Kai is a seasonal visitor to Mineral Town. He'll come to town on Summer 1 and then leave on Fall 1. During the summer, Kai will open his Beach Cafe on the beach, where you can buy food to eat, such as Roasted Corn and Pizza. At night he is a guest at Dudley's inn. Kai doesn't have a quarrel with anyone, though Rick has a personal beef against Kai.

The challenge of marrying Kai is his three-season absence from the game. While he is not available in town, Kai's friendship and love levels are paused. He cannot gain or lose affection unless he is physically residing in Mineral Town.

Birthday: Summer 22 (primary) or Summer 17 (alternative)

Bonus LP: Earn +2500 when you buy a total of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 dishes from Kai's menu. Water does not count.

Rival: Popuri

Schedule: Kai's schedule is the same for most of the week. He'll start the day upstairs in Dudley's inn, then he'll arrive at the beach at 8am. From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm he'll be in his shop, then he goes back outside until 5:00 pm. Kai will serve another meal period from 5pm until 8:00 pm, and then return to the inn for the night. On Sundays he'll stay at the inn, taking a small break to visit the beach from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. On rainy Sundays, Kai will stay indoors at the inn all day.

After marriage Kai will stay in town all year long. He will open the beach snack shack every day of the week except for Sundays. On his day off, Kai will start his day inside the farmhouse, visit the beach from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm, and then return home to your farm.

Gift Preferences

+800 LP (+9 FP)


This crop seed can be purchased from Huang's shop for 1000 G each. The crop takes 21 days to grow and will regrow in 5 days. Basically you'll get two harvests of Pineapple per year if you planted on Summer 1. The first harvest will be on Summer 21 and the second on Summer 26.

+500 LP (+9 FP)

all eggs, Bread, Corn, Diamond, Wheat Flour, Large Fish, Oil, Onion, Perfume, Pink Diamond, Pumpkin, Tomato

Bibimbap, Churros, Curry Bread, Curry Rice, Eggs Benedict, Premium Grape Juice, French Toast, Fried Rice, Wild Grape Water, Nasi Goreng, Omelet Rice, Pineapple Juice, Pumpkin Potage, Quiche, Fish Soup

+300 LP (+3 FP)

all cheese, all milk (normal, coffee, fruit, and strawberry), all mayonnaise, AEPFE Apple, Apple, Butter, Bracelet, Brooch, Curry Powder, Dress, Earring, Facemask, Wild Grapes, HMSGB Apple, Honey, Medium Fish, Necklace, Orange, Pet Ball, Skin Lotion, Small Fish, SUGDW Apple, Sunblock

Ajillo, Bagna Cauda, Baked Apple, Grilled Fish, Carpaccio, Fish Fritter, Ketchup, Napolitan, Candied Peels, Orange Pastries, Orangette, Paella, Popcorn, Relax Tea Leaves, Salad, Sashimi, Seafood Rice Bowl, Strawberry Cake, Sushi, Tempura

-500 LP (-3 FP)

all Alpaca fleece, all Angora fur, all ores and gems, all Sheep wool, all Yarn, Bamboo Shoots, Matsutake, Mushroom, Pet Treat, Buckwheat Flour, Hot Spring Egg, Turnip, Yam

Baked Yam, Bamboo Rice, Curry Udon, Daifuku, Mochi, Matsutake Rice, Miso Soup, Mushroom Gratin, Mushroom Rice, Oden, Okonomiyaki, Pot Au Feu, Ramen, Roasted Corn, Yam Dessert, Tempura Udon, Tempura Soba, Udon, Zarusoba, Zenzai

-800 LP (-9 FP)

all colored grasses, Letter in a Bottle, Branch, Chicken Feed, Empty Can, Fish Bone, Ancient Fossil, Fodder, Gold Lumber, Tomatosetta Stone, Lumber, Pirate Treasure, Poison Mushroom, Rock, Rubber Boot, Stone, Weed

Margherita Pizza

Heart Events


You find Kai sitting on a bench. He is taking a break from cleaning the area around his shop. Kai mentions that he had heard about you from Thomas, and asks if you live separately from your family. You confirm what Kai had heard from Thomas. Oh, he didn't mean to offend! Kai assume that living alone on your farm must be awesome. Kai reveals that he has detached himself from his parents. He asks for your honest opinion: do you think that it's selfish for him to have separated himself from his parents?

