The Story of One World

The story of One World begins with potatoes. This versatile crop is the only vegetable that the inhabitants know. While the protagonist owns a Mysterious Book they like to read that describes all sorts of vegetables and happy farm animals, everyone else is satisfied with boring, everyday potatoes.

screen shot

The game's goal is to discover the missing crops described in the Mysterious Book and then share that found knowledge with everyone else in the world. Each town in the game has problems that can be solved using the clues hidden in the book. As the problems are solved, the entire world improves until someday, hopefully, the Harvest Goddess will be revived.

After completing Calisson, you can move in any direction of the story. If you want to head to Lebkuchen instead of Halo Halo, you'll find a lady standing by the bridge that leads to Lebkuchen, just beyond Gabirelle's house. She requests that you bring her 4 Ginkgo Lumber to repair the bridge. While you can grow Ginkgo Trees by planting the Ginkgo Seedlings from the Calisson General Store, your axe isn't strong enough to cut down Ginkgo trees. Instead, start heading down the path towards Halo Halo and keep an eye out for Harvest Wisps; specifically, the ones that give Sunflower Seeds. There is one in the area of the Marriage Ruin. After collecting Sunflower Seeds, Braden will send a letter to your mailbox asking for 4 Sunflowers. In exchange, he'll give 10 Ginkgo Lumber. It may take a bit of wisp hunting to collect 4 Sunflower Seeds, but if you do manage to grow the flowers and complete Braden's task, you can repair the bridge to Lebkuchen and move west instead of east.

Required Items

To complete the story and other important parts, you'll need to collect the following items: