Chapter 2 - Lectenbury

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Now that you're through the tutorial village of Lectenbury, you can wander around the Breezy Hills outside of town. Time will move forward at 1 minute for every in-game hour. You'll also expend stamina when partaking in activities such as dashing (press ZL) and smashing rocks. There are many Harvest Wisps to find, bunnies to pet, and tree fruit to forage. You can also now save your game at any time by pressing the Plus button (Switch).

Keep heading west; eventually, you'll run into Providence Village. Westley, the town leader, greets you, but he knows nothing about the Harvest Goddess Shrine that Ver has sent you to look for. His interest does perk up when he hears you're from Lectenbury. Providence is made up of the people who became locked out of their hometowns when the eruption happened. He has several people in town that originated from Lectenbury.


Westly takes you to a man wearing a heavy backpack and explains where you're from. Nemo is amazed that you're from his hometown. He calls out to Eugene and Jack. They're from Lectenbury too! You hand Judy's letter to Nemo. He's excited to learn that all's well with his little sister and dad. Eugene yerns for news about his family and restaurant, while Jack hopes his inn is still in good shape. Let's head home!

Everyone back in Lectenbury are happy to see their missing friends. Judy is glad to have her big brother around, while Neil looks forward to having his dad judge his cooking abilities. Time to have a celebration and head to bed.

At this point, you can start working on Lectenbury's Cultural Level. The town's current level is displayed as stars next to the town's name in the upper-left corner. Repairing the town and raising its cultural level will add town decor and increase the local shop inventories.

Doc Jr is at your door in the morning. He explains the folks that returned have found their homes and shops in disrepair. The others need more help than he can handle and ask that you lend a hand.

Now that the three shops are fixed, Doc Jr. suggests you can also repair that old barn on your farm. He requests that you bring him 10 Material Stone, 3 Bronze, and 2 Silver. You can find Stone all around by smashing rocks, but the Bronze Ore and Silver Ore come from the newly improved Lectenbury mine.

Head to the mine and use the new DOWSING option to see the general location of hidden items in the ground. No need to dig every square to locate raw gems, raw ores, and the ladder down to the next lower floor. Just look for the center of the radar markers. You can find multiple items in the ground if two dowsing circles overlap. Just watch out for rocks that fall from the ceiling.

Bronze Ore can be found randomly from floors 1 to 9, while Silver Ore is from floors 11 to 19. Since your stamina is limited, it may take a lot of work to reach the silver! Luckily, the mine has an elevator system that allows you to skip floors you've already been to. As long as you have made it to a floor divisible by 10, the elevator will get you to the next floor after (i.e., reach floor 10, and you can use the elevator to get to floor 11).

Bring the 10 Stone, 3 Bronze Ore, and 2 Silver Ore to Doc Jr. in his lab to process the raw materials, then talk to him again to hand them over. Doc will tell you to go to bed while he repairs the barn overnight.

In the morning, Doc made the barn look amazing! After your friend leaves, Judy stops by to take a look at your repaired animal house. She gives you that dastardly chicken you had been chasing at the start of the game as a barn-warming gift. Judy will also explain how to care for animals and give you several tools.

After the animal tutorial, and if you have the other three buildings repaired, Doc Jr. will suggest talking to Ver. With all this town progress, the Harvest Sprite should be back up to full strength!


Ver feels ammaaaaaaazing and is ready to dismantle the rest of the Lectenbury wall. With a little magic, the barrier disappears as though it never existed. Ver heads out to see if he can sense his other sprite friends.

He returns later that evening. The three other sprites and the Harvest Goddess are still out there! The sprites are still in their town-protecting walls, while the goddess' presence is very weak. Ver asks that you help his friends just like you helped him. As for the key from the mysterious bottle, Ver tells you it looks familiar, but he can't remember exactly what the key is for. He pledges to let you know if he remembers anything.

Anyhow, Ver suggests you go back to Providence. That's where he feels the Harvest Goddess is hiding. Until then, let's go to bed to rest for tomorrow's journey.

Doc Jr. visits your house in the morning. He crafted a new invention to help your travels. He marks a spot on your world map where he wants you to go to try out his new creation. It's near Providence Village, so we're on our way!

Now that Lectenbury has been restored, go talk to Nemo to learn about the village's old Flower Festival he would like to revive. He will ask you to bring him 10 Marguerite, 10 Strawberry Pansy, and 10 Viola. If you have found these seeds before, use the Search function on the World Map menu in the DocPad to locate those wisps.

If you have not located these flower seeds yet...

  • A Marguerite wisp is in the northeast corner of the Lectenbury area.
  • Strawberry Pansy can be found by the pond behind the Lectenbury farm space.
  • Viola can be found by taking the path south from the Breezy Plains farm space (see below) until you reach the large lake, where you'll find a Harvest Wisp with Viola seeds along the lakeshore. I've also found a Viola wisp when harvesting Cherries from the fruit trees in that same area south of Lectenbury.

Nemo may also assign help requests that reward you with these seeds. A house pet with the fetch-crop skill can also occassionally give the flowers you need.

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