Chapter 4 - Lilikala

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Follow the path east until you come across an old shack with a young man fishing nearby. He wasn't expecting anyone to be out here! He introduces himself as Kaimana, the world's greatest fishing tackle expert. After reading the letter, he's pleased that the separated villagers are doing well in Providence. Though you've helped him, Kaimana can't return the favor; you see, Lilikala is surrounded by an impenitrable wall that appeared when the eruption happened. He now lives nearby, searching for a gap or a weakness in the wall that might guide him home. He offers to show you where the wall is.


Kaimana brings you to the Lilikala Village wall and points out that no matter how often it is hit, the wall doesn't take any damage. There is one spot he's discovered that sounds different when knocked. Kaimana points out this odd-sounding spot in the wall. He's right! There's a strange sound coming from that area. As Kaimana looks over the wall, the Harvest Goddess appears and assures you that smacking the wall won't cause any damage. That strange sound might be where the Harvest Sprite is! You set Doc Jr's Wall Whacker device and give the wall a good whollop.

It takes a moment, but eventually a little blue Harvest Sprite appears from the wall. She introduces herself as Aestas, the guardian of Liliakala. Aestas thank you for waking her up, and then recognizes the Harvest Goddess. Oh my, HG is so small! You explain the purpose of your adventure to the sprite. Aestas assumes there won't be another eruption any time soon and is willing to remove the wall. Alas, she only has enough energy to dissolve a small gap!

Aestas explains she currently doesn't have enough energy to remove the entire wall. There is a jewel called a Shining Pearl that she is fond of. The gem is a thing of beauty, full of the scent of the sea. Bringing back a Shining Pearl is sure to revitalize Aestas' spirit. Tiny suggests that like in Lectenbury, you'll want to help rebuild the shops and bring the lost villagers back, too.


Passing through the gap in the wall brings you and Kaimana to a sandy shore. At first it looks beautiful, but then you notice the piers damaged by the eruption-triggering tsumami. Kaimana is not as upset about the destruction as you are. No worries, he'll fix everything so it's better than before!

Kaimana asks why you needed to come to Lilikala anyway. You explain you're looking for a Shining Pearl. Kaimana has seen them before, but it was when he was a child. The pearls would be caught in their fishing nets. Perhaps if everyone moved back to a repaired Lilikala, the fishers can catch a Shining Pearl for you. We just need to convince the villagers living in Providence to return. To ensure that the villagers won't be in shock to see their town's poor state, Kaimana believes we should repair the town symbol, the Great Pier. Having the pier in prestine condition is sure to lift the villager's spirits. Kaimana can make the repairs if you bring him the proper materials. He asks for 8 Board Lumber, 5 Square Lumber, and 8 Material Stone. You can craft the Board Lumber and Square Lumber at your farm workbench using chopped lumber, and have cutie-patootie Doc Jr. process Stone into Material Stone. You need to visit him more often anyway.

Before you leave to collect materials, head to the fenced area just south of Aestas' wall-hole to trigger a call on your DocPad. Doc Jr. thinks your location is a good spot for a farm perch. You can now move your house and barn to Lilikala. There is also a warp statue by the Great Pier and another one to the south in the Shallow Playground.

Bring the material back to Kaimana. It'll take the craftsman a day to complete the repairs.

After a day passes, return to the Great Pier to see how it turned out. He wasn't joking when he said it was "great" - this thing is HUGE! Kaimana is pleased with how it turned out. Now it's time to invite the misplaced villagers to return to Lilikala.

Go back to Providence and follow the "!" mark on your map. The Lilikala folks notice Kaimana is with you, and remembered how he told them he wouldn't return until he found a way through the wall. Is this what they think it is? Kaimana confirms that a passage to Lilikala has been opened and invites everyone to return home.


Back in Lilikala, everyone is sad that their houses are in ruins, but they cheer up once they see the Great Pier is still there. It's even better than before! Kaimana explains that the two of you rebuilt the pier. The villagers are inspired by the Great Pier repair and vow to work together to rebuild the town.

Before you get too far, Aolani introduces herself. She's skilled at fishing and hopes to be good friends.

Return to Lilikala after another day has passed by. The town reconstruction appears to be going well, but the villagers are exhausted. They haven't worked this hard in a long time. Aolani gets an idea - what if she cooked them all a magnificent fish feast? She asks that you bring 5 Tomato and 3 Onion. If you haven't found those Harvest Wisps yet, there is a Tomato wisp and an Onion wisp by Aestas' wall. The Tomato Wisp is on the Lilikala side near the opening, while there are two Onion wisps close by on the Moon Viewing Woods side of the wall.

