Wagashi Island

The island of Wagashi is located in the ocean to the west of Halo Halo. This extra area will appear in your game after purchasing and downloading the Far East Adventure optional DLC. Also added with the DLC are some eastern-style designs for your farmhouse Table, Chair, Bed, Kitchen, and Dresser. You can use your workbench to remodel your furniture.

To reach the island, head to Halo Halo and talk to Kanoa. He will mention the local legend about a mysterious island to the east. The story goes that everyone on the island suddenly disappeared! The fishermen stay away from the cursed island, but Kanoa heard some scrumptious edibles located there.

As your quest is to hunt down the tastiest crops in the world, Kanoa has a way to get you to the cursed island. He has an old boat that can travel there. Kanoa asks that you bring him 4 Palm Lumber to cover the boat repairs. Palm Lumber is collected by chopping down the palm trees in the area.

Bring the lumber to Kanoa. His old boat can be found on the south shore of the beach, right before the sand turns back into green grass. Now you can travel to the island to look for exotic food.

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Wagashi Island is a tranquil place, with cobblestone paths, bamboo, and water paddies. As you marvel at the sights, you find yourself confronted by a swordsman! I thought this island was deserted?! The man accuses you of coming to the island to steal its treasures. The warrior doesn't believe your story about looking for food.

A floating girl arrives at the scene and comforts you with the fact that the warrior can get overzealous on occasion. She leads you away from the area. The warrior is left baffled as to where you are going and trips over himself in his pursuit.

The girl takes you to a house and introduces herself as Sana. She apologizes for her big brother's actions. As the two of you chat, Shogen enters and demands to know what you're doing in his house! You explain your food quest to him again and that you do not carry any weapons. This time Shogen understands you aren't up to any mischief.

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Vitae notices that Shogen doesn't seem to see Sana standing nearby. Sana explains that she's a magical being just like Vitae and is more surprised that you can see her. Shogen wonders why you keep talking to yourself, as he can't see either Sana or Vitae. He heads outside to tend to the rice paddy.

Head out of the house and take a look around the area. You may find some Harvest Wisps that have new crops like Lotus and Rice, which you can plant in the field outside of Shogen's house. You'll find Shogen at the paddy close to the house, weeding the paddy fields. Shogen explains that this island has spirits that seem to do things on their own.

Now that he's finished weeding, he takes you back to his house for some dinner. Sana notices that he forgot to put out the pickled vegetables. By the time Shogen realizes he didn't put them out, Sana has placed the pickles on the table for him. Shogen can't see this and explains that things like this happen. Sometimes at night, he can hear the sound of human voices carrying on the wind.

It has been a lovely dinner, but you are anxious to head home. Sana follows you as you head out the door to explain what is going on. Long ago, a volcanic eruption on the island required an evacuation of everyone in the village. The leader demanded that everyone get onto boats to escape into the sea, but Shogen and Sana stayed behind (though Shogen didn't want Sana to stay). As the villagers were out at sea, a great storm came and capsized the boats, leaving no survivors.

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Suddenly, a spooky man appears behind you and Vitae. It's the ghost of a villager?! The villager and Sana laugh at the prank they were trying to pull; yes, they are ghosts, but they aren't scary ghosts. The villager explains that after the boats sunk, he woke up back on the island, but nobody could see him. Sana tells you to come back tomorrow to learn more about their cursed island.

Return to Wagashi Island on another day and talk to Sana standing by Shogen's house. She wants to take you on a tour of the island. First, she takes you to Kokemomo Castle by magically teleporting you there! The castle is in ruins, destroyed by an event she calls the Great Eruption.

Next, Sana wants you to meet her at the mountain. Walk south from the castle and then west past the old village houses, following the path north past the Sparky Machine. At the entrance to the mountain is an old bridge. Sana explains that there are savage beasts farther up the road and to avoid the area.

Follow Sana to the north, through the red torii gate, and onto the island's mine. Sana explains that Gold Ore can easily be found in the mine. Strange enough, Mole Brother Pyat is guarding the entrance to the Wagashi mine.

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Head west to find Sana by the White Kitsune shrine. They have worshiped the white fox for generations. It's said that the white fox is an emissary of the gods, carrying their prayers to the heavens. Sana admits that she became a spirit after making a prayer at the shrine, hoping to bring those back who had died in the storm. Her brother was inconsiderable with grief after everyone had left, as he blamed himself for not going with them. The gods answered Sana's prayer by returning the villagers as ghosts, and as punishment for her request, the gods also turned her into a spirit. Shogen looked all over for his sister but was only able to find her hairpin. Sana asks that you don't tell Shogen any of this, as Sana fears he will blame himself more than he already does. Sana hopes to undo this curse someday and return to normal.

After Sana fades away, Vitae wonders if there is anything that you can do to help. She suggests talking to Shogen to learn his side of the tale.

Visit Shogen when he is inside the house. You'll overhear him praying for his sister's safe return. He explains that one day she vanished, leaving behind a hairpin that she used to wear. Shogen feels in his heart that his sister is still alive; sometimes, he feels as though she is standing close by.

Shogen learns that you discovered the White Kitsune shrine while exploring the island. He pulls a book from a shelf that explains the tale. Offerings of Sushi were given to the shrine long ago, though the book doesn't explain what Sushi is. Vitae believes that offering this Sushi may help to quell the White Fox's anger against Sana. He warns you to be careful when in sacred places such as the shrine. Maybe Ahina knows a thing or two about this mysterious cooked dish.

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Return to Halo Halo and talk to Ahina. She doesn't know what "Sue-she" is but believes there has to be a recipe for it somewhere in Wagashi. Maybe Sana has an idea what Sushi is.

Go back to Wagashi and talk to Sana. She doesn't know what it is either! Sana has an idea and requests that you return at night.

Once it reaches 6:00 pm, talk to Sana again. The three of you head out to talk to the cheerful ghost villagers, particularly the one know as the walking encyclopedia of Wagashi. If anyone knows what Sushi is, he would! Soon you find the Wise Old Man ghost, who explains that Sushi is a melding of thinly sliced raw fish and rice. That's all he knows, though. With these clues, maybe Ahina can fill in the rest of the recipe.

Back in Halo Halo, you explain the concept of "Sue-she" to Ahina. It sounds bizarre! Now Ahina is interested in visiting the cursed island and talking to the Wise Old Man to collect more clues.

Take the boat back to Wagashi and walk up the path towards the village houses. Sana wonders who you brought. Sana had hoped that someone from off-island would be able to see her, but that doesn't appear to be the case. You seem to be the special exception! Ahina is able to see the ghost villagers but not cursed Sana. Ahina is not afraid of no ghost and is motivated to learn more about "Sue-she."

Bring Ahina to the Wise Old Man. The two will discuss the details of the delicacy. She soon memorizes his instructions and is excited to make the dish. All she needs from you is some Rice and a Sea Bream. In return for his help, Ahina gives the Wise Old Man a special drink of Coffee. She then suggests you talk to the ghost villagers to learn how to collect the two ingredients while Sana offers the kitchen in Shogen's house.

Sea Bream is a fish that can be caught in Halo Halo when casting towards the ocean (i.e., stand by the lighthouse and cast east towards the sea rather than west towards the shoreline). You can also cast it by casting off the dock area in Wagashi. No bait is necessary. You won't have to grow the rice.

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After catching the fish, head to Shogen's house to meet Ahina. She'll use their kitchen to craft the Sushi using your fish and rice. It looks delicious! Shogen enters his house and mistakes Ahina for a bandit. Oh bother...

Vitae tells Sana that the purpose of the Sushi is to offer it to the White Fox to, hopefully, calm its rage. Sana is hesitant because she feels she is the one who must endure the fox's rage, but Vitae reminds her that we're all friends; she doesn't have to struggle on her own. Sana tells you to return later tonight, and Ahina gives you the Sushi Recipes. This collection adds the following recipes to your kitchen:

Meet Sana at the White Kitsune shrine after 6:00 pm. Shogen isn't there because he's afraid of what goes bump in the night. Sana places the Sushi at the shrine. A brief moment later, the White Fox appears! She asks the fox for its forgiveness and apologizes for making such a selfish wish. The fox jumps down from the shrine and bites Sana! Ouch!

Sana realizes that she could feel the bite. Her body is back to normal! She rushes to hug the White Fox, but it jumps away, and Sana collides with a stone lantern. Double ouch! The fox then disappears into the night.

Sana is excited to have her body back and plans to care for and decorate the White Kitsune shine every day. Where did Vitae go...? When Sana got her body back, she lost the ability to see little Vitae. You let Sana know that Vitae is still nearby.

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Sana returns to the house, to the surprise of her brother. She explains that it was her who was mending his clothes and caring for the crops. She was the Spirit of the Island and said to Shogen what happened at the White Kitsune shrine. Shogen thanks you for restoring his sister. He was so worried that he would be alone! Sana summons the ghost villagers into the house, spooking the courageous samurai. The villagers explain that they've become accustomed to living as ghosts. Even the shogun appears!

Lord Kawachi thanks Shogen for faithfully guarding Kokemomo castle. He truly is a superb warrior! As such, he releases Shogen from his duty of guarding the ruined castle. The lord has wanted to do this for some time, but Shogen was so afraid of ghosts that he would lock his shutters at night so the lord could not visit. Being gravely afraid of ghosts makes him unreliable! Besides, it is not Shogen's fault that everyone becomes a ghost. Lord Kawachi wants Shogen to stop blaming himself and live his life.

Now that Sana is back to normal, you'll start receiving tasks from Sana and Shogen in your farmhouse mailbox, along with a few fetch requests from the other ghostly villagers. You can also have an event with Shogen and Sana where they venture off the island to explore Halo Halo. After this event with the brother and sister in Halo Halo, Kokemomo Castle becomes a Memory Portal that the DocPad can travel. You'll also obtain a Harvest Goddess Strawberry from Vitae.

To rebuild the broken bridge to the Wagashi mountain waterfall, return to the area and talk to the ghost villager now standing by the broken bridge. The Reckless Road task from the Tempermental Man requires you to bring 4 Ginkgo Lumber. Bring back the wood he needs to have the bridge repaired.