Wayne's Love Events

Light Blue Flower Event

Milk and Crackers

Walk out of your house and you'll bump into Wayne, who is making the last of his deliveries. He's use to getting up this early in the morning as he enjoys the smell of the morning air. Wayne assumes that farmers also start working early in the morning. Taking care of all of the animals must be a tough job.

Choice 1: I love the work

He's glad that you don't let the hard work bother you.

Result: +2000 FP with Wayne, +15 AP with Wayne

Choice 2: It's terrible

True, you don't get to rest if you get tired.

Result: No change in friendship

He has an idea and wants to give you some crackers that he made yesterday. They are delicious! Wayne says he keeps the crackers for emergencies, and they're really good when soaked in milk. You suggest to use some of the fresh milk from your farm, which sounds amazing to Wayne.

The two of you head to the barn to fetch some milk, then return to your house to enjoy the milk and crackers. Wayne had no idea that fresh milk was so delicious. Caring for cows is hard work, but the results are worth it. Wayne is interested in hearing more about why you wanted to become a farmer. You tell him about your childhood dream, and he comments how it must be a dream come true for you. He admits that he had his doubts when he saw the cute girl who started working on the farm, but now he's convinced you can succeed. He had never seen farm work before so he had no idea, but the work seems to suit you very well. One could say it makes you lovely. No joke! He was impressed how you care for your cow. The way you talked to the cow and milked it, he can tell you enjoy your work. Wayne can't help but be impressed. You are embarrassed by his praise, but he says that everything he said is true. Wayne apologizes for monopolizing your time. Besides, your animals may start rioting if they keep waiting for their food!

Dark Blue Love Event

An Unexpected Mission

As you walk by, Noel asks if you would help them with something. Noel wants to see if they can surprise Hector. The more people involved, the more surprised Noel and Collin expect him to be. Wayne asks if you would like to participate as well. You're cautious, but you agree to join in. Noel wants the two of you to hide behind the sign and then jump out at Hector when he walks by, while she and Collin will sneak up on Hector from behind. He'll be surprised twice!

Wayne reminds the kids that they'll want to apologize to Hector once it is over. The two kids run off to prepare themselves, while Wayne wonders if Hector will actually be surprised.

Choice 1: You like like you're having fun

Wayne admits that he doesn't see Hector surprised all that often.

Result: +1500 FP with Wayne, +15 AP with Wayne

Choice 2: You look like a little kid up to mischief

This too reminds Wayne of his boyhood days. Being mischievous is exciting, and it is a shame that it goes away when you become an adult, but you're helping him with that.

Result: +1500 FP with Wayne

Noel interrupts your talk. They can see you behind the sign! Do a better job hiding! You get closer to Wayne under the pretext that you don't want to make Noel angry. Wayne remarks how getting close is necessary for clearing this "mission." Maybe you should get a little closer? You are surprised by Wayne's comment. He didn't mean anything rude, but he admits this is little exciting. Ah, he says he is just joking.

As the two of you are talking, Hector walks by unnoticed. You missed him! Noel is very upset with the two of you. Wayne apologizes and says they'll just have to try another time. After Wayne leaves, Noel notice that your face is red.

Light Green Love Event

Wishing on a Star

You see Wayne walking through the town and wonder where he's going at this time of day. You decide to follow him to a lookout point above Westown. He eventually notices that you've been trailing him but he doesn't mind. He comes her to look at the night stars and invites you to join him.

Wayne explains that looking at the stars was his dad's hobby, so he picked it up too. When he was a kid his parents would to travel around the world. His dad was into astronomy and would tell Wayne stories about the sky constellations. It all sounded so romantic. When he was living with his grandparents he would climb up onto the roof and look through his book on constellations. He wasn't lonely without his parents though, since he had his grandparents to care for him. Even though Wayne's parents were far away, if he was ever sad he would climb onto the roof and look at the sky, bringing back memories of his father's stories and the sound of his laugh.

Wayne asks if you've ever seen a shooting star. When he saw one, he would wish for his parents to come home soon. It was his inspiration to become a postman. Even when loved ones are far away, they can exchange letters. So by becoming a postman, he could help families stay connected with each other. Wayne apologizes for such a drab story.

Choice 1: It's okay, you've got me now

Wayne is taken back a bit by your response. You're cute, and it is true that you are here by his side. He's surrounded by lots of people now.

Result: +3000 FP with Wayne, +15 AP with Wayne

Choice 2: It's okay, everyone is here for you

That's true. Everybody does support him, but you're here too.

Result: +1000 FP with Wayne

Wayne asks if he could hold your hand, which you allow. He moves closer and comments on how warm your hand is. The two of you watch the sky and happen to see a shooting star! Wayne suggests you make a wish, but keep it to yourself or else it might not come true.

Yellow Love Event

Wayne's Declaration of Love

Some Wayne Fans are at the Postio, trying to hand over a gift to Wayne. It's not for delivery though, it is for him! Wayne tells them he can't accept their gift because he has someone special now. He admits that he loves you from the bottom of his heart. The girls think that it is cute that Wayne has found someone, as they just want him to be happy. Just seeing Wayne blush is so wonderful! They're going to let the other fans know about Wayne's relationship status so they don't mess up his happiness. Wayne appreciates their thoughtfulness.

After the girls leave, Wayne notices that you have been standing there. He admits that he had not made up any of his statements; he is completely committed to you and is not going to go back to appreciating all the other girls' attentions. As long as he has you, he doesn't need anything else.

Right before he goes to kiss you, Miranda and Carrie come into the Postio. Is it try that he told his fangirls that he had found undying love?! Carrie saw them running down the path in a gleeful flutter. They then realized that they might have just interrupted a tender moment, and apologize for getting in the way. Bye bye, lovebirds!

