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The Summer Crystal

Once you've unlocked Spring, you will receive a visit from Catherine. She says that her father was the one who first settled in the valley, so she's simply allowing you to live her. Some days later, she'll come back to express her disappointment; you aren't taking care of the trees! Catherine instructs you to go find someone who can work on your axe.

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Wait for Tony to appear in Moon Valley on Tuesdays and Fridays between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The apprentice blacksmith is willing to make you a new axe, although he doesn't seem confident in his ability to do so. The next time he is in Moon Valley, talk to him again to receive your upgraded axe. Catherine meets up with the two of you, so you show her your brand new axe. Well, the snooty lady figures just because you have an axe, it doesn't mean you know anything about forestry! Catherine tells you that you can plant trees anywhere you'd like if you have the right seedling. Head out to the valley and chop down a few Leafy Trees that you haven't been able to cut down with your Old Axe.

The next morning, Rowan will introduce you to the green Harvest Sprite, Woody. The little guy gives you the Skytree Seedling that you need to reach the heavens. Woody warns you that the tree is hard to grow, as it requires Magic Fertilizer that can only be made by a witch or wizard. You'll then receive the Get Magic Fertilizer request.

After you receive the Skytree Seedling, Sam will sell Grapefruit tree Sprouts (500 G), Leafy Tree Sprouts (250 G), and Cone Tree Sprouts (250 G).

One night while you sleep, you'll dream of a mysterious figure at the Harvest Goddess Spring. In the evening between 8:00 pm and 12:00 am, go to the Harvest Goddess Spring to discover Tabitha, the world's number one witch. The witch says that she knows how to make the Magic Fertilizer, but you need to do something for her first. Tabitha wants you to bring her 2 Milk (not Great Milk) and 2 Marguerite. Milk comes from your cow, and Marguerite is a flower you can grow in the valley. Buy the seeds from Iris for 60 G each. The flower takes about 9 days to grow.

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When you have the required ingredients, return to the Harvest Goddess Spring after 8pm to talk to Tabitha. You aren't finished fetching what she needs to make Magic Fertilizer! Now Tabitha requires you to bring her 3 additional Milk and 3 Crucian Carps. The fish you can catch while fishing in the stream, and you already know where to find the Milk.

Once again, return to the HG Spring after 8pm to give the items to Tabitha. She was considering sending you off to fetch more stuff, but after you object to her extra errands, she decides to forgo sending you off to be her little go-for. Tabitha instructs you to return to the Harvest Goddess Spring tomorrow to receive the Magic Fertilizer from her.

That night, you dream of another mysterious person at the Harvest Goddess Spring.

The next evening, return after 8pm to meet with Tabitha. She isn't alone though, as there is another shadowy figure with her. Tabitha explains that this "goofball" is Gareth, but never mind him; she's made the Magic Fertilizer for you! Gareth figures that it needs more magic power, so he casts some magic at the same time as Tabitha. Now the world's number one witch is annoyed at her interloper. They decide to visit more often so you can judge for yourself who's the better magican. After they tell you their visitation schedule, the two magical people vanish in a puff of smoke.

Now that you have the Magic Fertilizer, return to the Harvest Goddess Spring after 8:00 am when it is Monday through Friday. Talk to the Harvest Goddess, who picks out a spot for the Skytree Seedling to be planted. The little plant grows straight up after you apply Tabitha's Magic Fertilizer! Now you can reach the heavens.

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After climbing the Skytree, you meet a sleeping Harvest God. He never seen a human in his domain, but after you explained the goddess has lost her power, the Harvest God understands why you've visited him in the Land of the Sky. You are in need of a Summer Crystal! The god quickly creates one and gives it to you.

Return to the valley and hand the Summer Crystal to the Harvest Goddess. She attaches the Summer Crystal to her bracelet to restore the season back to its proper order, which is after Spring.

Fall is the only season left to unlock, but only the Underworld King can create a Fall Crystal. Calvin explains that the Underworld King is the source of the endless Winter. Rowan shows you where on the valley map you can find the entrance to the Underworld Kingdom, but warns you that you'll have to do a lot of digging to get there.

Now that you've unlocked Summer, Sam sells Peach Sprouts (500 G), Tomato Seeds (20 G), Corn Seeds (10 G), Green Pepper Seeds (20 G), and Wheat Seeds (10 G). Iris will sell Sunflower Seeds (60 G) and Red Rose Seeds (75 G).

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