Jennifer is a new character added to the Nintendo Switch version of Friends of Mineral Town. She used to live in a big city, but decided to move to somewhere less hectic to get closer to nature. She has pitched a tent on the shoreline of Mother's Lake to observe and absorb the energy of the environment around her.

Birthday: Winter 2 (primary) or Winter 18 (alternative)

Bonus LP: None

Rival: None

Schedule: Though she may have a tent, she doesn't live in the tent. On most days of the week, Jennifer stays overnight at the inn and heads out to her tent around 8:00 am. In the early afternoon she'll visit Lillia at the Poultry farm (Mondays), Mugi at Yodel Ranch (Tuesdays), or the forested park in the middle of town (Wed-Sat). Then mid-afternoon she'll return to her tent for a few hours until she returns to the inn around 8:00 pm. On Sundays she goes directly to the forest, then to the beach around 13:00, and then returns to the inn at night. On any rainy/snowy day, Jennifer will stay at the inn until 10:00 am, then spends most of her day at the tent, returning to the inn at 8:00 pm.

If you marry Jennifer, she'll start her day inside the farm house, but then walk through her visits to the tent, the shopkeepers, and the forest park, until returning to your farm house at night. On rainy/snowy days she'll stay home all day.

Gift Preferences

+800 LP (+9 FP)

Chestnut Rice: Chestnut + Onigiri (Recipe learned by cooking with Onigiri 30 times)

Mont Blanc: Wheat Flour + milk + egg + Chestnut + Pot + Whisk + Oven + Seasoning Set (Recipe learned by cooking with milk, egg, and Chestnut 5 times)

Roasted Chestnut: Chestnut + Frying Pan (Recipe learned by cooking with Chestnut 3 times)

+500 LP (+9 FP)


Chocolate Cookies, Cookies, Madeleines, Pudding, Yam Dessert

+300 LP (+3 FP)

all alpaca wool, all angora wool, all coffee milk, all crops, all eggs, all flowers, all fruit milk, all milk, all sheep wool, all strawberry milk, all yarn, Bracelet, Broach, Chestnut, Curry Powder, Dango Flour, Earrings, Wheat Flour, Honey, Matsutake, Necklace, Oil, Pet Ball, Pet Treat, Buckwheat Flour

Bamboo Rice, Palbochae, Dorayaki, Eggs Benedict, Premium Grape Juice, Wild Grape Water, Mashed Potatoes, Matsutake Rice, Grape Juice, Oden, Orange Juice, Pepper Steak, Pineapple Juice, Pot Au Feu, Pumpkin Potage, Quiche, Raisin Bread, Relaxtea Leaves, Roasted Corn, Spicy Margherita Pizza, Spicy Pepper Steak, Spicy Ramen, Spicy Sandwich, Spicy Vegetable Stir Fry, Strawberry Cake, Tempura Soba, Vegetable Pizza, Zarusoba

-500 LP (-3 FP)

all cheese, all gems, all ores, Bottled Message, Branch, Chicken Feed, Dress, Facemask, Fish Fossil, Fodder, Large Fish, Tomatosetta Stone, Lumber, Medium Fish, Perfume, Skin Lotion, Small Fish, Stone, Sunblock, Pirate Treasure

Aqua Pazza, Carbonara, Carpaccio, Cheese Fondue, Cheese Risotto, Cheese Souffle, Cheesecake, Fish Fritter, Grilled Fish, Paella, Sashimi, Seafood Bowl, Fish Soup, Sushi

-800 LP (-9 FP)

Empty Can, Gold Lumber, Poison Mushroom, Rock, Rubber Boot

Heart Events


Jennifer is at the lake, enjoying the area's energy flowing through her. She asks if you can feel it too. The shining sun, the singing birds... as though the world is coming together to give its blessing. What do you think?

Choice 1: Um, yeah, let's back it up a little. (-2000 LP)

Jennifer guesses that perhaps you can't feel the natural energy. She thought you were special, but she concludes that she must of been wrong.