Choice 1: Incorrigible! I can't believe you! (-2000 LP)

Kai is a little puzzled, as you don't live with your family either. He has his own reasons. He admits it may seem selfish, depending on your point of view. Kai has to get back to cleaning and invites you to visit his shop when you have the time.

Choice 2: Those who live in glass farmhouses... (+3000 LP)

He's glad to hear that you think it is okay and that it is all in his mind. Kai reveals that he doesn't get along with his parents very well. He doesn't hate them, but their lifestyle clashes with his lifestyle. Kai would like to talk with you some more if you have the time. He thinks the two of you will get along!

Black Heart Event

Kai greets you as you enter the shop and asks how your farm is doing. Seeing you work hard modivates Kai to do his best too. Are you here to eat or to hang out? Or, maybe you're just here to talk to him? There aren't any customers right now, so he has some free time to chat. Kai asks what kinds of crops are you growing on your farm.

Choice 1: Pink Cats and stuff. (No LP/FP change)

Flowers? Well, those are pretty. Kai likes everything related to summertime. He would appreciate it if you brought him one of the flowers from your farm.

Choice 2: Tons of Pineapples. (+3000 LP)

What?! Did he hear you correctly? Kai loves pineapples! He would love you forever if you brought him a pineapple from your farm. He is a little bit embarrased about admitting that he loves a fruit that much. Kai says he'll reward you for your generosity!

Choice 3: I have something of a black thumb... (-2000 LP)

Kai guesses that maybe you're just not into crops. Well, it's your farm. Kai just hopes that you enjoy what you're doing. Though it's a shame that you're not growing any pineapple.

Purple Heart Event

You walk down to the beach and notice Kai stepped out from his shop. You walk over to greet him, but suddenly you pass out! Oh no!

Kai rushes you to the clinic, where Doctor tells him that you need some rest. Kai had freaked out when you collapsed in front of him. Even Doctor was surprised when Kai came barreling into the clinic, yelling for assistance. Kai apologizes to Doctor for being riled up in the clinic, but you are an important friend to him.

You finally wake up and join the two men. Doctor is glad that you're feeling better. He assumes your fainting spell was because of the recent hot weather. Elly mentions that it was scorching today, and you had been working hard on the farm. Doctor reminds you to drink lots of water and keep an eye on your diet.

After Doctor leaves, Kai notes that your complexion is looking better. Though he would like you to rest some more.

Choice 1: Okay, if you insist. (+3000 LP)

Kai is glad that you are going to take it easy for a bit. You're always working very hard, so sometimes it is good to rest and take it slow. Kai remembers that he has a charm he picked up in another town and gives it to you. You'll receive Kai's Sea Talisman, a small decorative trinket you can place on the trophy shelves inside your farmhouse.

Choice 2: Farming waits for no man/woman! (-2000 LP)

Kai scolds you a bit. He just happened to be outside of his shop when you passed out; if he wasn't there, you would have baked like a tator tot in the scorching sun! Kai understands that your work is essential to you, but it is also important to take breaks. He's glad that you're feeling better. He wants you to be more careful.

This event ends with your stamina restored to 100%.

Blue Heart Event

Kai isn't at his usual spot on the bench, but you hear him call out to you from the boat dock. He isn't getting a lot of traffic at his snack shack today, so he's taking a break. Kai enjoys listening to the sound of the waves as they carry his worries away. You seem curious about his statement. Kai admits there's no fooling you, as you can tell something is bothering him.

