Catching Fish

Catching fish is an easy way to earn money while you're waiting for your crops to mature. To begin your fishing adventure, you first need to obtain a fishing pole. Go to Zack's house at Mineral Beach on between 10:00 am and about 3:30 pm to find the shipper digging through his belongings. He'll find a Cheap Fishing Rod and give it to you for free. You will need to have space in the Tool section of your rucksack to trigger this event.

Fishing can be done at any of the waterways around Mineral Town. Equip the Fishing Pole, press the Y Button to cast your hook into the water, and then wait until you see a "!" bubble appear above the farmer's head. To reel in the caught fish, press the Y Button again. Pressing the action button over and over isn't necessary for the Switch version of Friends of Mineral Town.

There are 6 fishing areas around Mineral Town:

  1. the Lake on Mother's Hill, which is frozen over during winter;
  2. the small waterway between the lake and the Bridge that leads to the mountain summit;
  3. the Waterfall next to the hot spring;
  4. the long-flowing Stream that runs past your farm, the poultry farm, and Yodel Ranch;
  5. the small Pond in the Secret Forest (a new area in the GBA remake); and
  6. the Ocean at Mineral Beach.

Many fish can't be caught until you upgrade your fishing pole at Saibara's Forge. Upgraded tools can be charged by holding down the Y button and then releasing it to cast. The charge level required for the fish to appear is listed in the chart below.

Though there are a variety of fish, the fish you do catch will be categorized into either a Small Fish (24 cm or less), Medium Fish (25 cm to 49 cm), or Large Fish (50 cm or more). The same species of fish can come in one or two sizes, and you won't know what you'll get until you reel it in. The profit you earn will depend on the size of the fish and not the type of fish caught.

Non-Fish Thingies

Other items can be pulled out of the water too. You can catch junk like Boot, Fishbone, Empty Can, and Branches. This garbage cannot be tossed back into the water, but you can either put it in the trash can in Rose Plaza or sell it via your shipping bin for 1 G each.

There are other special items you can catch in the Ocean after upgrading your Fishing Pole to Mithril (level 5) or higher and charging your tool before casting into the water:

Normal Fish List

There are 50 normal fish you can catch; the original GBA game had 45 fish.

Fish NameSeasonsLocationCharge Level
Fat GreelingAll YearOcean3
Horse MackerelAll YearOcean3
Amur MinnowAll YearLake, Bridge, Pond1
Masu TroutAll YearLake, Bridge, Pond1
Chicken GruntAll YearOcean3
SardineAll YearOcean1
CharNot WinterBridge, Pond4
DaceAll YearWaterfall, Stream, Pond2
EelAll YearStream5
You can also catch Eel at the Ocean during Summer using a level 5 charge
Pale ChubAll YearStream1
BonitoNot WinterOcean5
FlounderAll YearOcean4
Thread-sail FilefishNot SummerOcean2
GoldfishAll YearWaterfall, Stream1
Crucian CarpAll YearWaterfall, Stream2
Longtooth GrouperNot SummerOcean4
Bighead CarpAll YearLake, Stream5
SalmonSummer, AutumnStream4
MackerelAll YearOcean4
Fish NameSeasonsLocationMin. Level
NeedlefishNot WinterOcean3
SeerfishNot AutumnOcean5
PikeAutumn onlyOcean3
Mahi-mahiNot WinterOcean5
Sea BreamAll YearOcean5
CodSpring, WinterOcean4
LoachNot WinterStream, Pond1
Dark SleeperAll YearStream, Pond1
Rainbow TroutAll YearLake, Bridge, Lake Mine5
Pacific HerringAll YearOcean1
Silver CarpAll YearStream, Pond5
Sailfin SandfishNot SummerOcean1
HalibutAll YearOcean5
BlowfishSpring, WinterOcean4
Black BassAll YearEverywhere but Ocean4
YellowtailSpring, WinterOcean5
BluegillAll YearEverywhere but Ocean1
Crucian CarpAll YearLake, Waterfall4
Atka MackerelNot SummerOcean3
TunaAll YearOcean5
Fish NameSeasonsLocationMin. Level
Ocean SunfishNot WinterOcean5
Luna LionfishAll YearOcean2
Red SeaperchNot WinterOcean2
Cherry SalmonAll YearBridge2
Blotched SnakeheadNot WinterWaterfall, Stream, Pond5
SmeltNot SummerWaterfall, Stream, Pond1
BeltfishSummer, AutumnOcean5
SweetfishSummer, AutumnBridge, Stream3
Sand SmeltSpring, SummerStream, Ocean3
Pike CongerSummer, AutumnOcean5
Flying FishSummer, AutumnOcean2

There are currently two fish in the EN game that are called "Crucian Carp".

Guardian Fish List

There are 7 king fish in the game that you can only catch using a cursed/blessed or mythic fishing pole, charged up to level 6 or level 7. These fish are rare and some have special requirements to complete before they can appear.

Once you catch a guardian fish, it will be tossed back into the water. You can't keep or sell the river kings, but their portraits will be noted at the bottom of the Fish Memo inside of the farmhouse bookshelf.

Fish NameSeasonsLocationRequirements
HuchenSpring, Summer, or AutumnStreamKnow the Grilled Fish, Sashimi, and Sushi cooking recipes
AnglerfishSpring or WinterOceanGo fishing between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am
Hot Spring CatfishWinterHot Spring(No additional requirements)
CarpSpring, Summer, or AutumnLakeShip at least 200 fish
CoelacanthAll YearLevel 9 of the Lake MineCatch 5 or more Guardian fish
SquidSpring or WinterOceanGo fishing between 9:00 am and 12:00 am (midnight)
Arapaima GigasSummerPondCatch at least 50 species of fish

In the original GBA game, the Squid could be caught by tossing a small fish into the ocean before casting. Since the updated edition doesn't permit players to throw objects, the criteria was changed.

The Arapaima Gigas was added to the remake. You'll know when you've caught the necessary types of fish when the Goddess sends you a congratulatory mailbox letter. The other guardian fish will count towards the 50 unique types found.

The requirements for Huchen are the same as the GBA game, but the recipe for Sashimi is in your cookbook as part of the kitchen. Grilled Fish can be learned by cooking a recipe that requires Medium Fish as a cooking ingredient, and Sushi can be discovered by cooking recipes that use Onigiri, Small Fish, Medium Fish, and Large Fish.

Catching All Fish

Zack will greet you in the morning after you catch the last type of fish. He'll congratulate you on catching all of the fish available. Good thing he gave you that Fishing Pole! He won't give a reward, but it is worth 1 Event Farm Degree point for being a random event.

You'll also receive a congratulatory letter from the Harvest Goddess and complete the Master Angler in-game achievement.