Chapter 6 - Zimagrad

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While a few icy walls block access to Zimagrad (such as the one in northwest Anthos at the Mountain Trail Entrance), Tiny will only sense a Harvest Sprite presence at the town's primary wall. You can reach the entrance to Zimagrad by fixing the bridge in the northwest portion of Providence Town. The repair requries 2 High-Quality Board Lumber, 12 Square Lumber, and 20 Material Stone. At this point, you may have received High-Quality Board Lumber from the Equestrian Challenge or other tasks. If you don't have this material, purchase it from the Tool Shop in barrier-free Herbstburg for 2700 G a piece.

After repairing the bridge, follow the path north, past the Giant's Waterfall and the Providence North Mine. Bring something with a warming status effect to eat as you enter the mountainous area. Optionally, you can hug a high-friendship pet alpaca or llama you might have inside your livestock barn, which gives 12 hours of protection from the cold elements. Follow the mountain path west until you can move north again. The main entrance to Zimagrad is straight north from the Blizzard Path warp statue.

While there's also a broken bridge on the west edge of the Herbstburg biome that is closer to Zimagrad, beyond the Alley of Sound, that repair requires 80 Material Stone, 4 High-Quality Square Lumber, and 5 Desert Hibiscus. The stone and lumber are obtainable, but you most likely haven't triggered that flower mutation yet.


Tiny detects there's a hint of sprite scent in the massive wall-blocking Zimagrad. A good knock using Doc Jr's Wall Whacker wakes up a little voice from within. The voice introduces themselves as Heims, guardian of Zimagrad, but they refuse to come out from the wall. It is sooooo cold outside!! Tiny assumes that the volcanic eruption impacted the area, causing a temperature drop. Heims refuses to leave the shelter of the wall but does open a small gap to access the town. Maybe if they had a set of traditional Zemigrad clothes to wear, they would feel energized and warm enough to completely melt away the great wall.

Zimagrad is a peaceful and serene-looking town. It's also very empty! The outdoor freeze has forced almost everyone indoors. A young woman calls out to you because she noticed your clothing is unsuitable for this environment. Lina brings you back to her furniture workshop, where she lives with her dad, Karl. They're both surprised that you found a way through the wall. Many of the town's traders were caught outside when the wall appeared, and Karl assumes they found a better place to live than this freezing town.

You hand over Gunner's letter, confirming that the traders are okay. Karl wonders if there was a way to convince the traders to return to the village. Their presence would help to return Zimagard to normal. Though, he doesn't blame them if they don't come back.

You explain your search for Zimagrad traditional clothes. Lina and Karl reply that their clothes are anything but traditional; they're tattered, full of holes, and not fashionable! Because of supply issues, they don't have the materials to mend their clothing. Lina tells you that traditional Zimagrad attire is both functional and fashionable. She'd like to make them if time permits. Perhaps you would help? You could collect the materials Lina needs, and she can take care of the rest!

First, we'll need to learn what's necessary to craft that attire. Lina asks that you meet her at a building a short walk to the west. It used to belong to a doctor, but now the only things there are the doctor's old books, the doctor's former assistant, and the assistant's little brother.


Lina introduces you to Dolph (the former assistant) and his brother, Nikolai. Dolph doesn't have much information off the top of his head, while Nikolai asks why there's an interest in the clothes. Despite Nikolia's brashness, Lina explains that traditional Zimagard clothing is effective against the cold. With those clothes, everyone could work outdoors again. Nikolai replies that it would be nice to see the villagers smiling and wants to help with this clothing quest. Dolph locates an old book about the town's traditional garb, which documents that traditional clothes are made using the fur of animals well adapted to extremely cold climates. Nikolai then remembers that there are some Valais Blacknose Sheep living north of the village.

Going past the main town center, the two of you meet Katya, who is there to care for the sheep in question. Her sister intends to sell the Valais sheep at her animal shop, so Katya hopes to tame some of the wild sheep. Lina has confidence that you can tame one too.

There is one Valais Blacknose Sheep found in this area. Be careful not to run and startle the wild animal. Walk carefully or squat-crawl until you're close enough to pet the sheep. You can also give it a gift of food to increase its friendship faster. Once the sheep reaches about 8 music notes of friendship, you can officially tame and accept it into your barn and give it a name. If you don't have room in your barn, the sheep will retain its affection while you fix your barn space issue.

If you do accidentaly startle the sheep, come back another day to try again.

Head east from the Valais Blacknose Sheep location, where you'll find a Power Wisp in a grove of Orange fruit trees.

Now that you have the necessary sheep, the wool will be automatically collected for Lina. Since it will take a while for her to process the wool into cloth, she suggests that you get started on obtaining the ingredients for the color dye. Lina directs you back to Nikolai, as he has extensive knowledge about plants.

Nikolai recommends using plants that are native to Zimagrad. He asks that you bring him 3 Jewel Onion and 1 Bronze for the dye. Bronze is easy enough to collect, but Jewel Onion is trickier. This crop is a mutation of Red Onion when grown in cold climates. If you are in the Winter season, you can grow it in seasonal fields around the Providence region and not have to deal with the bitter cold of Zimagrad. Otherwise, you must receive a warming effect to use the Zimagrad farm space above town. The Red Onion wisps are plentiful around the Twin Lakes area, just north of Providence Village. The seeds take about 4 days to mature. Spread some Fertilizer on the seeds to help trigger the crop mutation at maturity.


