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The digital version is now available for preorder/preload from the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan. The game requires 999 MB of space. Digital preorders will receive a cow costume for the protagonist to wear.

Game Features

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town for Nintendo Switch is a remake of the Game Boy Advance game Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (FoMT) and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town (MFoMT). The original FoMT game had a male protagonist while the original MoFT game had a female protagonist and a few additional improvements. This new Switch version combines both games with updated graphics while still keeping the same village, farm, and environment.


While the game is still based on the storyline of the GBA Game (you spend the summer with grandpa and come back as an adult), the gameplay has been enhanced.

General Improvements

The Farm

The Town

The GBA game had a connection between the Gamecube game Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, which won't exist in the Switch remake obviously. The GBA-to-GC connection unlocked in-game background music records, new cooking recipes, a vacation cottage at the beach, and additional books at Mary's library. There have been screenshots of the Switch edition with a record player inside of the player's farm house, though there isn't information yet if the other GC features will be added somewhere. The Switch version does NOT have multi-player or online network features, but it may have additional DLC in the future if Marvelous decides to implement it.

Van and Ruby from A Wonderful Life have been confirmed to be returning in the Switch remake. Van will set up shop upstairs in Doug's Inn on Wednesdays. He also has a secondary shop, Van's Pet Shop, that will set up in the Plaza on the 15th of every season. Van's pet inventory has been shown to sell the penguin pets (a blue one and a "citrus" one) for 30,000 G each as well as Pet Treats for 1000 G each.


Story of Season: Friends of Mineral Town includes the same characters as the early-2000s game, though their appearance has been updated. Igusa Matsuyama, the primary artist for the Bokujou Monogatari series, designed both the classic characters and the 2019 updated designs.

There are two styles of protagonists to select from: the original Pete and Claire, and an updated new-Pete and new-Claire style. Besides the style of protagonist, costumes will be available to customize the main farmer. Some of these costumes are available as pre-order bonus items from Japanese retailers. The costumes we do know of are a chick costume, chicken costume, dog costume, and sheep costume. A cow costume is also available for those who preorder directly through the Nintendo Switch eShop. There also have been images of the Claire protagonist wearing the yellow hoodie outfit for the new-Claire protagonist.

The mirror inside of the farm house will trigger the outfit changes. Players can use the mirror to change the color of the protagonist's default overalls/parka, though it is unknown yet if the colored outfits are available by default or if they have to be unlocked somehow. The mirror is also where the pre-order bonus costumes can be chosen to wear.


The same normal marriage candidates will be in the new game:

There are two new marriage candidates added to the game. The first revealed candidate is a man named Brandon, who appears to live with carpenter Gotz. Brandon seems to be a woodcarver of softs, which makes sense if he's set up with Gotz in the forest south of the farm. The second candidate is a wooman named Jennifer, who lives in a tent by the lake in the forest. She moved away from the city to be closer to nature.

The special marriage candidates from the original game WILL be marriage candidates in the Switch version. Friends of Mineral Town also included the Harvest Goddess as a bachelorette, and More Friends of Mineral Town included Won, Kappa, and the seasonal Gourmet cooking contest judge as bachelors.

it is known that the male protagonist can court other male marriage candidates in this version, though it is unknown if the female protagonist can do the same. A recent interview with the game's producer specified this as a male protagonist feature. It is not known if that also includes the possible special candidates, or if the male/male courtship is reserved for specific candidates.

The same heart events from the GBA game are in the game, but there have been additional events added to heart levels. Teaser videos published by Marvelous indicate that the original four romance events (black, purple, blue, and yellow) now appear at black, purple, blue, and green heart levels; the yellow event has been demoted down to green for what we're assuming will be the new events. It has not been revealed yet if this means that a going-steady system has been added to FoMT, which would restrict the higher-level romance events until the protagonist and chosen candidate are officially a couple. The going-steady system was added to the series in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning and has carried on through Story of Seasons and Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

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