Chapter 1 - Introduction

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Hey, you're late! Doc Jr., the super-genius, wakes you up from your slumber. It's almost noon, and you still have farm work to do! Doc Jr. will show you the field outside your front door, taking you through a short tutorial on how to till, sow, and water crop seeds.

The two of you hear Mathis call out to you from afar. The animal shop dealer needs your help with a task. Head north to find Mathis at his barn, where he explains that one of his chickens has escaped. Could you go after it? Mathis' knee has been bothering him; otherwise, he would do it. The bird ran west somewhere. Follow the path back towards your farm, and you'll see the sneaky chicken. Let's get it!


The chicken heads out of town and towards the beach. As you and Doc chase down the poultry prison break, you spot a strange bottle in the surf. You grab it while Doc runs around chasing the chicken and then return to helping your best buddy.

Little chicken-turd runs back to Mathis' barn on its own. Bah. Judy had been looking for it too, and was glad you coaxed the bird to return. She thanks you and Doc Jr. for the help. She'll bring over some fresh milk and eggs the next time she's by your farm.

After Judy and Mathis leave, Doc notices you carrying a strange bottle. Let's open it! Inside is an old rusty key and a note from... the Harvest Goddess? The note is her request for help with reconnecting the towns. Doc Jr. remembers a story from years ago about the great wall at the entrance to Lectenbury and how it protected them from a volcano. Still, he was too young back then to remember much about what actually happened. There may be a way to get through the wall somehow.

Head west to meet Doc Jr. at the Lectenbury barrier wall. It's definitely a formidable structure! While you and Doc look over the wall, you hear a strange voice from within. It's a ghost! You run away quickly, with scardy-Doc following close behind.

Back at your farmhouse, Doc isn't convinced the voice was real. It did inspire him to come up with an idea to get through the wall, though. He asks you to visit his workshop tomorrow morning.


After the field chores are done in the morning, you two head to the restaurant for a meal. Neil and his mom, Selena, make a tasty salad, some bread, and soup for you. They used to have a more extensive menu at their restaurant, but with things as they are now... Neil explains that his dad was out collecting produce when the volcano erupted. He was separated from the town when the great wall appeared and hasn't been able to make his way back. Selena assumes he's doing just fine, out cooking for others somewhere in the world.

After breakfast, head to Doc's lab. His house is the last one before heading out to the Lectenbury wall. Doc shows you his latest invention, the Wall Whacker! It still needs some work, so he gives you an Old Pick Axe and an Old Hammer, then sends you off to collect 5 Stone and 3 Iron Ore.

If you need to review any quested task, press the Minus Button (Switch) to open the To Do List.

The Lectenbury Mine is in the northern part of the area. You can smash the large stones outside the mine's entrance to collect Stone. You'll find more stones and an iron ore node to break inside the mine. Using the pick axe on the ground will dig up Stone and Iron Ore occasionally. If you don't find enough material, exit the mine and return to reset the items found in the room.

Going through the mine will NOT use stamina or cause time to move forward at this point in the game. As you'll use the Stone and Iron Ore for other things, take the time to collect as much as you can while it doesn't cost you any time or energy.

Bring the materials back to Doc Jr. He's excited to complete the Wall Whacker. He asks that you return tomorrow after 8:00 am. Before kicking you out of his lab, Doc gives you 5 Celery seeds, 5 Cabbage seeds, and 5 Turnip seeds.

If you do plant the seeds, after watering 9 squares of freshly-planted crops, the game will fast-forward to 8:00 am the next day and remind you to visit Doc Jr.

Head to Doc's laboratory. The mega-genius is excited to try his Wall Whacker, so you head to the wall, push the button, and let the machine do its thing! A good whack didn't break the barrier, but it did cause a little creature to pop out!


The little fellow says his name is Ver, the Harvest Sprite of Lectenbury. Ver had been sleeping within the wall until Doc's invention woke him up. Even though the sprite is now awake, the great wall is still there. Ver believes it may be because he hasn't recovered his strength and asks if you could bring some food. One particular Lectenbury dish is absolutely delicious, but Ver can't remember the meal's name. Doc suggests that Neil might know something.

At the restaurant, Neil believes that the dish you're describing is Turnip Stew. Only his dad knew how to make it... Neil decides he's going to give it a try and make the meal. They've been running the restaurant by themselves for a few years, so this should be easy! Neil points out that their kitchen is in disrepair and asks Doc if he can fix it. The scientist concludes that he should be able to make the kitchen as good as new with a few materials. Doc asks you to bring him 5 Lumber and 10 Stone, and Neil gives you an Old Axe for collecting wood.

You exit the restaurant, wondering how to complete this task. Judy notices you nearby and asks what you're going with that Old Axe. She knows all about chopping wood and is happy to teach you! Judy explains how to use the axe to chop a nearby softwood tree. While you work, she tells you that her brother taught her wood chopping. He was out collecting flowers when the volcano erupted and hasn't been heard from since. Judy expects that he may have opened a flower shop somewhere in the world.

head back to the restaurant in the morning to see the sparkly updated kitchen. Wonderful! Our next step is to collect ingredients. Neil has the carrots but needs you to bring him 5 Turnip, 2 Pink Rose, and 1 Milk.

Besides now being able to walk down the path to the waterfall, you can walk to the beach and pick up Clam and Razor Clam from the shoreline.


Bring the ingredients to Neil and Selena. After some trial and error, the two successfully recreate dad's Turnip Stew! It smells so good that Judy and Mathis stop by for a taste. It may even be better than the original recipe!

Take the stew to Ver at the Lectenbury gate. The meal was just what he needed to power up and open a gap in the wall. Huzzah! Restoring Ver's strength also unlocked the little Harvest Wisps, small sprites of Harvest Goddess power that will reward you with goodies if you stop and say "hi" when you see one while exploring the world. Speaking of exploring, Doc suggests getting a good night's rest before venturing into the unknown. Besides, he has a snazzy kitchen he built in your house he wants to tell you about.

The inventor stops by your house in the morning and gives you his latest invention, the DocPad - a device that holds your calendar, map, task list, and other fun apps that might come in handy.

The on-screen mini-map will display terrain now that you have the DocPad.

As you leave the house, Ver pops in and asks a favor. Could you investigate the Harvest Goddess Shrine? It's just down the road from Lectenbury. Ver would do it himself, but he's not permitted to leave the village.

Before leaving town, walk around and collect seeds from the nearby Harvest Wisps. Time doesn't move forward right now, but it will as soon as you pass through the opening in the Lectenbury gate. Stamina will also activate, so plant and water your field before you leave!

At the newly opened entrance to town, Judy gives you a letter in case you bump into her brother while wandering the world. Neil asks that if you find his dad, tell him he and his mom are doing well. Doc Jr. plans to stay in Lectenbury and work on inventions that will help with your journey, but feel free to ask him if you need anything special. With that, you're off to explore the world!

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