Chapter 1: The Story Begins...

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The story begins with you reading an old book containing a delightful tale from long ago when the world was full of crops and animals, and people worked together in harmony to ensure they were worthy of the Harvest Goddess' blessing. Though you are nose-deep in the pages of your favorite book, your Mom calls to you from the kitchen. She explains that she's running low on potatoes for dinner and asks if you would go out and fetch some more. Oh, wouldn't it be awesome if you could find something else to eat other than potatoes!

Next door to your house is a strange little shack with a strange boy wearing an oversized lab coat. Your childhood friend, Doc Jr, teases you a bit for keeping your nose in that fantasy book about crops, but now is not the time for that. It's potato-hunting time!

Follow Doc Jr east, down the path to the clearing. Unfortunately, there isn't a potato to be found today. The only place where one can find all sorts of crops is in that Mysterious Book of yours. The two of you continue down the path, searching for spuds until you find a few more on the ground. You're frustrated because all you can find are potatoes; where are the tomatoes and carrots?! Doc Jr has never heard of such things. As you pick up more wild potatoes off the ground, something catches your eye, but it quickly disappears. Maybe it was a Harvest Wisp, just like in the book!

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You chase after the floating spark while Doc Jr tags along for his amusement. Eventually, you come across an abandoned water well with a strange ruin on it. The sparkle floats behind the well and transforms into a little green floating fairy. You try to describe it to Doc Jr, but the mini scientist doesn't see anything. To humor you, he suggests giving your imaginary friend some Acorns. Collect the 3 Acorns found on the ground nearby, hand them over to the little sprite by opening your bag, selecting the nuts, picking the Hold option, and then talking to the green fairy. The fairy will happily accept your nuts and, in exchange, gives you a bag of seeds. Doc Jr wonders if crops can be grown from seeds and suggest you try planting them to see what happens. Baby Doc will then explain how to till the soil, plant the seeds, and then water your buried treasures.

After planting the mysterious Turnip seeds, head home to your Mom with your foraged potatoes. She then cooks up a tasty meal and sends you off to bed.

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In the middle of the night, you're awakened by a bright light. You head outside to investigate and discover a floating pink fairy by the seed you planted that afternoon. The pink girl introduces herself as Vitae, the Harvest Sprite of Life. She was able to be revived thanks to the effort you made to plant the vegetable seeds. Maybe you can help her with something else? Vitae then gives you the Medallion of Life and explains that there are 5 more of these round discs in the world. Collect all 6 Medallions, and their powers combined will revive the Harvest Goddess! She explains that the world's bountiful soil was depleted, and along with that, the Harvest Goddess' powers had weakened. The goddess hoped that someday a brave person would take on the challenge to restore the soil. In preparation for that day, she crafted these Medallions and scattered them across the world. Vitae believes you have the power to help her, the Harvest Goddess, and the Harvest Wisps. If you restore the soil, lots of different foods can be grown! Ah, it would be wonderful to eat something other than potatoes...

You head back to talk to Doc Jr. Though it is still the middle of the night, Doc Jr is awake. The possibility of new types of food sounds exciting to the mini scientist, and he comes up with a plan to help you with this quest. He needs some time to work on his idea, so off to bed you go!

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The next morning, Doc Jr wakes you up to show off his invention. He gives you a squeezable stress ball and instructs you to squeeeeze the ball. As you do so, a farmhouse and barn suddenly appear! The Expando-Farm will allow you to set up a farm as you travel the world. Doc Jr explains that you'll also need to charge the farm's power source before expanding or pack-up the farm. He introduces you to the Expando-Farm power supply, Sparky. The scientist gives you a lab-grown potato and instructs you to feed it to Sparky to fuel the robot. Sparky then powers up and shrinks the farm back down to a pocket-size ranch. Now you can set out into the world to restore the bountiful soil!

Before heading out into the world, Mom wants to have one more meal with you. Head over to the spot where you planted the seeds and harvest the Turnip. Bring it back home and hand it over to Mom. She's amazed that you've already found a new type of food and is excited to cook this weird vegetable for you for dinner.

In the morning, Mom gives you a bag upgrade so you can hold up to 16 items. Doc Jr. also stops you on the way out and gives you the DocPad. This invention will provide you with the next 7 days of weather, lists any active requests that people give you, describes the relationship status you have with the people and animals you've met, displays the world map, and gives you the option to save your game.

Let's head north and onward to save the Harvest Goddess!

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