Inari's Love Events

Light Blue Love Event

Words that go Unheard

You spot a large group of villagers, with Inari trying to protect a monkey and shouting about something being a misunderstanding. You run up to investigate what is going on. Shizu explains that the monkey was going on a rampage in the village, and they want to catch and move it to a mountain far away. Inari argues that the monkey was panicked because it was searching for its lost child. Inari wants the mob to wait, as the monkey will go away once its lost child has been found.

The crowd moves closer to the monkey and Inari gets more frustrated; the villagers can't hear Inari pleading to them. You finally move between the crowd and the monkey to stop the craziness and explain the story about the lost baby monkey. Shizu understands how the monkey couldn't remain calm while its child is lost. Everyone agrees to go search for the lost monkey while you keep an eye on momma monkey.

After everyone heads out, Inari calms the monkey by explaining that the child is being searched for. Inari thanks you for helping, but you notice that Inari's hand is hurt. Inari says that it is a minor injury and all is well.

Suddenly you hear Hinata coming back with the lost little monkey. The momma monkey is glad to see the youngster! Hinata is glad that the outcome was good, but wonders how you knew about the lost monkey. You tell him it was just farmer's intuition. That's good enough for Hinata, and he heads back to his shop.

Inari is glad that the monkeys were reunited, but worries about what could of happen if you had not appeared. Inari is a bit frustrated that they have no physical appearance or voice that could reach the villagers.

Choice 1: You tried your best

Inari understand what you're saying, as your words are calming. Inari wonders if maybe you were destined to come live near the village.

Result: +3000 FP with Inari, +200 FP with Hinata, Komari, and Shizu

Choice 2: There isn't anything you could do about it

Inari ponders your words, as it is true that their voice will never be heard. You comfort Inari to cheer the fellow up. Being invisible is something Inari says they're accustomed to. Your words make Inari happy though

Result: +500 FP with Inari, +200 FP with Hinata, Komari, and Shizu

Inari has been here in the village for hundreds of years and does not directly talk with humans. But you are a rare type of person, and your existence is reassuring. Inari is glad to of met you.

Dark Blue Love Event

Bonds of Fate

Inari is watching a girl pray at the alter for the strength to talk to a person she likes. When she notices that you overheard her plea, she runs off embarrassed; of course, she couldn't see Inari.

Inari asks you about relationships. This seems to be a common request from visitors, but it isn't like Inari can manipulate a person's heart one way or another. Whether something romantic happens depends on the person. Inari admits that relationships isn't something they have much experience with, so you offer to assist. The deity uses a charm to make it so that you too cannot be seen. Let's try to get some romance on!

The two of you head out and spot the girl from before. She's trying to work up the courage to go talk to the boy she likes. Inari starts to become impatient with the girl's shyness! You ask to see if perhaps Inari can create a gust of wind that might get the two talking. Inari gives it a try and blows the girl towards the guy she is trying to talk to. It seems to have worked! Inari is happy to have started something lovely. Inari doesn't quite understand love and wonders what it might be like. You explain that love makes one excited to just be with the person they like. Inari asks if you have any experience with love.

Choice 1: Yes, I do.

Oh you have? Inari assumed you hadn't.

Result: +500 FP with Inari

Choice 2: That much is common knowledge.

Inari assumed that maybe you have experiences with a lot of people. You haven't, which makes them happy.

Result: +1000 FP with Inari

Choice 3: Yes, standing right in front of me.

You act flirtatious, but Inari becomes embarrassed.

Result: +3000 FP with Inari

Inari continues and wonders if at some point that if you do get married, who you might be considering... Ah, it is nothing. Inari brushes the flower petals away from your face that have floated in front of you. Inari apologizes and says that getting that close wasn't intended to be anything else, but you notice that Inari's face is flushed. Inari thanks you for spending time with them today. After you leave, Inari admits to feeling happy and excited to be near you.

Event helper: Bryna

Light Green Love Event

An Unbelievable Transformation

You hear a strange whimpering and discover Inari lying on the ground. You help the deity to a seat. Inari explains that sometimes when too much power is used, they become injured. Suddenly Inari experiences a lot of pain and transforms into a little white fox!

Inari thinks you've become larger. In fact, everything looks different now... they soon realizes what has happened. When Inari uses too much power, they transform into a fox. It's really inconvienent to be in this state. Inari expects to recover soon enough, so don't worry. You offer to stay until the fox-form reverts back to normal. Inari thanks you for your support.

Sumomo notices you and comes over to chat. She can see Inari's fox form. Sumomo pats Inari on the head but she can't stay; she has to hurry back before Moriya scolds her. After she leaves, it appears that other people besides you can see Inari in this form. You come up with a plan to use this little situation to Inari's advantage; why not see what it is like to be ordinary? Inari thinks that's a great idea.

You show Inari the shops in town, Inari gets more pats on the head from Tatsumi and Yaichi, and even has a snack at the Tea-ful Reunion cafe. Inari has really enjoyed the shopping and interacting with the villagers; it has been like a dream. Inari assumed that the transformation would cause a lot of problems, but it seems that today turned out to be all right. Inari won't forget it. Now how to thank you...

Suddenly it starts raining! Inari doesn't like water as it saps their strength and makes it difficult to move. Usually Inari can avoid water but in this form it doesn't seem to be possible.

Choice 1: Do nothing

Inari is getting wetter and wetter and would really like to go somewhere drier....

Result: No change

Choice 2: Look for shelter from the rain

You pick Inari up!

Result: +3000 FP with Inari

Under a nearby umbrella, Inari is a bit embarrassed of the situation, but manages to thank you for helping. You are truly a kind person. Inari's heart is racing. What a strange feeling!

The rain stops as quickly as it began. Inari is glad that you were able to use the umbrella. Despite the rain Inari admits that they wasn't scared. Inari might be stuck in this fox form for a while... or not! Suddenly Inari changes back and you're standing there holding a deity in your arms. Oh boy, how embarrassing! Inari quickly thanks you and then runs off.

As Inari heads back to the shrine, they are puzzled by these strange feelings.

Event helper: Yuriella

Confession - Light Green Love Event #2

Two Worlds Collide

Inari is talking to a wild fox, who is asking if Inari loves someone. Inari admits that recently there have been some feelings, and thinking of you has been pleasant. When you finally walk up to the two foxy creatures, Inari asks if you overheard anything. You don't know what Inari is asking, but the little fox runs off when the lady from before runs up to the shrine. She thanks the shrine deity for hearing her prayer from the other day. She explains that she and the guy she had a crush on are now engaged to be married, and she's very happy. She never thought she'd find someone to love and now she has someone she can spend the rest of her life with.

After she runs off, Inari is glad to hear about the lady's engagement and that they were able to have a hand in it. The other day, Inari was wondering what marriage was about. Human lives happen so quickly. During that time they watch people born and grow, fall in love and marry, and even have children. Inari thinks that humans are incredible to do all of that in such a short period, so they want to help as much as possible. Sure enough even you will find a partner some day, and your children will have grandchildren. Inari will be watching. As humans do their jobs, Inari will do their job too.

Inari wonders why their heart hurts... it is nothing. Inari thinks it might be watching over you a little bit differently though. You wonder how you should respond.

Choice 1: I want to spend mine with you, Inari

What are you saying?!

Result: +500 FP with Inari

At this point you'll be asked if you want to propose or if you want to back out. If you do propose, you'll show Inari the Comb proposal item from your bag (not the going-steady Pendant) and try to hand it over. Inari will be very happy, but reminds you that there's a difference between your lifespan and theirs.

The next thing that will happen is either Hinata or Komari will notice that you're standing there talking to yourself. Inari decides to go pray for guidance and leaves you be. Inari recognizes the happiness between the two of you, although doesn't believe that you can live together.

Note that you didn't actually propose marriage with Inari at this point.

Second Result: +10,000 FP with Inari

Choice 2: You're right

Result: Inari's FP reduces to a dark blue flower color

Event helper: Yuriella

Proposal - Light Green Love Event #3

A Sudden Storm

You find Inari was in the middle of casting a protective spell. Inari senses that a bad-weather storm is coming and suggests that you head home for safety. The rain starts and Inari becomes a bit concerned, so you run off to warn the villagers to stay inside their homes; Inari is worried that doing so won't give you enough time for you to find shelter too! As you start going through the village, the storm sweeps you away into the water! Inari musters up the courage to rescue you.

After pulling you from the water, Inari scolds you for going out into the storm. You nearly drowned in the river! Inari admits to being frightened too and instinctively jumped into the river to get you, but was even more scared knowing that you might have drowned. You were only trying to help, but Inari tells you it was foolish to risk your own life like that. You tell Inari that you just wanted to do what you could because you love them. What?! Inari says you've been over this before; your worlds are too different and their life is much longer than yours. It would not bring you true happiness.

You press Inari to explain how they truly feel. Inari finally admits that they want to be with you even if it is only for a short time. But Inari is a guardian and cannot leave the Tsuyukusa shrine. The deity would not be able to share a home with you and cannot promise to meet you again after you die. Besides, Inari is invisible to everyone! The guardian thinks you to be cruel to force them to say words that shouldn't be said, yet Inari finds that you're more precious than mere words can convey. Inari really does love you, and if you still will accept it, Inari would gladly pledge to stay by your side for life.

Choice 1: Of course!

Result: +5000 FP with Inari, +1000 FP with Dessie, +1000 FP with Witchie

Inari thanks you and says "I love you." From above, there's a little squeak about the sappy situation. Witchie and Dessie have been watching from a nice hiding spot. Dessie congratulates the two of you, while Witchie is just glad to see that it finally happened sooner than later. Witchie will have Inari pick a wedding date so they can put on a super-big amazing bash for the two of you.

The wedding will take place on the specified date with just Dessie and Witchie in attendance. Inari will wear the same clothes as normal, but purchasing the optional DLC (Japan and North America only) that gives Inari a ceremonial outfit that will be worn during your wedding anniversary, but still not during the actual wedding ceremony.

Choice 2: ... I'm sorry

Result: -100,000 FP with Inari (ya, basically zero FP)

Event helper: Ronin19