Chapter 7 - Providence

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Talk to Westly in Providence. He's worried about his sister, Vivi. She went into the desert and has yet to return. Westly explains an old tale about an oasis that holds water with magical healing properties. Vivi went off in search of this water to help a sick villager.

One way to walk into the desert is by going to the Lilikala warp point and then travel out of town, taking the northeast path towards the desert. There's also a Desert Entrance warp statue if you go to the Moon Viewing Woods warp statue to the east of Providence, following the path north until you can navigate east towards the Desert Entrance Farm.

The desert has outdoor temperatures that will negatively affect your stamina. If it's daytime, you'll want to bring something with a cold effect (Coconut Milk, Orange Juice, etc.). If it's night, then you want to bring food with a heat effect like Coffee.


As you wander the desert, Tiny pops up and concludes that this storm is too difficult for a normal person to survive. Maybe we should turn around and go home until the sandstorm calms. It turns out that the storm is causing too much interference with the DocPad. You can't warp out! Tiny uses some of her nature powers to help guide you through the storm towards where she senses the oasis should be. Though her assistance moves you in the right direction, this is still a dry and exhausting walk! As things start to go bad, Vivi finds you in the desert and brings you back to the oasis.

The water there is quite refreshing after dealing with all that dry sand. After you explain that you're here searching for her, Vivi tells you that while she did find the oasis, the sandstorm has prevented her from returning to Providence. She's been waiting for the storm to blow over. While there's plenty of water here at the oasis, which does have magical healing properties, she fears that the lack of food will be her demise. Tiny senses that this water is familiar to her, but now's not the time for that. She volunteers to ask Doc Jr. for his assistance and flutters off in the direction of Lectenbury.

After a bit, the DocPad starts receiving a signal. After complaining about a weird floating lady talking to him (a.k.a. Tiny), he explains that Ver filled him in on your adventures. Doc worked on boosting the communication signal of the DocPad. He can now guide you and Vivi out of the desert by sending exit directions to your DocPad. You're so lucky to have a genius friend!

Thanks to Doc Jr., you both safely return to Providence, where a worried Westly awaits news of his lost sister. Vivi explains that the story from the old book was true; the oasis in the desert does have the same magical healing properties as the nearby mysterious spring! As you don't know what they're talking about, Westly explains that a magical spring nearby used to produce special water that heals sickness. The people of the region had come to rely on the water for centuries, but the spring started to dry up after the volcanic eruption 10 years ago. Now, there's no water at all. Westly agrees to show you the spring's location after you've rested for the day, as you just returned from an exhausting journey to the desert.


The next morning, head back to Providence to learn about the mysterious spring. Westly and Vivi take you to the large Harvest Goddess statue, the same one where you originally met Tiny. Guess it had a purpose after all! Vivi explains that the reservoir is completely empty, but maybe they could refill it using the water from the oasis. That's a good idea, but it would require many trips to the desert. Westly wonders if there is a way to carry a lot of water in one trip. Tiny suggests that another visit to your genius friend could result in such a way.

Travel to Lectenbury and talk to Doc Jr., who was just finishing preparing an update to your DocPad. He doesn't have anything that can carry a lot of water, but he takes inspiration from Doc the First, the original silver fox who was never a marriage candidate. Doc Jr. will just have to invent something new! Doc Jr. needs your help with materials to craft his new 4D Water Container and requests 10 Moonstone and 5 Platinum.

Bring the necessary materials to the super-genius and receive the 4D Water Container in return, then head to the oasis to collect some water. Before you leave the area, Doc Jr. will set up a farm perch south of the oasis if you want to farm in a hot desert.


Return to Providence and talk to Westly. They're about to send a group to the oasis to collect the water when you explain that you've already taken care of it! The three of you visit the large Harvest Goddess statue and pour the water into the dry bed. Wow, there's so much water! Westly and Vivi are amazed that such a small container holds so much water and ask if they can borrow it once a month to visit the oasis for a refill. They're eternally greatful that you offer to let them keep the 4D Water Container.

Now that the healing water is here, Vivi wants to make an Energy Gazpacho to help heal Martha of her sickness. She needs you to bring her 3 Tomato and 3 Spicy Celery. The tomato is simple, as you can buy the seeds from the Tool Shop in Lilikala or tag Harvest Wisps holding tomato seeds as a search using the DocPad. The spicy celery is a crop mutation of celery, but you can also find Harvest Wisps holding spicy celery seeds around Lilikala village. Just walk through the shallows under the town's boardwalk to locate them.

Give Vivi the ingredients she needs to cook a healing meal for Martha, then accompany her to Martha's house to deliver the Energy Gazpacho. The animal shop owner feels much better! After Vivi explains where the special water came from, Martha offers more backstory about what happened with the magical spring. The magical puddle helped the villagers right after the eruption, supplying them with water when the rivers went dry due to debris blockage. The magical spring kept the villagers supplied with water until they could clear the debris and restore their primary source of water. Still, at the same time, the water level in the magical spring began to drop. Despite the villager's best efforts, eventually, the magical spring dried up.


Westly tells Martha that the water from the desert oasis is the same as what used to flow here in Providence, outlying his plan to send villagers to retrieve the oasis water when they need a refill. They thank you for all the help you've given them.

Now that Providence is doing well and the Harvest Sprites have returned, it sounds like we're done! Tiny suggests returning to Doc Jr. to inform him that all the villages are reconnected.

Now that Martha is feeling better, she wants to revive the old pet festival called the Critter Crawl. Bring her 5 Board Lumber, 8 Square Lumber, and 12 Material Stone. The trick is that you can only talk to Martha about this villager request when she's not working at the Animal Shop in Providence.

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