DLC #2 - Far East Adventure

The Far East Adventure Pack is the second optional download content released for Harvest Moon: One World. This is the largest of the DLC packs, adding a whole new area, two marriage candidates, various no-named villagers, a new mine to explore, four wild animals, new furniture style options, and a variety of crops and cooking recipes.

Wagashi Island is accessible by boat from Halo Halo. Talk to Kanoa to gain access to a boat that will take you to the island. Wagashi Island is home to rice paddy fields that are always watered. Players can activate the Sparky machine on the west-side of the island to move their farm to the island.

Marriage Candidates

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Shogen and Sana are sibilings that live together on Wagashi Island. Shogen tends to jump to conclusions and has issues trusting strangers, whereas clumsy Sana is much more easy going and wants to see the world outside of their tiny island. The storyline of Wagashi Island is based on the troubles the siblings are going through. Once the curse of the island has been lifted, players can beging to court Sana or Shogen to become their spouse.

An explanation of the Wagashi Island curse can be found in the story walkthrough section of the guide.

Like the other towns in One World, the villagers will begin to send tasks to the farmhouse mailbox after their town's problems have been solved. Turning over items requested by the island villagers can happen after 6:00 pm. Wagashi villagers appear during different times of night.

Sana and Shogen send fetch requests too, but they're available during the daytime and are easier to locate.

Wagashi Mine

The ore mine on Wagashi Island is overseen by Pyat, the sixth Mole Brother. Sana says that Gold Ore can be easily found here, which is true, but you can also find other types of rare ore like Titanium Ore and Platinum Ore. This mine has an elevator that can take you to floor 10 once you reach that level on your own. The mine is only 20 floors deep.

Wild Animals

There are five wild animals that you can tame to become pets on your farm. You'll want to repair the bridge leading to the mountain waterfall first. After completing the island's story and the additional Halo Halo visit with Sana and Shogen, return to Wagashi to meet with a villager by the broken bridge. He will request you bring him 4 Ginkgo Lumber. After the bridge is repaired, you can walk into the waterfall area and find four wild animals. The fifth animal is the sacred white fox.

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Asian Black Bear
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
screen shot
Iriomote Cat
8:00 pm - 5:00 am
screen shot
Wagashi Sasquash
9:00 pm - 5:00 am
screen shot
Chocolate Banana Tiger
8:00 pm - 5:00 am
screen shot
White Fox
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Ten new entries will be added to the farmhouse encyclopedia. Rice has two entries: Rice and Lava Rice. Lotus has eight entries: Lotus, Water Lotus, Lullaby, Nirvana, Samsara, Lava Lotus, Snow Queen, and Mountain Lotus.

You can find Rice wisps and Lotus wisps scattered around the island. Wheat can mutate into Rice when planted in a water paddy field. Rice can further mutate into Lava Rice when planted in the volcano field by Lebkuchen during fall; use fertilizer to increase the chance of mutation. Unfortunately, Rice is not a seed that unlocks in any world shop no matter how much you sell.

Cooking Recipes

The kitchen will hold the 27 new recipes learned from the Far East bundle. You'll learn sushi recipes as you go through the Wagashi story, but the other batch of recipes will be added to your kitchen after you harvest Rice for the first time. The recipes are NOT marked as "DLC" when viewing them in the kitchen cookbook, but ARE marked as "DLC" when viewed in the farmhouse encyclopedia.

Crayfish Paella and Lava Crayfish Paella can use either Red Crayfish or Lava Crayfish. While you can use Lobster or Tiger Shrimp in Shrimp Paella, only Lobster works for Lobster Paella.


furniture graphics

The Far East Adventure DLC also unlocks eastern-style furniture options. These can be crafted by using the workbench inside your farmhouse. Each of these styles requires 1 Pine Lumber to construct. Pine Lumber can be collected by chopping the needle-like pine trees that grow in the Lebkuchen area, right before the bridge leading to Pastilla desert.