Kai explains that the other guys don't like the way that he is super casual with his words. The others think he's a bit rude. Kai thought he didn't need to concern himself with what others thought of him, but now he wonders if he should change.

Choice 1: "Don't let it bother you." or "Don't change yourself for anyone." (+3000 LP)

It makes Kai happy to hear you support him. He shouldn't get so worked up over it.

Choice 2: "A different approach couldn't hurt." or "It's worth meeting them halfway." (-2000 LP)

Kai didn't think you too would feel his way of speaking was too casual. He didn't realize he had an image problem, though he would like to change himself for the better.

Yellow Heart Event

Kai is outside his shop and asks if you want to take a break. Maybe do a little bit of fishing? He wanted to get out of the store and stretch his legs for a bit, so he suggests heading out to the lake. Besides, Kai doesn't get to see you outside of summer.

As the two of you walk through the forest, you spot a chicken all by itself in the clearing. You're both curious why there's a random chicken here. You sneak close enough to discover that the chicken is one of yours! The chicken spots you and Kai watching it and runs away. Kai understands that you need to chase down your runaway chicken, as he isn't going to be much help. Kai isn't very good at handling animals. He heads back to his shop while you track down sneaky clucky.

You return to the beach after taking care of the escaped chicken. There'll be another opportunity later for the two of you to go fishing together. Besides, he was as surprised as you were to find that chicken! Kai invites you inside for a meal. He assumes that you would be hungry after all that work.

Choice 1: "Ooh! Make dessert, too!" or "Ooh! Free refills too, right?" (no LP change)

Are you expecting a full-course meal? Well, you did work hard, so Kai is willing to make a dessert also.

Choice 2: I bow to thee, saint of sustenance! (+3000 LP)

He's happy to hear you say that. He'll make you a great meal!

Inside the Beach Cafe, you chow down on Kai's prepared food. Kai is reminded about how hard working on the farm can be. His only challenge is when a fussy customer comes in. Understanding animals seems a lot more complicated than dealing with people; it's even more impressive that you're doing it all on your own.

Orange Heart Event

You walk into the store to find Jeff and Kai chatting. Are you here to browse seeds? It is unusual to see Kai here at the grocery store. Sasha says they too were both surprised that Kai came for a visit, as Kai's Beach Cafe typically doesn't run out of ingredients. And at the moment there aren't other customers to wait on, so they were chatting with each other. The topic? Oh, well...

Kai quickly changes the subject back to your crop seed shopping. Your work must keep you busy, and he defensivly doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Kai then declares he's returning to his snack shop and storms out of the grocery store. You chase after him, leaving Jeff wondering what that was all about. Sasha thinks she has figured it out.

You catch up to Kai on the beach. Were you chasing after him? Kai thanks you for being worried about him. He explains the reason why he was at the general store was to see what it might be like if he was to stay here in town for longer than just summertime. Kai was curious about the weather and events that take place. He wanted to know about the local customs!

Choice 1: We could be together! FOREVER. (+3000 LP)

Would you be happy if he stayed here in town? Kai blushes and thanks you. Recently he has been thinking a lot about how his life would be if he continued to stay here. You work very hard on your farm, he was thinking maybe you could come and eat his food. Perhaps there is a way he could become a bigger help to you.

Kai admits that he doesn't do well in the cold, so he moves from town to town. Staying here would be a big change for him. When he told Jeff and Sasha, it was like their eyeballs popped out of their heads! They were shocked! Then when you walked into the store, he panicked and ran away. Hopefully, Jeff and Sasha don't get the impression that he was crazy! Kai will go back and explain everything to them later, but first, he wants to spend time with you watching the ocean.

Choice 2: You really like this town, huh? (-2000 LP)

True, Kai tells you that he's always wanted to live in a charming town with good people. He hadn't made up his mind yet, so when you caught him talking to Jeff and Sasha about it, he felt awkward and ran away. Kai had guessed it would be tough for him to live in Mineral Town during other seasons. He asks you to forget this ever happened.