Tool Upgrades

The old tools you receive from Doc Jr at the start of the game are not very efficient. The watering can and hoe only cover one square of field space, while the axe and hammer take quite a bit of stamina when they're used for their intended purposes. Tool upgrades are available to improve your starter tools. You can also upgrade the old fishing rod purchased from the Halo Halo general store.

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To unlock the ability to upgrade your tools, you first need to collect at least two medallions. You can earn these by solving the villages' problems you come across during your travels. Doc Jr will then contact you in the morning through the DocPad to tell you he has created an amazing invention called a workbench. The inventor needs you to bring him 5 Bronze so he can craft a workbench in your farmhouse.

Bronze Ore can be found in the ore mine between Calisson and Halo Halo. This mine is guarded by Mole Brother Dva, who doesn't seem to object to you entering the Mole Brothers' territory. As you explore the mine, break the orange, crystalized nodes to discover the hidden ladders down to the mine's next level. Bronze Ore is hidden within the mine nodes starting on floor 1 (basically every floor of this mine).

You can zoom out the camera while mining by pressing the ZL Button (Switch) or L2 Button (Playstation) on your controller. Using the broader view will help you locate orange nodes easier as well as avoid walking down dead-end paths that waste time/stamina.

Bring the 5 Bronze Ore back to Doc Jr at his laboratory and use his shop to process the ore into Bronze metal for 40 G per ore. Then talk to Doc Jr to have a workbench added to your farmhouse.

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After you obtain a workbench, return to the same ore mine and talk to Dva again. The miner will start to tell you about tool upgrades. To learn recipes, Dva will request that you bring him items in exchange for his knowledge. His tool upgrades are segmented by functionality: the upgrades for the watering can and hoe (farming tools) will be taught to you first. Remodel your farming tools and then talk to him again to learn the recipes to upgrade your axe, hammer, and fishing pole (harvesting tools). The cycle of farming/havesting tool recipes will continue until you have learned everything about tool remodeling.

Dva's first tool remodel lesson may take a few conversation attempts before he finally offers the task. If he doesn't tell you about tools, talk to him every day until he does.

After upgrading your farming tools, hold down the tool button to charge up the tool's power before swinging. The harvesting tools' power does not require charging.

Upgrade Your Farming Tools! 1 - 5 Bronze to receive Expert Farming Tool Recipes. Expert tools cover 3x1 squares.

Upgrade Your Harvesting Tools! 1 - 5 Bronze to receive Expert Harvesting Tool Recipes.

Upgrade Your Farming Tools! 2 - 5 Gold to receive Master Farming Tool Recipes. Master tools cover 3x2 squares.

Upgrade Your Harvesting Tools! 2

Upgrade Your Farming Tools! 3 - 5 Titanium to receive Legendary Farming Tool Recipes. Legendary tools cover 3x3 squares.

Upgrade Your Harvesting Tools! 3 - 5 Titanium to receive Legendary Harvesting Tool Recipes

DLC Tool Upgrades

Farmers that purchase the optional Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack can unlock more power from their farming and harvesting tools after completing the Legendary tool upgrades. Talk to Dva to receive recipes for ultra-level tools.

Upgrade your Farming Tools! 4 - 5 Platinum to receive Harvest Goddess Farming Tool Recipes. Harvest Goddess tools cover 5x5 squares.

Upgrade your Harvesting Tools! 4 - 5 Platinum to receive Harvest Goddess Harvesting Tool Recipes.