Cooking Basics

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Your farmhouse does not come with a kitchen. As you travel through the world, you'll come across Halo Halo and its Cafe Mahalo. Inside the cafe is Chef Holokai. He and Ahina will teach you how to cook and give you the Grilled Fish recipe set. Doc Jr will contact you the next day to request 2 Iron for a kitchen of your own. Iron Ore is in the mine to the north of the bridge that leads to Halo Halo. Bring the ore back to Doc's lab and convert it to Iron, then talk to Doc Jr. The mini-genius will then install a kitchen in your house.

To cook, walk up to the kitchen and interact with it. The recipe book will appear, listing the recipes that you know. The recipes are divided into Cooking, Hot Dishes, and Cold Dishes. A greyed-out recipe means you do not have the ingredients needed to cook that meal in your rucksack, though you can still open the recipe to see what ingredients are needed. The ingredients must be in your bag to cook the dish. Confirm that you want to make the selected recipe to whip it up. The game will add an entry in the blue encyclopedia next to the farmhouse bed the first time you successfully prepare a recipe.

Cooked meals can be shipped for profit, given as gifts, or eaten to recover stamina. The recipe book will list the stamina recovery of a recipe when you press the Y Button (Switch) or Square Button (Ps4). The recipe information page allows you to look through your known recipes for good meals to bring with you while digging in the ore mines.

Obtaining More Recipes

There are 323 cooking recipes to collect and make. Earning a 100% encyclopedia will require you to find all recipes and cook them. You cannot experiment cook to discover recipes in this game.

The Playstation version of One World has a "Legendary Chef" achievement trophy for cooking every available recipe in the game. The Nintendo Switch version does not support trophies.

As you receive the medallions from each town, return to Halo Halo and talk to Holokai. He wants to make region-themed recipes and requests you to bring him ingredients.

Samantha's mobile cart also sells recipes. To unlock Samantha's shop, talk to Ahina after receiving the Medallion of Water. She'll request that you bring her 4 Palm Lumber to fix up her mobile cart, Laulea. You can collect Palm Lumber by chopping down the palm trees in the area; they will regrow after a few days. After bringing the lumber to Ahina, she'll fix up her cart. You'll also unlock Samantha's mobile cart. Samantha will then start selling cooking recipe sets from her cart, costing between 15,000 G and 75,000 G.

Villagers will also give you tasks that reward you with recipes. You can receive the same task multiple times, but only the first time you complete the task will reward you with the recipe.

Cooked meals that you receive as task rewards do not count towards completing the recipe book. The reward meals can still be eaten or shipped for profit.