, but he understands why you did. He admits that he truly doesn't know why he fell in love with you, and thinks that perhaps his response was misinterpreted. The two of you stand at the overlook; Ford admits that he hasn't gazed on the scenery since he was a teen. His whole life he's studied to be a doctor and that didn't leave him with other experiences. Ford says that being with you is confusing to him, and he doesn't understand why he has fallen for you, but there's no denying that he has. Ford asks what is it that made you fall in love with him.

Choice 1: Your kindness

Ford thinks that it is strange that you would find him kind, as you're the only one he knows that would say so.

Result: +2000 FP with Ford

Choice 2: That you're a weirdo

Ah, so you have the same opinion as everyone else. Ford admits that it is true, but it doesn't bother him anymore. He doesn't understand how you find his oddity to be his greatest virtue, but finds it unique that only you would find that to be the case.

Result: +3000 FP with Ford, +15 AP with Ford

Choice 3: Your looks

He is surprised that you find him handsome, as he finds that you have wildly different view on beauty than he does. Ford is concerned that perhaps you are more interested in his outward appearance than his inner self.

Result: -1000 FP with Ford

Ford says he has little contempt for those with no self-discipline, so most people tend to keep a distance from him. Most people tell him that he needs to be kinder; everyone but you. Why you don't say the same thing was a puzzle to him. Ford pondered it for a long time until he came to the realization that it was because he loved you.

Ford is glad that this misunderstanding has been cleared up. It is getting late, so the two of you start heading back. Ford wasn't use to running after you like that and needs a bit of help getting back.

Event helpers: Novamd8 and Lirishae

Orange Love Event

The Doctor's True Intention

Ford is working on some new formulas for medicine he's been developing. He's had many sparks of inspiration since going out with you, and has several new medicines, but they all still have a bit of tweaking before they're ready. Ford tells you about his new Sunshine Pills that make everything funny and full of joy, and once you've got your fill you can take the blue pills to counter the effect. Unfortunately the happy pills make it hard to swallow the blue pills!

He has also been developing a Powder of Truth that he keeps in a sugar jar, which helps a person to come to terms with what is bothering them. Hopefully it helps people express their true feelings. When he asked Brad to try it for him, the next day Brad came to him with a big welt on the side of his face. Apparently the medicine did help him express his true feelings to Carrie, but it also made him say things that he should of kept to himself!

It may seem strange to make these kinds of medicines, but being with you has helped him learn more about emotional interests. Ford could use a break, so he offers to make you some coffee while you wait for him upstairs.

While sitting down to drink coffee, Ford realizes that he seems to have misplaced his sugar jar... ah there it is! He sets it out on the table and puts the sugar in his coffee. Hey, he can't taste the sugar. That's when Ford realizes he put the Powder of Truth in his coffee instead! Ford panics and asks you to leave, as the medicine may cause him to tell you things that shouldn't be said. He is afraid of saying something embarrassing. As you turn to leave, the medicine takes hold of Ford and he can't help himself anymore. Ford backs you up against a wall and smothers you with compliments about your eyes and your beautiful name. Eventually he comes to his senses and is so very, very embarrassed. Doctors shouldn't be so sappy! He wouldn't blame you if you think less of him now.

Choice 1: Say nothing and give him a hug

Ford is surprised that you are so accepting of his behavior.

Result: +2000 FP, +15 AP

Choice 2: Say how happy it makes you

You express your feelings to him.

Result: +1000 FP with Ford

Ford is surprised that you're happy to hear his true emotions, and is glad that you don't mind seeing his most embarrassing moments. You are so dear to him that he can hardly bear it. Ford decides to get rid of the Powder of Truth immediately.

Event helpers: Novamd8 and Lirishae

Pink Love Event

Wanting Someone to Hold

You find Dr.Ford busy with a patient. After she leaves, Ford tells you that he has one more patient to help, so he suggests that you go upstairs and read a book while you wait for him to finish up.

Upstairs, you don't find anything interesting to read, but you notice a piece of paper on his nightstand. You go to pick it up to investigate when Ford comes upstairs. He explains the letter is from a patient who is very grateful for his treatment of her injuries, perhaps a little too personally grateful. Ford had no intention to show you the letter, but it is his fault for leaving it out in the first place.

He has received similar letters in the past and always found them pointless, but since then he's changed his mind. Love isn't an emotion that can be controlled and keeping it bottled up is difficult to do. It must of taken a lot of courage to write such a heartfelt letter. Ford reflects on how he used to throw the letters away without even looking at them, which he now believes to be a cruel action on his part.

Do you remember the lady who tried to confess her feelings towards him? He thinks that it was actually he that was the fool for being so clueless. The only reason why he now understands is because of the influence you have over him. Ford never imagined spending his life with another person, but since it is you, it might not be so bad.

Right as Ford starts to be romantic, he catches himself and says that this type of behavior is not appropriate without the proper blessings, but you kiss him anyway. Ford tells you that this is highly improper, although it has its allure. You are upset and start to run away, but Ford asks you to stop. He wonders why just touching lips has elevated his heart rate so much. He wonders what would happen if the two of you did this for a longer period, and wants to do so in order to collect more data. You kiss again, and Ford cannot theorize why his heart rate is still high, but that's enough data collecting for now.

Result: +2000 FP with Ford

Event helpers: Novamd8 and Lirishae