The Story


The story for Winds of Anthos begins on a day 10 years ago. The large volcano in the center of the land of Anthos begain to violently errupt for reasons unknown. To ensure the safety of everyone who live in the shadow of the volcano, the Harvest Goddess and her sprite helpers used their powers to cast a protective barrier across the towns. This wall protected the villages from harm, but the unshielded areas were destroyed by the erruption, cutting the towns off from each other.

The goddess and the sprites expended most of their magical powers to protect the people of Anthos and could not sustain their physical form anymore. The Harvest Goddess managed to create a note in a bottle asking for help with reuniting the disconnected villages before she faded away.

As the game's protagonst, you'll team up with the greatest non-marriage candidate ever, Doc Jr., to dissolve the walls surrounding each town. The game takes you from town to town, where you'll meet villagers, marriage candidates, and magical dieties. Once the story concludes, you'll continue to play the game to unlock in-game achievements.

Materials List

Progress is made by fetching items requested by the villagers. Below is a list of items needed for completing the main story and unlocking the village festivals. Note that you can start to buy Board Lumber and Square Lumber in Chapter 5. High-Quality Board Lumber can be purchased starting in Chapter 6, but you can also get it from winning festivals.

15 Stone
170 Material Stone (170 Stone)
141 Lumber
99 Board Lumber (297 Lumber)
67 Square Lumber (201 Lumber)
2 High-Quality Board Lumber

3 Raw Iron Ore
23 Iron (23 Raw Iron Ore)
18 Bronze (18 Raw Bronze Ore)
7 Silver (7 Raw Silver Ore)
1 Gold (1 Raw Gold Ore)
6 Platinum (6 Raw Platinum Ore)
2 Damascus Steel (2 Raw Damascus Steel Ore)
10 Titanium (10 Raw Titanium Ore)
1 Raw Adamantite Ore
20 Glass (20 Raw Glass Gemstone)
8 Crystal (8 Raw Crystal Gemstone)
10 Moonstone (10 Raw Moonstone Gemstone)
3 Opal (3 Raw Opal Gemstone)

5 Turnip
8 Tomato
3 Onion
3 Jewel Onion
3 Spicy celery

2 Pink Rose
6 Tulip
6 Daisy
10 Marguerite
10 Strawberry Pansy
10 Viola
3 Ice Trumpet
10 Grass

1 Milk
3 Sardine
10 Yesso Scallop

10 Coconut
10 Walnut
2 Matsutake Mushroom
6 White Mushroom
10 Energy Mushroom

5 Ahi Poke (5 Tuna/Mahi-Mahi/Yellowfin Tuna, 5 Onion, 5 Tomato)
5 Jumbo Grilled Fish (5 Dorado)
5 Hot Milk (15 Milk)
5 Mushroom au Gratin (10 mushroom, 5 Wheat, 5 Hard Cheese [15 Milk])
5 Strawberry Milk ()
5 Strawbery Pie ()
5 Strawberry Gelato ()