Bring the 3 onions and bronze metal back to Nikolai, who converts the material into a dye right at the same time Lina finished processing the Valais wool into cloth. The two of them make a lovely fabric suitable for traditional Zimagrad clothing. As Lina started stitching the clothes, the fabric broke her needles! It's too tough for typical sewing equipment. Dolph remembers that the doctor used a strong metal for their equipment, and a little bit of research in another book reveals the name of the metal: Adamantite. The ore is only found in volcanic rock. Lina wonders how they will get rock from the mountain far away. It won't be a problem for you!

If you haven't explored the volcano yet, you're going to need to bring cold drinks Some easy meals to cook up in your kitchen are Coconut Milk (1 Coconut, recipe sold in Lilikala) and Orange Juice (1 Orange, recipe sold in Herbstburg). Eating those drinks will grant heat protection for 1 hour, even longer if you have a max-friendship large pet cat or bear in your barn that increases the protection time to 2.5 hours.

Head to Lilikala to start your venture through the volcano. This journey will be long and take you through many ups and downs. Start by looking at the volcano's northern side to find the large cave-like opening on the volcano's surface. From the entrance, walk in and take the left path. You'll eventually see a sign that reads, "East: Volcano Mine, Lava Hot Springs."

You'll find a golden Power Wisp if you take the right-side path immediately after walking into the volcano.

Go north past that sign until you see 3 small lava ponds, then immediately turn right and up the path until you reach an area with a lava-like waterfall. After the scary lava-fall, follow the path as it meanders southwest, past the sign that reads "West: Volcano Mine, Lava Hot Springs," until you arrive at the volcano farm space. You'll also find a handy warp statue nearby and a hot spring to soak in.The entrance to this hot spring is initially blocked by an Autunus wall and will disappear after the Herbstburg magicians play the correct version of the Harvest Melody.

The path northeast from the warp statue continues past the sign that reads "South: Volcano Mine, Volcano Summit," eventually leads you to a fork in the road with another sign that reads "Northwest: Volcano Summit, Southwest: Volcano Mine." Keep following the road down the hill and southward until it leads you back outside. Keep going south past the "East: Lava Hot Spring, South: Volcano Mine" road sign until you reach the beach.

If you take the north path towards the volcano summit, you'll find another Power Wisp at the end of the path, a few Harvest Wisps, and some ore nodes (silver, platinum). A Harvest Sprite wall with Heims' mark on its face blocks your path to the top.

Now that you're back on solid ground, head east until you find a gap in the backside of the volcano. Back into the frying pan you go! The final path to the volcano mine is more straightforward.


As you get close to the mine entrance, another earthquake strikes! It doesn't last long, but it's still concerning to Tiny. Her attention changes as soon as she notices the entrance to the volcano mine. There is also a nearby warp statue to activate.

The volcano mine doesn't require heat protection. It won't take much searching to find 1 Raw Adamantite Ore.

It is only easy to get Adamantite during this part of the story. From my experience, it is much more rare later.

Besides the ore, Tiny points out that the other Zemigrad villagers may also need your help. You'll then automatically be transported back to the snowy town, even if you want to explore more of the volcano mine. That warp statue by the entrance will take you back to the volcano mine another time. You do NOT need to process the Raw Adamantite Ore into metal at this time (nor can you, as it isn't an option at any crafter shop)

Back in Zimagrad, the following folks need your help:

After you turn over Dolph's goods, he'll ask for another fetch request. Bring him 5 Lumber, 3 Material Stone, and 1 Platinum so he can repair the doctor's house they live in. The Zimagrad West mine has Platinum Ore in its early levels. You can also find nodes of it in the volcano summit area.

Now that everyone's needs are met, return to Lina to give her the Adamantite Ore you've been carrying around. She'll ask her dad to make the needles, and then she'll whip up the fancy clothes. They look great! Lina has enough material to make clothes for everyone in the village, though it may take her a while.


Dolph and Nikolai stop by to see how she's doing. Lina offers to make them some traditional Zimagrad clothing, but they refuse. Instead, they ask that she teach them how to sew the clothes! The brothers don't want her to do all of the work. Lina agrees; the clothing belongs to the village, so it makes sense that everyone should know how to make the clothes. First, Lina wants to complete your clothing quest. She makes a tiny outfit of traditional Zimagrad clothing, as you requested.

Bring the outfit to Heims, who is pleased with how warm it makes her. She has no problem appearing outside the wall now that she's comfortable. In fact, we don't need this wall at all! Huzzah! Tiny tells you to return to Providence to inform the lost villagers that the path home is unblocked.

Head back to Providence and talk to Gunner. He's amazed that the road is now passable again and that traditional clothing has returned to the village. Gunner lets everyone know they can return home. Even Doctor Sinel is excited to get back.

The next day, return to Zimagrad to see the restored town. You'll find an option to buy Warm Clothes from Karl's shop if you bring him 2 Valais Blacknose Sheep Wool, 5 Jewel Onion, 1 Adamantite (the processed metal), and 100 G. Some of the other shops around the world have also updated their inventories, so go check it out!

Talk to Gunner about reviving the old aurora festival. He'll ask that you bring him 5 Hot Milk, 5 Mushroom au Gratin, and 10 Board Lumber. Those meal recipes are now for sale over in the Zimagrad restaurant. Hot Milk requires 3 Milk (15 milk total), and Mushroom au Gratin needs 2 Mushroom, 1 Wheat, and 1 Hard Cheese (which requires 3 Milk to make, so another 15 Milk total). If you're looking for some quick milk, keep an eye on Judy's villager requests. One of them will reward you with 3 Milk for giving her 10 Fertilizer.

Things are finally back to normal for the other towns, but Providence is now relatively empty without the locked-out inhabitants...

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