Chapter 7: The Harvest Goddess Spring

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Another morning, another Harvest Goddess Strawberry from Vitae!

Now that all six medallions are collected, it's time to restore the Harvest Goddess. Check back with Doc Jr one last time, so everyone meets up at the laboratory. You explain the story about the Harvest Sprites and the medallions to Doc Jr, who probably would have doubted your tale had he not been watching your progress. If you believe in Harvest Sprites, then he does too!

Exit Doc Jr's house to see a little blue bird fly away. It's rare to see a blue bird around here. Vitae recognizes the bird as a friend of the Harvest Goddess. Let's chase after it!

Head over to the Harvest Goddess Spring. You can find it by using the Memory Portal to jump to Halo Halo, then take the path out of town towards Calisson. The path to the ruined spring is the one that leads south, right before the wooden bridge.

screen shot

Keep following the little blue bird until you come to the door of the Harvest Goddess Spring. Add the six medallions to the door's inserts to reveal a bridge over the water! On the other side of the bridge is an absolute mess; rocks and stumps are scattered everywhere. Vitae requests that you start cleaning up the area by pulling weeds, smashing rocks, and breaking up stumps.

Your tools will need to be at Master level (remodeled with Silver) to break the largest stone. If you haven't upgraded your tools yet, talk to Dva outside the Halo Halo mine. It seems to be random whether you get the tool upgrade requests, so try every day until Dva gives it up. Crafting a Master Hammer requires 4 Silver and your existing Expert Hammer.

After you destroyed the stones, Vitae requests you bring 3 Silver. You can find Silver Ore in the mine close to Halo Halo or the mine near Lebkuchen. Have the ore processed at Doc Jr's and then return to the Harvest Goddess Spring. Everyone pitches in to fix up the shrine. Even though it looks beautiful, the Harvest Goddess does not appear. Not even Doc Jr has any idea what's going on. Vitae suggests tracking the problem again tomorrow.

After going to bed, you have a strange dream where the Harvest Goddess calls out to you. She explains that she doesn't have the energy to appear. Before you can learn why, her voice fades away as you wake up.

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You explain the dream to the Harvest Sprites. Lignum wonders if it is because the sprites aren't strong enough to bring her back. Vitae explains they receive their power from the thanks of the world's inhabitants, and in return, their strength is the source of energy for the Harvest Goddess. Since the connection between humans and nature has weakened, they have lost power. The Harvest Sprites need to work on themselves before they can help the goddess.

Since you went around the world and helped the towns, maybe they would help in return by giving thanks to nature. Vitae asks that you visit the villages and talk to the people, but then has a better idea. How about a Harvest Goddess Festival in each town?

Head to each town and talk to the residents. Franz in Lebkuchen will get everyone together and bring their best bread and cheese to the hearth. Braden wants to help you out, and a festival would make Elijah happy. Sami is intrigued with your suggestion and agrees to hold a festival to give thanks to the Harvest Goddess. Saeed believes the villagers will be glad to host another celebration along with their Flower Festival. Kanoa finds your story crazy, but he's got your back!

Return home, and you'll find Doc Jr and Professor Kaurismakis inside your house. While it's all good that each town will host a Harvest Goddess Festival, it would be more beneficial if the Harvest Sprites could receive the world's pleas at one central location. The scientist and the engineer have been working together to invent something to help gather human emotions. Doc Jr asks that you bring him 3 Titanium.

Titanium Ore can be found in the mine by Lebkuchen. I've seen it as early as floor 1, but it is a bit uncommon from the large white crystals. Another way to collect Titanium Ore is to complete Doc Jr's basic tasks, A Request From Doc. One of his requests will give you 5 Titanium Ore for bringing him 2 Bronze. Then process the ore at Doc's laboratory.

screen shot

Bring the 3 Titanium to Doc, where he and the professor will start working on their invention. The Harvest Sprites will remember that they're also going to need an offering like you had put up the 10 Milk for Ignis' flame. Aqua tells you that you'll need to collect 1 Strawberry Jam.

The professor stops you on the way out the door. He wants to thank you personally for helping the world. Throughout his travels, he became aware of the Harvest Goddess's existence and the Harvest Sprite ruins. Though Professor Kaurismaki never saw the goddess or the fairies himself, he believed in them because their tale is known worldwide. Now the residents have a stronger connection to nature thanks to you. For too long, the world has taken the gifts of the Harvest Goddess for granted. That's the title of the Mysterious Book the professor authored - The Gifts of the Goddess.

The Strawberry Jam recipe is at any of Samantha's mobile shops for 3000 G. You'll need to use 1 Strawberry to make the jam. Strawberry Seed wisps are in the small alcove just a bit north of the Lebkuchen mine. A strawberry plant takes 6 days to grow fruit and regrow its fruit every 2 days for a maximum of 3 harvests per plant.

The following day after you deliver the Titanium to Doc, he'll visit your house to give you their invention: a Feelings Finder. The machine can collect the feelings of people all over the world.

screen shot

Once you collect the Feelings Finder and the Strawberry Jam, return to the Harvest Goddess Spring during the day. The sprites set up Doc's machine in the middle of the shine, give their plea, and dum da da DAAAA, the Harvest Goddess appears! Doc Jr can't see her, but he can tell from your excitement that the Feelings Finder must have worked.

The goddess apologizes to her sprites for causing them such hardship and thanks you for all the work you did. The Harvest Sprites thank you too! They use their magic to cast a blessing all over the world.

The next day you're back home with your mom. Doc Jr comes into your room to let you know that mom asked you to go out and get some vegetables from the field. Tonight she's making gratin and vegetable soup! It's so much better than having to eat potatoes.

Now that you've finished the main story, the bountiful soil fields by the Harvest Goddess Spring have become available. You also can move forward with expanding your house again and getting married. Vitae will also give you one more Harvest Goddess Strawberry.