Now that you're alone again, Wayne isn't much in the romantic mood anymore. He's suppose to be working right now anyway. He promises to pick this up later where the two of you left off.

Result: +2000 FP with Wayne

Event Helper: Shan O 123

Orange Love Event

The Taste of Jealousy

Wayne was heading out of the Garden Grill as you are coming in for a bite to eat. He has to go to the Postio first, but then he'll be back to eat with you. Wayne leaves to finish up his quick errand while you head to the counter.

Frank and Brad greet you and let you know that you just missed Wayne stopping by. Brad says he heard a rumor from Carrie that Wayne had confessed his love for you in front of his Wayne-fans? Frank hasn't heard this before. Maybe that's why his fan club has been acting quiet lately. Both of them are surprised that Wayne has settled down. Since Wayne moved to Westown, he's always had a gaggle of girls around him. He clearly didn't mind the attention, yet he didn't play favorites with any of the girls. Now they're both surprised that Wayne has finally picked someone (you) and let everyone else know about it.

Frank continues and explain how much of an friendly type of person Wayne is and never has a mean thing to say about anybody. But now he's gone and done something that might upset his fans, just to show them all how important you are to him. That's a pretty big deal!

Wayne returns to the Garden Grill and asks you to wait outside for him. After you leave, he tells the two men that it wasn't his intention to start that conversation with his fans as a declaration of love to anyone; it just kind of came out that way. Wayne didn't want to keep his feelings for you a secret anymore. He really does love you after all!

After he leaves, Brad and Frank are happy for the postman, although they wonder for how long he had been listening to their conversation with you.

Back outside, Wayne apologizes for taking you out of the restaurant, but he'd like to eat somewhere else. You notice his weird behavior, and he admits that he was rather jealous of your conversation with the two guys. Even though Brad is married and Frank is your uncle, he feels a bit foolish and isn't sure what to do when he feels that way. You find his jealousy a bit charming. Wayne leans in to give you a kiss, but your grumbling tummy tells him that the kiss will have to wait.

Result: +2000 FP with Wayne

Event helper: eggrolled

Pink Love Event

Even if You're not Perfect

You walk into Postino, and Wayne is busy in his kitchen. After greeting you, he says he was just on his way to ask you over. You ask why, and he says he wants you to join him for dinner. He's whipped up a meal for you, and while it's not a feast, it should still be good. You accept and he asks you to take a seat. You shake your head - you want to help him cook! He accepts - that sounds like fun.

You grab seasoning at Wayne's request, and he stops you after you hand it to him. It's obvious now, but isn't this a bit like practicing being a married couple? You're startled! He laughs and apologizes; that must have been a little embarrassing. But he has to admit, this is the kind of situation all guys look forward to at some point in their lives... Standing next to their loved one, puttering around in the kitchen together.

Choice 1: You'd think you'd have lots of experience.

Wayne admits you may have a point. Looking back at his life you'd might expect that to be true, but in actuality that's not the case at all. He's never invited a woman over to his place for any reason. You're the only one who's ever come here besides his guy friends.

Result: -1000 FP with Wayne

Choice 2: I've always loved the idea too.

He's happy to hear that you love the idea as well. He'd always dreamed of something like this, but for the longest time it was always just a dream. Until today, where he can be with you and he couldn't be happier. He's never done anything like this with anyone. Never mind cooking together, he's never even invited a lady over to his place at all! In fact, aside from a few of his guy friends, you're the only one who's ever visited him.

Result: +2000 FP with Wayne, +15 AP with Wayne

He'd never really given much thought to why he's never invited any ladies over before. But he thinks he understands why. Wayne would rather not say why though. It'd be too rude to all those other ladies. He'll keep those words safe!

Anyway, the food is almost done. Could you please set the table? You nod and sit side by side - his stomach is rumbling! It's delicious, you should dig in too. The food turned out great. Who knows, maybe you should run a restaurant together! You both laugh, and you comment that means you'd have to compete with Brad and his family. Yeah, that's not too nice, huh? Besides Brad, Wayne wouldn't want Carrie or Marco as rivals! Guess that's it for the restaurant plan.

You finish dinner and he asks you to wait for a minute while he washes up. You're welcome to look around. You check out his books and he apologizes for keeping you waiting. But what's that? A photo? It's of his grandma and grandad, and him as a small child. What a cute kid! And apparently a hellion too. His blonde hair and pale skin made a lot of folks think he was a little girl at first. He caused a lot of trouble to make sure people knew he was a guy. But wait a minute, he's blabbering on about embarrassing childhood stories. He apologizes. You shake your head, and her realizes he's never told these kinds of stories to anyone before, especially his secret if being mistaken for a girl! You just make him blabber in about anything, don't you? That's part of what makes you so special.

He can't say he hasn't been in love before, but you are the first he's ever been head over heels for. Just being with you lets the real him come out. He's never felt anything like it before. He's not the perfect person folks keep insisting he is, either. He's not smart like Ford and doesn't have skills like Brad. Heck, he still doesn't like yogurt! But you accept him, even his uglier side. He trusts you completely. Only when he met you did he realize that's the kind of person he really wanted.

He hopes you'll stay with him now and for a long time to come. You nod and he thanks you, saying he loves you from the bottom of his heart. Could you look up for a second? He kisses you. You're red as a beet! How cute. Don't hide it; he wants to see it more. After all, he finally got to kiss you. After all the interruptions, he was getting seriously worried some divine presence was preventing him from kissing you! You laugh, and he sighs. He wishes he didn't have to let you go, but he can't hold on to you forever. At least he can walk you home.

Event helper: Dayntee