Choice 2: Yeah, my chakras are totally aligned. (+3000 LP)

Jennifer is excited to know that you understand what she is talking about! Usually she gets weird looks from other people. Jennifer tells you that she spends evenings at the inn and days inside the tent. Feel free to chat with her anytime. She'd love to hear more of your story.

Black Heart Event

You see Basil and Jennifer talking about plants. Jennifer explains this is a get-together for fans of plants. Today they're observing this local flower and then they're going to discuss it. Basil admits that Jennifer's knowledge of plants is greater than his! She has a different point of view, so they meet to exchange information. Jennifer says that when she watches flowers bloom in the morning, it's like communing with Mother Nature herself.

For example, why do a lot of flowers open their buds in the morning? It's their passion! How about why there's so many insects in the morning, flying around and carrying pollen? The flowers blossom seduce the insects with their beautiful petals and fragrance, like they're telling the insects to come visit to spread the flowers' love throughout the world.

Basil has a more scientific rationale, and says the buds open because of changes to the outside temperature, which then affect the flower petals. Jennifer finds Basil's explanation interesting, and while she doesn't mean to reject a more logical reason...

Choice 1: Different strokes, I guess. (-2000 LP)

Basil thinks Jennifer's way of thinking is rather imaginative. Jeffifer feels that it is too bad the two of you don't agree with her interpretation, but is happy that her opinions arent instantly rejected by others.

Choice 2: Yeah! Flower power! (+3000 LP)

Jennifer thanks you for your complement. You're nice to talk to!

It's good that there are different ways of interpreting things, both scientifically and romatnically, but it all boils down to a love of plants. Basil says he has collected enough data for his observations and heads home.

After the botanist leaves, Jennifer asks why you came to the meadow this morning. No reason in particular, so Jennifer assumes that you just happened to be drawn to visiting the mountain; after all, there's something here that attracts people. She's glad the two of you are friends.

Purple Heart Event

Jennifer is glad to see you. Take a look at the lake here; it's extremely beautiful! The lake is the water source that supports the lives of the villagers, as though it is a sacred place that watches over the town. You are a bit alarmed about her description, but she insists that it is a true story. Occasionally it feels like there's something divine here. You know, this special lake needs a name!

Jennifer wants to pick a deserving name for this energetic lake. It's no coincidence that you just happened to show up. What kind of name should she give to the lake?

Choice 1: Something angelic (+3000 LP)

True, the lake is likely a place where angels would rest their wings.

Choice 2: Something mystical (No FP/LP change)

Jennifer thinks having an outerworldly name might be fitting.

Choice 3: Something dignified (-2000 LP)

While it may be good to pick a noble name, this lake shouldn't have such a common name!

You've inspired her though. Jennifer has decided to name the body of water Isabella Lake. The name Isabella is associated with mystery and divinity, all of which are appropriate descriptions for this lake. Jennifer is glad that you like her choice of name, but asks that you keep the name secret, just between the two of you.

Blue Heart Event

Jennifer has stopped by the shop to drop something off. She explains that she's there to drop off some dried flowers that she made for Lillia. Jennifer collects flowers from the mountain, dries them, and then uses them in her potpourri mixtures. Lillia says that Jennifer's potpourri is wonderfully scented! Lillia likes potpourri so much that she even named her daughter after the dried flower mixture. Jennifer explains that she combines different flowers to best match the tastes of the person she's making the potpourri for. She gives you a sample of her potpourri to try for your own home.

Suddenly the light-hearted conversation is interrupted with the sounds of bickering siblings. Rick and Popuri are arguing with each other outside. Lillia apologizes to her customers; typically they're good children, but on occasion they will fight. Jennifer says it's just proof that they trust one another. She wished that she had someone that she could argue with, as she's a bit envious of them. Popuri and Rick have grown up well; it must be nice to have such a good mom.

Lillia thanks Jennifer for her kind words, and is glad that she makes such excellent observations. The arguing between the two siblings begins to bother Lillia, and she apologizes again before heading out to put an end to the bickering.

