Caring for Pets

Pets are optional animals you can raise on your farm. They have a variety of jobs that can help you with, and you can make one pet your special Furmiliar. Each pet will need to have a Pet House to live in. A Pet House costs 1200 G, 10 Lumber, and 3 Small Lumber at Ludus' shop in Lulukoko. You can have up to 4 Pet Houses per farm area, for a total of 12 pets maximum, including your Furmiliar. You need to have a Pet House out on your farm space before you can buy a pet. The animal shops will buy back your pets that you don't want anymore.

You can buy a variety of cats, dogs, and even some capybara. New types of pets will unlock as you raise the Town Link Ranks and when you complete Frank and Daryl's farming challenges. Each pet will cost 7500 G, and will stay on your farm until you chose to sell it. Pets will not die of old age.

Pets for Sale in Westown

Jack Russell
No special requirements

Shorthair Cat
No special requirements

Great Pyrenees
Finish Farming Tips #1

Finish Farming Tips #2

Finish Farming Tips #2

Maine Coon
Finish Farming Tips #2

Scottish Fold
Finish Farming Tips #3

Finish Farming Tips #3

Westown Town Link Rank D

Westown Town Link Rank D

Lulukoko Town Link Rank C

Westown Town Link Rank C

Lulukoko Town Link Rank B

Bull Terrier
L. Town Rank B or Own 15 farm animals

Border Collie
L. Town Rank B or Own 15 farm animals

Westown Town Link Rank B

W.Town Rank B or Own 15 farm animals

W. Town Rank B or Own 20 farm animals

L. Town Rank A or 4 Animal Festival wins

2 Pet Show wins or 3 Animal Festival wins

Gr. Capybara
2 Pet Show wins or 3 Animal Festival wins

Tibetan Mastiff
2 Pet Show wins or 4 Animal Festival wins

Pets for Sale in Tsuyukusa

White Cat
Finish Farming Tips #1

Tabby Cat
Tsuyukusa Town Link Rank D

Tsuyukusa Town Link Rank C

Black Cat
T. Town Rank B or Own 15 farm animals

T. Town Rank A or Own 20 farm animals

T. Town Rank A or 5 Animal Festival wins

There are two pets in the Japanese version of the game that do not exist in the North American or European version. Hamtaro and Cheburashka are popular children's story characters that had collaborative appearances in Trio of Towns. Legal reasons prohibit these two pets from appearing outside of Japan.



In the Japanese version of Trio of Towns, there is a Hamtaro Day event every Summer 6 if Hamtaro is a pet on your farm. Hamtaro, yourself, Witchie, Dessie, and Inari get together for a picnic party.

The random dogs and cats you see walking around the towns are StreetPass tag placeholders. You cannot adopt these pets and there's no benefit to befriending them. As soon as you buy your first pet, exit out of your farm house to see a StreetPass tutorial from Dessie.

You can move a pet inside of your farm house, but you need to have a Pet-Food Dispenser from Ludus' shop inside of your house and the pet's outdoor Pet House needs to stay out on your farm. The indoor pet's former Pet House can be placed in a far-away corner of your farm spaces, but cannot be completely removed off the farm.

While walking your pet, you cannot enter any shops or villager houses.

Pet Care

Each pet has 10 hearts of friendship on its profile page. As you increase the pet's friendship, you'll increase your chances of winning the annual Pet Show on Spring 22. You'll need to have at least 3 hearts of friendship if you are trying to make the pet become your Furmiliar.

You can raise a pet's friendship by putting up to 7 Pet Food in its pet food bowl so it is fed every day, picking the pet up, or playing with the Cat Bell or Dog Bone. Playing with the bell or bone requires you to take the pet for a walk using the Pet House Menu, and then standing on the pet so you see its name on the screen before you throw the bell or bone. You can also build the Dog King Farm Circle that will give a little bit of pet friendship power each day.

Friendship is really just for the Pet Show and the Furmiliar. The pet's ability to do its job is based on its pet level.

The pet's stress bar indicates how upset the pet is. The pet will physically become fat if your pet's Stress bar gets too high. You can reduce stress quickly by using the Pet Walk option in the pet's Pet House menu to take your pet for a walk. The pets do not like being walked when it is raining.

