Chapter 3 - Lil' Tiny HG

Head out past the large arch that is now in place where the Lectenbury wall used to be. Continue down the path until you get a call from the DocPad. The inventor explains that he created the Expand-o Farm, a contraption that will move your farm house and barn to a new location. Now your homebase is located closer to Providence Village!

Continue on your journey to Providence Village. As you get closer to the town, you hear a tiny voice asking for help. Follow the path into Prividence and walk across the brick-colored bridge until you reach a small shrine with a large statue of the Harvest Goddess.


Suddenly... ta da da! A little lady appears out of the air! She explains that she is the Harvest Goddess, but she's this tiny form. Ten years ago, she used up all her powers protecting everyone from the volcano. Now she's stuck in this chibi form. Tiny HG asks that you help restore her other Harvest Sprites, gives you hints as to where they might be, and then sends you on your way.

Before you go, collect the Harvest Wisp Fruit from the golden Power Wisp that appears next to the statue. You can now uses these fruits to increase your stamina hearts and expand your bag inventory space. Simply interact with the large Harvest Goddess statue to trade 3 Harvest Wisp Fruits for stamina and bag upgrades.

Head back to Providence Village. As you walk past a little statute of the tiny Harvest Goddess, Tiny pops up and explains these are Warp Statues; little sculptures that you can use to fast-travel to another activated Warp Statue. They won't be functional until you locate them (i.e., you can't warp to a place you haven't been to yet), but once they are active, you no longer have to run everywhere. Activating a Warp Statue will also add a map of the area inside your DocPad World Map.


As you continue through the village, several of the villagers will stop and ask if you were the one who broke through the Lectenbury wall. They too have letters they'd like to have delivered to their families back in their hometowns. You'll receive letters intended for people in Zimagrad, Herbstburg, and Lilikala. Gunner's letter is for his neice Lina in Zimagrad. Andrea's letter is intended for her nephew Arnold in Herbstburg. Lastly, Jason's letter is for his son who lives close by. You'll find Kaimana near the wall that protects Lilikala.

Martha the Animal Shop owner will have a task for you to revive the old Equestrian Challenge festival. You have to talk to her when she is outside of her shop (e.g., betweeen 8pm and 9pm) to hear her request. She won't talk about it while she's working inside the Animal Shop. Bring Martha 5 Board Lumber, 8 Square Lumber, and 12 Material Stone. She'll add the Equestrian Challenge to your calendar (Summer 23). You can borrow a free horse during the festival if you don't have a mount.

The closest letter recipient is just to the east of Providence. Follow the eastern path out of town towards the summer-themed Lilikala. While there is a back entrance to Zimagrad in the northwest of Anthos, Tiny will tell you that she sense no Harvest Sprites there.

You can work on repairing the bridges that will lead you to the entrances of Herbstburg and Zimagrad if you wanted to visit those towns first. Lilikala does not have to be your next town, but it is the town with the summertime feeling that naturally occurs after spring-season Lectenbury.

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