Jennifer notes that she's observant, though she tries to stay out of other peoples' business. But for Lillia she made an exception.

Choice 1: Wow. You aren't a total space case. (-2000 LP, -20 FP with Lillia)

Well that's rude! Jennifer feels that she isn't a space case.

Choice 2: Wow. You have a great heart. (+3000 LP, +20 FP with Lillia)

Jennifer likes your compliment, but in actuality she isn't particularly a kind person at heart.

She likes to prioritize peace and harmony, so it is important to focus on the strengths and merits of those around you instead of their faults. Besides, you first have to love yourself if you want to receive the same in return. She apologizes for her rant. Jennifer says you're easy to talk to. Perhaps your spirits are similar.

Yellow Heart Event

Great timing! Jennifer was just about to have some tea. She invites you to wait outside while she prepares it.

After drinking the tea, Jennifer asks if you liked it. She had made her special herbal blend using the herbs she picked this morning. Jennifer always makes tea using the ingredients she collects herself. Even the water comes from the mountain stream. The area is full of herbal-tea ingredients! There are a lot of delicious, all-natural food that you can't buy from a store. Jennifer assumes that as a farmer, you already know that.

Jennifer admits there are some things she has to buy from a store. But, to go shopping, she would need money! Jennifer doesn't want those kinds of things. She's wealthy enough just living close to nature. Those with a lot of money can easily be led astray...

She confesses that she was born into wealth. Her father solved any problem with money, and her mother was treated like a princess. Jennifer was told to always be an elegant lady and she would become a lovely bride. But she secretly hated all of it. She understands that sometimes you need to have some money to live, but finding her own path to happiness is more important. Jennifer had been so unhappy that she left her entire selfish lifestyle behind.

Choice 1: I bet your parents are worried. (-2000 LP)

Maybe they are, but she needed to discard the role she was playing.

Choice 2: Happiness trumps wealthiness. (+3000 LP)

Jennifer is glad that you feel the same way! It's up to each person to decide what makes them happy. Maybe it's a connection to people, maybe it's money, or perhaps it's the great outdoors. It depends on the person. For her, it's connecting to nature, and she cherishes laughing with someone who loves her.

She does not regret leaving her wealthy home. Now she enjoys herself every day. Waking up to the chirping of birds, drinking delicious herbal tea; these things are worth more to her than any wealthy lifestyle. Jennifer is happiest when she's close to nature. She's also made some good friends, and the relationship she has with you is very valuable to her.

Jennifer apologizes for talking about herself, but she wanted to reveal her history to you.

Orange Heart Event

Jennifer asks what you're doing here at this hour. You've come for a visit, of course! Jennifer would rather you not be walking around this late because you might fall down. As Jennifer leaves to fetch some tea, you feel faint and pass out.

Jennifer is there with you when you wake up. She wonders if you should still go to the clinic, but you didn't appear to have a fever. She asks that you rest here for a bit until you feel better.

After you wake up, you're feeling a lot better! Jennifer wants to make a porridge and herb-infused hot milk, so she'll bring those to you in a bit. She admits that she was in a bit of a shock to see someone so healthy suddenly collapse like that. Even though you enjoy your work, Jennifer wishes that you would take breaks for yourself. She does respect your work Seeing you enjoy yourself every day, and watching you work hard makes her happy, but she can't overlook the fact that you just passed out from exhaustion. Jennifer requests that tomorrow you promise to take it easy with your work to allow yourself to recover.

Choice 1: Farmers don't get sick days. (-2000 LP)

Your honesty is one of your best qualities, but she would rather you promise to take better care of yourself. She is worried about you.

Choice 2: I'll try not to worry you. (+3000 LP)

Jennifer is glad, as she thought you might tell her that you wouldn't make that promise. She hopes that you understand where she's coming from.

Jennifer heads out of the room to fetch the porridge and hot milk, but outside the room she gets upset with herself. What was she saying?! Jennifer feels bad for trying to force you to make a promise like that. It's not like her to do so... Jennifer wonders if she has changed.