Chapter 2: Calisson

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Following the path north from your mom's house until you spot a Sparky waiting for you. Interact with Sparky to expand the farm. While looking over your new digs to see if everything is in place, you spot a woman standing nearby. She's wearing a green outfit and carrying a large backpack. The woman introduces herself as Samantha, the traveling merchant. Because she is having a problem getting goods to sell as she travels about, Samantha requests that you put items into the shipping bin she sets up on your farm. Samantha offers to pick up your farm products at 6:00 am every day, and in exchange, she will pay you a bit of money for them. Then she'll have some inventory to sell around the world. It's a win-win situation!

Take the northern path from your farm to reach Calisson. You notice that the livestock animals in town don't appear as healthy as described in your Mysterious Book. While starting at the sickly cows, you're aggressively confronted by the local rancher and a neighborhood kid! Braden seems gruff at first, but Elijah explains it is because Braden is anxious about his animals. Braden is considering shutting down his farm because of his frustration; nothing he does seems to make his cows feel better.

He notices that you seem to be interested in cows, so he goes over the basics of animal care and gives you a Pitchfork and a Brush. Take care of Braden's cow by cleaning its pen, putting food into the feed bin, and then talking and brushing the cow (interact with it twice). He then gives you a Milker to milk his cow and Clippers to shear the sheep's wool (interact with the sheep three times). You even get to keep the milk and wool.

Nearby, you'll see a painting of a dog on a rock, and standing next to that stone is the Calisson animal dealer. She explains that she needs food for her animal and could use your help. She requests that you bring her 4 potatoes. You have one bag of potato from the Harvest Wisp you met along the path from mom's house and another from the Harvest Wisp on the east-side of Braden's livestock pen (close to the river). These wisps respawn the next morning too. Potatoes take about 6 days to mature and regrow their spuds every 3 days, with a maximum of 3 harvests per plant. Once you've collected 4 Potatoes, head to the Animal Shop and talk to her to complete her tasks. She'll then open her shop so you can buy animals such as cows, sheep, chickens, horses, and dogs.

You can continue exploring Calisson, picking up seeds, and talking to the villagers. The bridge to the east is blocked, so head west until you discover a run-down weathervane with a large chicken figure on top. Vitae senses that there is a sleeping Harvest Sprite somewhere nearby. She suggests coming back here later.

Whenever you're done with farming, head to bed for the day.

Head back to Braden's ranch the next day. The cows don't look any better today than they did yesterday! Elijah suggests that Gabrielle might need to be involved in this. She's an elusive vet that lives outside of town, to the north of the chicken weathervane. Braden objects to his young friend's suggestion. The rancher does not trust Gabrielle because she charges high fees for her services, and if they can't pay, she doesn't help them.` You volunteer to talk to the vet, so Braden doesn't have to.

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Walk back to the chicken weathervane and keep following the path to find Gabrielle. She understands the issue with the animals but asks you about the setup of Braden's ranch. She gives you Grass Seeds and explains that the seeds are magic. Vitae is skeptical that these seeds will help; Braden's cows need to be examined by an animal doctor right now! You ask Gabrielle if she would go to the ranch to observe the cows, but Gabrielle says she doesn't have the time for that. She then coldly tells you to go away. You're out of ideas. Vitae suggests that the only thing you can do is plant these so-called "magical" Grass Seeds.

Return to your farm area and you'll see Elijah waiting for you. Tell him what Gabrielle had said. He'll be surprised that these little seeds will grow into Grass, and wonders how special the Grass will be. Elijah asks you to give the grown Grass to Braden. The rancher is really upset over the health of his cows, and spends every day in the plains looking for food to give to his herd. It never seems to be enough! Braden works so hard on caring for his cows and is often misjudged because of how gruff he is.

Plant 3 Grass Seeds to complete this task. Grass takes 4 days to mature. If you need more Grass Seeds, some Grass Seed wisps will appear near the chicken weathervane after Gabrielle gives you her seeds.

