Game Controls

This Nintendo Switch game supports the use of the Pro Controller or a set of left/right Joycons. The game does not support the use of a single Joycon controller.

There are also pre-set controller configurations to chose from. Players cannot manually select which action is associated with a specific button, but can pick from three preconfigured options. Only the shoulder buttons controls change based on the selected preset configuration. The controller configurations can be found by opening the Main Menu (X button), navigating to the Settings Menu (Left Shoulder), and then selecting the Button Presets option.

Left Stick

This is used to control your farmer. Press and hold the control stick in the direction you want your farmer to run. The farmer can run directionally in the Swith remake of the GBA game. You can also press gently on the left control stick to walk.

Left Directional Pad

When in the main world, these buttons will navigate through the tools in your rucksack. Press the Left Button or Right Button to swap through the available tools you are carrying around.

The Up and Down buttons on the Left Directional Pad are used to tilt the game's camera a little bit. Pressing the Up Button will pivot the camera a little more overhead, and pressing the Down Button will move the camera back to its default view. The camera adjustments will only adjust the camera when outdoors.

Right Stick

This controls the cursor position within your open rucksack. Pressing left or right will move the bag cursor from item to item in the same row, while pressing Up will move from row to row. Any activated item will automatically be held by the farmer protagonist.

A Button

This is the interaction button. Press this button when standing next to a person to start a conversation with them. You can also talk to your farm animals in the same way. Press the A Button when standing next to a wild item on the ground to pick it up and put it in your rucksack. You can also interact with the TV Set, the Record Player, your farmhouse Kitchen and Bookshelf, and so on, by using the A button.

When holding an item, press A when next to a villager to give that item as a gift. Giving gifts to the villagers is a great way to raise your friendship and affection with them.

B Button

This is the button to press to cancel out of menus. If you farmer is holding an item above their head, the B Button will put the item back into the rucksack.

Pressing B while charging a tool using the Y Button will cancel the charge.

X Button

The game's main menu opens with the press of the X Button.

Y Button

This is the action button. The active tool you have selected from the Left Directional Pad will be used when pressing Y. Hold down the Y Button to charge any tools you you may have upgraded at the forge. Charged tools are stronger and have a wider area of influence than non-charged tools.

When holding an edible item above your head, pressing the Y Button will cause the farmer to eat the item.

Plus Button

Opens the world map. The world map will note the current location of your farmer, pets, and horse. It does not track villager movement.

When in the Tool Menu, the Plus Button will open the tool experience levels. This menu will note how much experience each tool has before it qualifies for tool remodeling.

Minus Button

Opens the farm map. This overview of the farm displays the current crops planted in the field, the locations of all the farm animals and pets, what the in-season fruit trees are producing, where the Harvest Sprites are, and where the farmer is.

Right Shoulder Button

This button will toggle the auto-run feature. Hold down Right Shoulder to make the farmer run in the direction the last tap of the Left Stick directed them to run.

This button is also handy for passing by people or farm animals, as by default their forward progress is stopped when they are blocked by your farmer. This is a good technique when trying to fish a gift out of your rucksack and don't want the receiver walking away before you navigate through your bag. Then after giving, simply press Right Sholder to pass through them.

When in the game's main menu, pressing Right Shoulder will move through the menu categories.

ZR Shoulder Button

Holding this button and then using the Left Stick will cause the farmer to strife/walk in the direction of the Left stick.

Left Shoulder Button

This button opens the Tool Menu within the Main Menu. You can then rearrange the tools so they appear in the order you want when using the Left Directional Pad. This is also handy when you're trying to avoid a tool, such as a cursed tool you found while mining. Cursed tools become locked once they are equipped. To give a buffer between tools, ensure that there are empty slots between the tools you use and the cursed tool. That way you'll notice the empty slot coming up in your tool ring and avoid accidentally equipping the cursed tool.

When in the game's main menu, pressing Left Shoulder will move through the menu categories.

ZL Shoulder Button

This is the whistle command for your pets and horse. The higher friendship your pets and horse have, the farther away they can be and still respond to your whistle. Whistling for a pet or horse will earn +1 FP with the animals that hear your call. Whistling has no affect on livestock or poultry animals.