Doc's Inventions

Doc Jr has been your bestest friend forever. He lives next door to your mom's house, where he invents all sorts of things in his laboratory as he tries to out-invent his ancestor, the mighty silver fox, Doc. The mini version of Doc has a contraption in the back of his house where he can process ore and construct objects for you.

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As you raise Doc's friendship, talk to him to receive his Great Ancestors' Challenge tasks.

Doc Jr also helps with the construction of the work bench inside your house. This bench is used to upgrade your tools and customize furniture.

The Eastern-style furniture comes from the Far East Adventure DLC.

After completion Great Ancestors' Challenge 3, talk directly to Doc Jr to receive the Researching Sprinklers 1 task. Doc Jr needs help with researching a new type of sprinkler. He requests 4 Titanium to complete his research. Bring him the processed metal to unlock Sprinkler in his shop. Soon afterward, talk to him to receive Researching Sprinklers 2, where he asks for 4 Platinum. You'll then have the Splendid Sprinkler item in his shop. Doc Jr's last sprinker upgrade is Researching Sprinklers 3. Bring him 4 Adamantite to unlock the 4x4 Super Sprinkler in his invention shop.

Mole Brother Raz at the mine in the desert of Pastilla will also unlock options in Doc Jr's shop. Talk to him to obtain the Refining Rare Gems task. Bring Raz 10 Material Stone (processed from Stone at Doc Jr's shop) to unlock the ability for Doc Jr to process sapphire, diamond, emerald, and ruby gemstones. Return to Raz after you find Raw Phosphophyllite Gemstone from the Lebkuchen mine. He'll give you the Refining Ultra Rare Gems task. Give him 30 Material Stone to unlock the ability to process alexandrite, tanzanite, and phosphophyllite.

Farm Items

Material Stone1 Stone40 G
Iron1 Iron Ore40 G
Bronze1 Bronze Ore40 G
Silver1 Silver Ore40 G
Gold1 Gold Ore80 G
Titanium1 Titanium Ore150 G
Platinum1 Platinum Ore150 G
Adamantite1 Adamantite250 G
Opal1 Raw Opal Gemstone100 G
Sapphire1 Raw Sapphire Gemstone200 G
Glass1 Raw Glass Gemstone50 G
Crystal1 Raw Crystal Gemstone200 G
Diamond1 Raw Diamond Gemstone200 G
Jade1 Raw Jade Gemstone80 G
Emerald1 Raw Emerald Gemstone200 G
Agate1 Raw Agate Gemstone80 G
Garnet1 Raw Garnet Gemstone150 G
Ruby1 Raw Ruby Gemstone200 G
Alexandrite1 Raw Alexandrite Gemstone300 G
Tanzanite Gemstone1 Raw Tanzanite Gemstone300 G
Phosphophyllite1 Raw Phosphophyllite Gemstone300 G
Wooden Fence1 Oak Lumber + 1 Iron100 G
Wooden Fencepost1 Oak Lumber + 1 Iron100 G
Wooden Fence Entrance1 Oak Lumber + 1 Iron100 G
White Fence1 Birch Lumber + 1 Silver700 G
White Fencepost1 Birch Lumber + 1 Silver700 G
White Fence Entrance1 Birch Lumber + 1 Silver700 G
Small Sprinkler1 Silver + 1 Glass100 G
Sprinkler1 Gold + 1 Glass100 G
Splendid Sprinkler1 Platinum + 1 Glass100 G
Super Sprinkler1 Adamantite + 1 Crystal100 G

Farming Facilities

Large House10 Cedar Lumber + 5 Titanium70,000 G
Huge HouseLarge House + 5 Adamantite + 4 Ebony Lumber350,000 G
Large Animal Barn10 Oak Lumber + 5 Silver50,000 G
Huge Animal BarnLarge Animal Barn + 5 Adamantite + 4 Maple Lumber250,000 G
Large Refrigerator5 Iron10,000 G
Huge RefrigeratorLarge Refrigerator + 5 Titanium50,000 G
Large Drawer4 Pine Lumber + 2 Iron10,000 G
Huge DrawerLarge Drawer + 4 Walnut + 2 Titanium50,000 G
Maplewood Interior1 Sheep Wool + 1 Crystal10,000 G
Light Wood Interior1 Sheep Wool + 1 Opal10,000 G
Wood Interior1 Valais Blacknose Sheep Wool + 1 Sapphire20,000 G
Parquet Interior1 Valais Blacknose Sheep Wool + 1 Garnet20,000 G
Dark Wood Interior1 Valais Blacknose Sheep Wool + 1 Garnet20,000 G
Interior/Tools DLC
Stone Interior1 Cashmere + 1 Diamond30,000 G
Wood-Like Interior1 Cashmere + 1 Emerald30,000 G
Farm Interior1 Cashmere + 1 Diamond10,000 G
Castle Interior1 Sheep Wool + 1 Agate10,000 G
Steampunk Interior1 Sheep Wool + 1 Crystal10,000 G
Spaceship Interior1 Valais Blacknose Sheep Wool + 1 Sapphire10,000 G
Starlight Interior1 Valais Blacknose Sheep Wool + 1 Garnet10,000 G