To raise a pet's skill level is as simple as having the pet do its job. Each day the pet does its work, it will naturally get better at it. Every pet will start at level 1 and increase up to level 10. The amount of job experience a pet needs to get from level 9 to level 10 is the same amount it takes to get from level 1 to 7, so don't be alarmed if your pet is stuck at level 9 skill for a while.

Participating in the Pet Show is a good way to earn skill level experience, as is playing with the Dog Bone or Cat Bell, taking it for a walk, or going on a treasure hunt. You can also build the Cat King Farm Circle to raise skill level, which is highly recommended if you are trying to get a pet from skill level 9 to skill level 10.

Pet Abilities

When purchasing a pet from an animal vendor the job the pet can do for you will be shown on the pet purchase summary. All purchased pets can do all jobs. For example, herding is not specific to dogs; even cats and capybaras can herd your farm animals.

If the pet you are trying to buy doesn't have the ability you are trying to get, simply exit back out to the merchant's main menu and go back into the Buy Animals section. The ability for each animal is randomly set when you enter the purchase screen. You can go back and forth until the ability you want appears on the pet you are trying to buy.

You can stop a pet from doing its job by viewing its profile page in any Animal Notebook and then pressing the X Button on your Nintendo 3DS to disable (or enable) the pet's ability.

There are basically two types of abilities herding and finding. The higher the pet's level, the better they are at helping you.

Herding and Recovery Jobs

Having pets in the same area as livestock and poultry barns will allow the pet to herd your animals outside on sunny or snowy days. If your herder pet's house is in a different area than your animals, then it will not herd your animals in and out of the barns. The pet's house and your farm animals must be in the same area. The pets will start herding animals out of their barns at 7:00 and will bring them back in starting at 15:00.

The number of animals a pet can herd is based on its skill level, from 1 animal (level 1) to 10 animals (level 10). Pets will increase their skill level rather quickly from level 1 to level 6, so it won't take too long for a pet to herd more than one animal each day.

The "recovery" aspect of the job is that spending time outside reduces livestock stress.

Finding Jobs

Pets that have a finding chore will find you random items based on the job category. You can have a pet that finds fish, ores, wild items, materials, or misc items. Just keep the pet on your farm and watch for the ! that can appear above its head around 17:00 each night. The higher the pet level, the better the items the pet can find for you. For example, a high-level pet finder coud possibly find:

The materials, plants, and fish finding pets are a little helpful. Alternatively, you could catch a particular fish and then breed it using your Fish Hatchery boxes. Construction materials are all over the ground in each of the towns; all you've to do is hoard them in your farm house storage box. For plants, you'll really only need a lot of Elli Leaves if you're trying to make one exterior design of your level 4 farm house.

The ore pets can find colored pearls and gems that you might use for cloth processing or remodeling your level 4 farm house, which can cost quite a bit of G from the Log Cabin shop in Westown if you need to buy them. Ore collecting pets are a bit more beneficial than the fish, plants, and material collecting pets.

For the miscellaneous item collecting pet jobs, the other ways to find those +FP animal potions is by winning all of the prizes in the Pet Show so you receive a random item prize instead. Basically, these potions are very rare in the game. On the other hand, by the time you have a pet high enough to find the special potions, you may not have a need for them anymore other than for completing your shipped items list.

Pet Treasure Hunt

Something you can do while walking your pet is look for invisible treasure spots. Finding one of these special areas will make a ? appear above your head (not your pet's head). To have your pet search that spot for treasure, press the A Button when you see the ? appear. If your pet finds something successful, a happy-face icon will appear above its head, in which case you can press the A Button again next to your pet to pocket what it found. If it couldn't find anything, you'll see an angry squiggle icon instead, in which case you will just have to move on to another spot that day.

There are many treasure hunting spots to find. There's two spots in each of your farm areas as in the Crossroads, and three spots in each of the town areas. The items that the pets can dig up are just wild items that you could of foraged off the ground anyway. You can find rocks, Moondrop Flowers, weeds, and other like items on your farm or the Crossroads; Maple Branches, Scrap Ore, Basil, and similar items in Westown; sea shells, downy tufts, Sage, and so on in Lulukoko; and Bamboo, Pine Branches, Chestnut, Ginger, and whatnot in Tsuyukusa.

The higher the pet's skill level, the better the chance that the pet will be successful when you instruct it to sniff out the treasure. A higher skill level doesn't result in better items; the same types of items can be found regardless of the pet's skill level.