Chapter 3: Halo Halo

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The Awkward Man will repair the east bridge out of Calisson for you. Before you head out, return to the farm and go to bed. In the morning, the DocPad will receive a message from Doc Jr, who explains he has figured out how to build a Fertilizer Maker. You have to bring him 5 Bronze.

Don't forget to give the Animal Shop owner 4 Potatoes. She'll then open up the animal shop in Calisson so that you can buy cows, sheep, chickens, horses, and pet dogs.

Now that you have two Medallions, Doc Jr will call you through the DocPad and remind you to visit your mom. Walk home, and you'll learn that she wants to make you a larger bag. A few seconds later, and you have 7 more inventory slots!

Vitae will also give you a Harvest Goddess Strawberry in the morning, which increases your max stamina hearts by 1.

Walk across the eastern bridge, and you may come across a ruin called the Marriage Hall. Nothing to fix here yet!

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Keep heading east until you reach a three-way split in the road. The north path takes you to a mine where you can collect Stone, Iron Ore, Bronze Ore, Glass Ore, and Crystal Ore. This is where you can get the Bronze Ore for Doc Jr's request. Collect 5 Bronze Ore and visit Doc's house to pay him 40 G per ore to covert the ore into metal. Doc Jr will install a Fertilizer machine on your farm that converts animal compost into 10 bags of Level 1 fertilizer.

Take the south path across the bridge, and you'll come across another split in the road. The south path leads to a Sparky machine where you can set up a farm, and east of that is the ruins of the Harvest Goddess Spring, protected by a mighty stone gate. To reach Halo Halo, take the northern path after crossing that bridge, then follow the road until you reach the shores of Halo Halo.

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The town is cute and tropical, so let's check it out! As you wander through the town, you are greeted by Ahina. She welcomes you to their happy town, full of fresh fish and fruit. Even the mushrooms are tasty, but it's best to have an antidote nearby if you eat them! Suddenly, a terrible sound emits from your body! A fart?! No, just your tummy telling you that it's hungry.

Ahina takes you to the local cafe and introduces you to Holokai, the restaurant's head chef. Holokai welcomes you to Cafe Mahalo and serves you a fresh dish of Grilled Fish. It's delicious! Holokai tells Ahina to teach you how to cook Grilled Fish, so she takes you to the cafe kitchen to instruct you on the ways of the chef. Soon you've cooked up your dish of Grilled Fish that looks just as delicious as Holokai's. If you had a kitchen in your own house, you could cook it up at home too.

As you work in the kitchen with Ahina, a local comes into the cafe looking for his lunch. He spots your freshly-baked fish on the counter and eats it! Oh well. Kanoa complements you on your cooking skills. Though you now have to cook another Grilled Fish, he is looking forward to eating that one too! Ahina suggests a cup of coffee instead and brews up a few cups for you and Kanoa. As Ahina explains the intricacies of coffee beans, an off-screen person calls out for Kanoa. The lunch-thief apologizes for having to head out but thanks you and Ahina for the meal and coffee.

After Ahina teaches you about cooking, Doc Jr will contact you through the DocPad when you wake up in the morning. He'll request that you bring him 3 Iron so he can construct a kitchen for your farmhouse. You can easily collect 3 Iron Ore from Dva's mine and convert them into 3 Iron by paying 40 G per conversion at Doc's shop. Doc Jr does not need to be inside his house to convert ore. Then talk to Doc Jr to have him install the kitchen.

Now you can explore the beaches of Halo Halo. You'll find a run-down lighthouse on the coast and even a Sparky machine where you can set up a beachside farm.

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Follow the red arrow on the mini-map to meet with Kanoa. The local fishermen explain to him that the fishing today was worse than they've ever had. Kanoa tells you that the poor fishing results are beginning to become a problem for them. Maybe instead of relying on ocean boats, they should fix up the pier. It was once the best fishing spot around, but it was wrecked by a storm a long time ago. He doesn't have the time to fix the pier and concentrate on the fishing boats' problems. Kanoa needs his Grilled Fish!

You volunteer to fix the pier for him. That would be great! All Kanoa needs is 4 Palm Lumber. You can collect Palm Lumber by chopping the palm trees with your axe. It takes 4 swings of the axe to collect 1 Palm Lumber. Note that Kanoa will stop standing by the broken pier around 6:00 pm. You may have to wait for him to come back outside to give him the materials.

