Your Furmiliar

After a pet has at least 3 hearts of friendship, you can become soulbound to that pet. Having a Furmiliar is optional. In the morning when you wake up you might receive an item from your Furmiliar, and on your birthday you may get a special gift too! You can also get gifts on your wedding anniversary, your child's birthday, and when you win competitive festivals. On the anniversary of becoming your Familiar, walk into your farm house and you'll bake a cake for your little buddy.

Before you can have a Furmiliar you will need to have a Pet-Food Dispenser in your farm house. The Furmiliar will live inside of your farm house instead of in a Pet House located on your farm land, so it must get its food from the dispenser. The Pet-Food Dispenser is at Ludus' shop in the furniture section of his Home Design Service. The machine requires 10 Small Lumber, 10 Small Stone, and 1000 G (or less if you're playing in Seedling Mode). The dispenser will be permanently placed next to the Storage Box by the front door of your house. Filling the Pet-Food Dispenser will be done by placing Pet Food into your farm house Storage Box.

You may also need to temporarily disable your StreetPass functionality. Talk to Dessie in South Westown to do this. You can enable it again once you finish linking to your Furmiliar.

After that has been completed, bring a Tsuyukusa crop and hand it over to Inari to activate the deity's abilities. Select the option to link with a Furmiliar, and then select the pet you want. You can also unlink your Furmiliar or switch to another pet by gifting Inari another Tsuyukusa crop and then selecting the appropriate option. Your Furmiliar will get a bow, bandana or head towel (for capybaras) to signify that you've a special bond with that pet.

Your Furmiliar will live inside of your farm house while still maintaining its existence on your farm with its former Pet House. You cannot remove the Furmiliar's Pet House from your farm, and you must use the Pet House to activate the option to take your Furmiliar for a walk. The Furmiliar finds the same types of items if you're treasure hunting together.

As long as you have your Furmiliar, a small paw print icon will appear under your character icon in the upper-right corner of the top screen

The Furmiliar cannot be moved from your farm house to its outdoor Pet House.

If you want to de-Furmiliar yourself, go back to Inari and give another Tsuyukusa crop to the guardian, then select the option to unlink with your Furmiliar. Inari might require you to temporarily disable your StreetPass again. Once you are no longer bound, the pink paw-print icon will be removed from under your stamina bar.

Furmiliar Gifts

Since the Furmiliar lives within your farm house, the pet will no longer do its pet abilities. What it will do is bring you rewards when you awake in the morning. You'll get a gift on your birthday, on the anniversary of becoming human and Furmiliar (your furmilanniversary of sorts), and the day after you win a competitive festival. The possible random gift you can receive are:

The item you receive is determined when you wake up in the morning. If you're trying to get something specific, just save your game before going to bed for the night, then reload your save game if your Furmiliar doesn't bring what you wanted.

The Furmiliar will also deliver to you a Diamond the morning after your wedding or once your child has been born. You'll get an Adamantite when you finish Farming Tips Part 3, and an Orichalcum when you have reached Town Link Rank S with all three villages.

Communicating with Animals

The Furmiliar can help you trigger events with the other wild animals. To enable this option, walk into South Westown between 18:00 and 20:00 when your Furmiliar has at least 5 hearts of friendship; you do not need bring your Furmiliar with you, as it will appear during the event. You'll hear a loud bang and somehow find yourself turned into a dog! You and your Furmiliar will also learn that Noel is upset because she has lost her cat. After talking with some of the other animals in the area, you eventually locate Lucia. The cat has been searching for a flower that Noel wanted to give to Colin. With your help the flower is found, and Noel is reunited with her pet cat.

It seems the spell Dessie was experimenting with to locate the flower somehow turned you into an animal. Dessie casts another spell to turn you back into a human. But it's Dessie, so there's a good chance that it wasn't completely corrected...

After at least 20 days have gone by since the the previous event, walking into any of the North section of the towns may result in you returning to your dog form (about a 50/50 chance of triggering). You don't need to be walking with your Furmiliar for this to happen. At that point you can choose to take a stroll in an area that may trigger additional random events with the wild animals and villagers.

There are about 15 dog-form Furmiliar-specific events that you can see. There needs to be at least 20 days in between triggering each of the Furmiliar animal events.