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May 21
Growing Crops | Harvest Moon Animal Parade
» Fixed crop growth times for turnip and potato
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May 16
Getting Married | Harvest Moon Animal Parade
» Added list of chore preferences per marriage candidate
» Still working on the SoS:FoMT guide
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April 11
Ushi No Tane x6 - Harvest Moon DS - Witch Princess
» Added info on collecting Witch Presents
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April 4
Villager Weekly Schedules | Harvest Moon The Lost Valley Guide
» Fixed Sam's incorrect daily schedule (am, not pm)

Magical Melody - Villagers > Ushi No Tane
» Added bell pepper to Doug's gift preference

» Still working on the SoS:FoMT guide. Changed references to "Elli" to "Elly" per the XSeed localization, and changed "Fall" to "Autumn."
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March 28, 2020
House Pets | Harvest Moon Animal Parade
Rival Children | Harvest Moon Animal Parade
The Villagers | Harvest Moon Animal Parade
» Updated "cherry shell" to "sakura shell"

» The website is still actively being developed! I have been working on the upcoming English guide for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. The detailed guide will be made public once I'm farther along in its development (currently about 60% or so).

Website content updates for 2019 can be found here
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