Talk to Kanoa once you have the 4 Palm Lumber, and then start fixing up the pier. Everyone is impressed with your handiwork that they too want to fix up the area. A moment later and the whole area is clean again. The beach looks amazing! As the villagers talk with Kanoa, Vitae senses a Harvest Sprite nearby.

The two of you check out the old, run-down lighthouse on the beach. This is the right spot, but Vitae says it doesn't appear that her friend can be revived quite yet.

Take a look around, and you will see Doc Jr relaxing on the beach. How did he get to Halo Halo?! Doc Jr explains he created a new invention he calls the Memory Portal, which allows you to teleport to an area with strong memories for you. He updates the software on your DocPad, and now you have the option to zip around without walking everywhere! The Memory Portal will instantly teleport you to the Expando-Farm location or Medallion shrines. To access the Memory Portal, open your DocPad and navigate to the world map. Then press the X button (Switch) or Triangle button (Playstation), and then move the cursor to the location you want to go.

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Head over to the fence line by the rock painting to bump into Ahina. She's going to go for a hike and asks if you want to come along. At the top of the path, you come across a messy crop field and some fruit trees. Ahina explains this is where she collects the coffee beans for her brews. Vitae is upset; the trees growing here are too far away, and the sun is scorching the ground! Ahina can tell you're concerned, so she explains this area used to be a jungle. Long ago, the villagers had cut away the trees to create farmland, but they cut too many trees. Now she's the only one who comes up here. Ahina isn't even sure if anyone else knows that this area used to be a jungle. You offer to help with the chores, so Ahina asks that you collect 3 Coffee Beans from the 4 Coffee Trees nearby. Talk to Ahina when you've finished. She'll thank you for the help and suggest maybe you can use this field area to grow stuff.

After picking beans with Ahina, Holokai will have the Coffee recipe, the Caffe Latte recipe, and the Iced Coffee recipe for sale at his cafe.

The next morning, head back to the pier to talk to Kanoa. He's puzzled as to why the fish haven't returned yet. You fixed up the dock, and they've tried cleaning up the reef, but nothing has changed. It's like the fish just up and left. He apologies to you for putting in the effort and getting no results, but he's not ready to call it quits! He's bound to figure something out.

Hmmm... Vitae assumed that the fish would return after you repaired the pier. Is there something we're overlooking? Let's head home and get a fresh start in the morning.

Before going to sleep, you make a late-night request for Doc Jr to visit. He's pretty annoyed that you've asked him to come over at this hour, but you explain to him the problem with the Halo Halo pier. Since you cleaned up the shore and repaired the dock, the fish should have returned. Doc Jr detects the scent of coffee on your clothes. As you explain what coffee is to Doc, you get an idea! Maybe the problem with the ocean has to do with the situation in the mountain? The rains that fall onto the higher elevations wash downhill towards the sea, bringing nutrients for the fish to eat. The lack of trees in the jungle area could be why no nutrients are enticing the fish to appear.

The next morning, Doc Jr returns with a plan. You'll need to work on making the forest fertile by growing crops in the Halo Halo mountain field. You need to plant and harvest 4 crops in the coffee tree field. It doesn't matter what crops you plant or when they're harvested, as long as the total is 4 or more.

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The morning after you harvest the 4th crop, Kanoa will be at your farmhouse door. You HAVE to go with him right now! He drags you to the beach, where the village anglers are super happy with all the fish they caught! They wonder why the fish suddenly returned to the shores.

You explain the link between the mountain forest and the seawater. Kanoa and Ahina feel terrible that the clear-cut trees were the reason why the fish were gone. From today onward, they'll make sure to keep the mountain forest healthy.

A light shines over in the distance by the old lighthouse. Vitae's friend, Aqua, is awake! Aqua asks if you understand what will happen if the Harvest Goddess is not revived soon, but Vitae responds that she's taught you lots of things; everything is under control. Aqua gives you the Medallion of Water.

Ahina and Kanoa visit the lighthouse, as they have been looking for you. Ahina thought she saw something, but the sprites move out of the way to prevent detection. Anyhow, the villagers are celebrating the return of the fish and invite you to join them!

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At the party, Kanoa explains to everyone about the work you did with restoring Halo Halo's seas. You're a member of the Halo Halo community now! Ahina pulls you aside and explains that she went up the mountain to check it out, and the area is leafy and green again. She promises to take proper care of the coffee bean trees. You've transformed the forest, saved their sea, and restored the Halo Halo way of life. You're a hero!

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