Bring Aolani the necessary ingredients so she can make Ahi Poke for the villagers. To thank you, she also gives you the recipe for the dish as well as tells you where you can find Shining Pearl. Aolani read in a book long ago that if you cast your fishing line out from the Great Pier on a clear night after 8:00 pm, there's a chance to snag a shellfish with the pearl inside.

Head to the pier on a clear night after 8pm to trigger a fishing scene. Though you're following Aolani's instructions, nothing is coming up. Tiny suggests that you check back with her to see if you missed a step.


Aolani isn't sure, but once she sees the sorry state of your hand-me-down fishing gear, she concludes that the issue is your equipment. She recruits Kaimana to help upgrade your fishing rod. He asks that you bring him 3 Silver and 1 Gold.

Silver Ore can be found in the Lectenbury mine starting on floor 15 or so. Gold Ore is in the same mine starting on floor 21. Bring the raw ore to Doc to process into metal, then return to Kaimana. He'll craft the Expert Fishing Rod so you can catch more things. Though your equipment has improved, Tiny feels that another factor to the missing Shiny Pearl is Aestas' weekend power. Helping the Lilikala townsfolk with their problems should boost the sprite's spirit.

Exit Kaolana's house and you'll see "!" marks on your map to note where your help is needed.

In total, you need to collect the following to rebuild the seaside town:

Now that the villagers can repair their houses, head back to the Great Pier on a clear night between 8pm and midnight. It doesn't take long for you and Tiny to reel in a shellfish but is it the right one? You hear Aolana call out from behind confirming that's what you're looking for. She was curious to see how your pearly quest was going and it looks like you caught one already! You receive a Shining Pearl from the shell Aolani opens for you. Seeing you have fishing success makes Aolani want to cast her line to catcha pearl too.

Kaimana stops by to see what's going on so late at night. Aolani explains that his fishing tackle improvements helped you catch a Shining Pearl. Kaimana wants to join in too, so the three of you get busy with fishing. Soon you've managed to reel in a lot of fish. It's enough to share with everyone!


The townsfolk are amazed at the quantity of fish the three of you managed to reel in. In year's past, this large of a haul would justify a celebratory feast. With the shops repaired and the town restored, perhaps this would be a great time for a festival! Let's work together to prepare a tasty meal and decorate the area with Shining Pearls. Such an event is a sight beautiful enough to heal any soul.

Before you join everyone in the hut to plan for the event, Tiny appears and suggests that you select locations for the decorative pearls that have a chance of moonlight hitting them.

The night time feast on the sand is amazing! All are happy and enjoying each other's company. Tiny appears when you've a moment to yourself and suggests now is a good time to receive one of the Shining Pearls being used as a festival decoration. When you retrieve the pearl, you notice it's darker in color than before! Tiny explains the pearl's vibrance has been enhanced by the moon's light. You collect the Pearl of the Full Moon.

You and Tiny visit Aestas and give the upgraded pearl to them. The sprite feels energized just having the pearl nearby! With a little bit of magic, the Harvest Sprite clears the walls surrounding Lilikala. This includes the walls that were blocking access to the Lilikala mine and the wall on the western edge of town.

The next morning, Tiny suggests that you head back to the village. You'll also receive new-inventory letters from the shopkeepers along with several villager requests.

The town looks great, despite the large, steaming volcano looming above the little houses. You can visit the shops and talk to the happy folks. You'll also start to trigger romance events with Aolani and Kaimana.

Head to the end of the Great Pier to pick up a Harvest Wisp Fruit.

There are two festivals to revive in Lilikala:

  • Brandon at the Restaurant will ask for your help with reviving the old Big Fish Festival and asks you to bring him 5 Ahi Poke, 5 Jumbo Grilled Fish, and 10 Board Lumber. The recipe for Jumbo Grilled Fish is 1000 G. You need a large fish to make this dish, such as Dorado or Tuna.
  • Trinny at the end of the long pier wants to revive the old Fish Faceoff contest. Her request is easier: 5 Board Lumber, 8 Square Lumber, and 12 Material Stone.

Now that you're done here, it's time to move to the next town.

Chapter 5: The Musical Town of Herbstburg