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When it is full-grown, pick the Grass from the field like any other crop (no sickle required) and then bring the Grass to Braden. He'll stand outside his ranch area starting at 8:00 am. Talk to him to give him the Grass you grew on your farm. Braden is amazed that you could grow Grass on your farm, as typically Grass is something that can only find in the wild. Braden will take your Grass and feed it to the cows. The bovines perk right up! The cows are looking better, except for Braden's favorite cow, Emily. She still looks unwell. You and Elijah want to ask Gabrielle for her advice again, but Braden is still very much against the idea. If you're going back to visit the vet, then he wants nothing to do with your plan.

Head back to Gabrielle and talk to her about Emily. The vet says she can only heal sick animals and can't perform miracles. Maybe the cow needs to be fed something better than Grass. Vitae is annoyed at the condescending way Gabrielle talked to you. It almost sounds as though Gabrielle doesn't believe Emily is sick because of the Grass. Head back to Braden's farm to look for clues that might be the source of the cow's illness.

Walk close to the livestock pen to check things out, but you don't find anything out of the ordinary. The Mysterious Book describes all sorts of happy animals within its pages, so what is going on? Vitae realizes that the animals in the Mysterious Book are eating vegetables! You explain to Braden that his cow needs more nutrients than just simple Grass, but he is confused. Vegetables? Do you mean potatoes? It is the only thing around, ya know. Braden thinks about what you said for a moment and then tells you that he heard a story from a traveling merchant about something like that in the forest to the west.

Head back to the chicken weathervane and continue following the path westward; the game mini-map will display a ! at the location you need to go. As you follow the path, you bump into Gabrielle. You tell her about the Mysterious Book showing cows eating better food. Gabrielle thinks about the book for a bit and wonders how people could have forgotten about the past. You show Gabrielle the Mysterious Book. She seems to recognize its author but then quickly tells you it isn't anything of your concern. As thanks for showing her your book, she tells you that the nearby forest has some crops within it that could help make Braden's animals feel better.

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Continue along the path until you reach a clearing. In the very back of the woods is a stalk of Corn. You can't feed the Corn to Emily in its raw form. There has to be some way of making it edible. Head back to your farm, and you'll bump into the great Doc Jr, who has stopped by to check on your farming progress. After hearing about your corny problem, Doc Jr explains that a windmill will break down the Corn into something the animals can eat. He requests that you bring him 3 Oak Lumber. You can collect Oak Lumber by chopping down the full-grown trees around Calisson. If you don't have an Axe yet, head to the General Store and purchase one for 1000 G. The hammer is also there for 1000 G.

Return to your farm and talk to Doc Jr to hand over the lumber (he will be there from 8 am to about 9 pm). Doc Jr quickly uses the wood, constructs a windmill, and then shows you how to convert Corn and Grass into animal feed. You'll receive a bag of Gabrielle's Special Animal Feed, though it won't appear in your inventory as an item.

Return to Braden's ranch to see a scene where you feed the special feed to Emily. The cow perks right up! Braden gets a little teary-eyed when he explains that Emily was the first cow that he raised on his ranch, so she has a special spot in his heart. He admits that the money he would have received for selling the ranch would have paid for Emily's treatments. Braden would do anything to help his favorite cow. Now that she's doing much better, Braden has reconsidered selling his ranch.

After Braden and Elijah leave to tend to the rest of the cows, Vitae notices that Gabrielle was watching from a distance the whole time. Gabrielle apologizes for not revealing her presence sooner. The Medallion that you carry around seems familiar to her, and she asks if she can take a closer look at it. On inspection, Gabrielle explains the markings on the Medallion look to be the same as those at the Harvest Goddess Spring. It's rumored that the spring is where the Harvest Goddess lives. As she turns to leave, a light shines over by the old weathervane. Vitae instructs you to check it out.

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The old weathervane looks brand new, and there's now a little fairy floating in front of it! Vitae introduces her friend as Soli, the Harvest Sprite of Earth. As thanks for reviving him, Soli gives you the Medallion of Earth. Progress!

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