Getting Married

In Harvest Moon: One World there are 5 available marriage candidates to select from. As there is no same-sex marriage in this game, players can choose from 5 bachelors if they are playing as the woman protagonist, and 5 bachelorettes if they are playing as the man protagonist. Additional marriage candidates, Sana and Shogen, are available for those who purchase the optional Far East Adventure downloadable cntent (DLC).

The marriage candidates are:

























Raising Friendship

You'll need to increase your future sweetheart's hearts to see their romantic events. You can do this by giving them gifts. Open your rucksack, select the item you want to hand over, then select "Hold" to carry it. Then talk to the person to give them the gift. You can give one gift per day.

You'll need to increase your future sweetheart's hearts to see their romantic events. You can do this mainly by giving them gifts. When talking to a marriage candidate, you can see their five Affection Hearts on their conversation dialog box. Affection hearts can only increase. Even if you happen to give a gift that the person tells you they don't like, you won't lose friendship hearts because of it.

Heart events will trigger when you reach 0.5 hearts, 1.5 hearts, and 2.5 hearts. Both the bachelors and bachelorettes will have these events regardless of the gender of your protagonist. During the event, you'll often have a choice of three responses. Picking the best option will reward you with additional friendship. You can't lose friendship for selecting an option that wasn't ideal.

A confession event happens at 3.5 hearts. While you've been able to see the heart events for both genders up to this point, the confession will only trigger with candidates that are the opposite gender of your farmer character. During the confession event, you'll hear how much you mean to the confessor. You can see all the confession events for the available marriage candidates as long as you're not married.

House Upgrades

Your house will need to be enlarged to make room for your spouse (and your future kid). There are two house upgrade you'll need to complete.

The blue-roof Large House becomes available at Doc Jr's shop inventory fairly early in the game. You'll need to bring him 10 Cedar Lumber, 5 Titanium, and 70,000 G. Cedar Lumber is collected by harvesting the tall cone-shaped trees in the Salmiakki region. Titanium Ore is found on any floor in the Lebkuchen mine, though it is more common the farther down into the 100-floor mine you go. Bring the ore to Doc Jr. to have it processed into Titanium metal.

screen shot

After building the Large House, Doc will add the green-roof Huge House to his inventory. This time he wants you to bring him 4 Ebony Lumber, 5 Adamantite, and 350,000 G.

Spouse Bed

After the Huge House is constructed, go back and talk to Doc Jr again. He'll offer to upgrade your house workbench to increase the goods you can craft. Bring him 5 Adamantite and he'll unlock the Bed recipe in your workbench.

The bed requires 1 Oak Lumber to craft. This extra single bed will be placed close to your bed; apparently, spouses can't sleep in the same bed in One World. You can't change the location of the bed inside your house.

Changing the design of your bed by using the workbench will also change the design of your spouse's bed.

Marriage Hall and Blue Feather

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Half-way between Calisson and Halo Halo is the Marriage Hall. This area will be in ruins until you complete the game's main story and revive the Harvest Goddess. After that, you'll be given the task by the Blue Bird and Vitae to refurbish the Marriage Hall. You'll need to collect 30 Stone and bring them to Vitae at the Marriage Hall ruins. You can collect stone by breaking rocks found all around the world, whether on your farm, in the mines, in the desert of Pastilla, or in the snowy mountain beyond Salmiakki.

In exchange for the Stone, the Blue Bird will give you the special Blue Feather. This item will be stored in the Important Items section of your bag.

Proposing Marriage AND Wedding

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After you obtain the Blue Feather and complete the other requirements, getting close to the available candidate will trigger a "Do you want to propose marriage?" prompt. You can choose "Maybe another time" and continue on your way, or you can choose "Propose" and trigger the marriage proposal. Proposing marriage will take the rest of the day.

Marriage proposals can't happen on days where the candidates gather at a location for a festival: Spring 25 (Flower Festival), Summer 25 (Lantern Festival), Fall 25 (Harvest Moon Festival), or Winter 25 (Aurora Festival).

During the proposal, you'll watch a scene between the protagonist and their future spouse. They'll then announce their engagement to their family. Gabrielle only has her cat, Anise, but the cat is a-okay with Gabrielle getting married.

You then introduce your future spouse to your Mom. She'll give her blessing as well.

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The game will then move to the wedding ceremony, which actually takes place on the same day that you propose. Everyone involved with the marriage candidate will gather at the Marriage Hall. Viiho from Salmiakki will officiate the ceremony. After the vows and a kiss (that you don't see), a round of congratulations will be given by those in attendance. Even the Harvest Sprites are there, though nobody else can see them.

After the ceremony is over, you'll awaken the next morning inside of your farm house along with your new spouse. The wedding anniversary will be marked on the DocPad calendar.

Getting married will also unlock new Harvest Wisps in the world that give higher level crop mutations: