House Furniture

The interior of the farmhouse can be customized a little bit. Players don't have the option of where their furniture can be placed, but they can decide which furniture to purchase. Some house accessories will require the house to be remodeled to a larger size.

The Item Shelves

screen shot

There are two shelves inside of the house that can hold special items that you receive in the game. Simply hold the item in the hands and press the A button to place it upon the shelf. Each shelf can hold up to three special items. Items can be swapped in and out by interacting with the item on the shelf.

The types of items you can showcase on your shelves are:

These objects can also be tossed (and displayed) onto the floor of your farm house.

The Vase

Huang the traveling merchant will offer to sell a vase to you if you have at least 5000 on the 11th of the season. This vase sits next to the television set. Placing flowers into the vase will give a small boost of health recovery when you wake up in the morning.

The Television

screen shot

The television inside your farmhouse has four channels:

  1. Weather: The next day's weather report will air on this channel. The weather is set when you awaken in the morning. If you don't like what you see on TV, reload your save game from before you went to bed the night before.
  2. Education: The helpful Life on the Farm show will give you tips on how to best manage your farm. The Advanced Tips series has Big Sis answering Little Bro's questions about shops, the game menus, villagers, and other in-game activities. The Beginning Tips series has Big Bro answering Little Sis' questions about seed planting, dealing with weeds, tool upgrades, and other basic tidbits.
  3. Entertainment: A different show airs on this channel each day of the week:
    • Sundays: Dear Princess - A bored princess comes up with a plan to find a challenge for her future fiancé
    • Mondays: Fish or Be Fished - Learn what can be caught at different waterways in the area
    • Tuesdays: Tasty Time - Two chefs battle it out to see which cooks the best recipe
    • Wednesdays: Swip Swap - Neighbor friends bonk heads, switch bodies, and have to make it through a day of school as each other
    • Thursdays: Star Lily, Heart Snatchers - A young detective and her teacher track a cunning lunch-thief
    • Fridays: Mechabot Ultor, The Autumn Breeze - Our favorite team of giant robot pilots have a heroic adventure during their class field trip
    • Saturday: Emerald Academy, Maiden Memoirs - A poetic show describing the going-ons of women as they ride the train
  4. News: The daily news will tell you what the upcoming Mineral Town festivals are.

You can upgrade your TV screen size by ordering the LCD TV at Gotts' workshop for 5000 G. The background scenes that air during Mondays' Fish or Be Fished show are from the Legend of the River King GBA game that was never localized into English.

New Years Episodes

From Spring 1 until Spring 5 (starting in year 2), the Entertainment channel will air a New Years special program. When you access the channel you may discover that the Harvest Goddess interrupts the show with one of her own. The Harvest Goddess will request you to play her Hi/Low gameshow for a chance to win some fabulous prizes! She'll give you a number, and you have to guess whether the next number will be higher or lower than the current number. There is NO pattern to her game. You can play up to 5 times per day. Winning is simply a matter of luck:

Town Villa TV Time

The TV in your farmhouse isn't the only one available in the game. The Town Villa also has a TV set that airs its own schedule of shows:

  1. Weather: Learn the next day's weather from another location
  2. Sports: The winners of the F-3.14MGP mechabot race are announced on this channel
  3. Entertainment:
    • Sundays: Professor Ore - Dr. Karin explains the details of what you can find in the Spring Mine and the Lake Mine
    • Mondays: Fairy and Me, His Wish - An accused fugitive hides in a girl's bedroom and discovers her book that can grant a wish
    • Tuesdays: Fairy and Me, Her Wish - After reading Fairy and Me, a lonely girl helps a falsely-accused jewel thief clear his name
    • Wednesdays: The Mineral Town - Each episode profiles a specific villager in town
    • Thursdays: Card Collector Chisato - Two friends try to collect all cards from the BoKuJo trading card game
    • Fridays: Mechabot Ultor Legends, Ultor Zero - The origin story of how the four friends were blessed with their mechabot robots
    • Saturdays: Harvest Goddess Rock/Paper/Scissors - Play RPS with the goddess to win prizes

Just like your farmhouse TV, a special show airs from January 1 until January 5. The Math Quiz will display 10 questions for you to answer. You will win a Truth Jewel for getting all answers correctly. Make sure you have space in your rucksack for the jewel.

The Mirror

screen shot

The mirror is in your house from the start of the game. Accessing it will allow you to change the color and style of your clothes.

The Clock

screen shot

You can buy the tall grandfather clock at Gotts' workshop for 2000 G. Accessing the clock is the only way to know exactly what time it is in the game. The standard time clock in the upper-right corner of the screen counts time in ten-minute intervals, whereas the clock inside your house will tell you the current minute.

The significance for knowing the exact time is with the unlucky 4:44 event. If you happen to be inside your farmhouse at exactly 4:44, watching the TV will result in a continuous stream of "13:3300:1313:3300" across the screen. The mysterious message will eventually end.

The Record Player

screen shot

The farmhouse has a dedicated table for the record player. You can buy this house accessory from Van the traveling merchant on Wednesdays when he is upstairs in Dudley's inn. Van will being to visit Mineral Town after you have tossed a gift into the Harvest Goddess' pond for a total of 30 days or more. The record player will cost 2000 G and allows you to select the background music that plays on your farm. Just walk up to the record player and press the action button on your controller. You can then select a new background tune, or reset to the default music.

There are 20 records to collect, containing music from earlier games in the Bokujou Monogatari series. You can buy some of these from Van the week after you buy the Record Player; he'll sell the next record after you buy the prior record from his inventory. There are also records to win at Huang's Raffle and at the Harvest Goddess' rock/paper/scissors TV show on the Town Villa's TV.

Record No.SongLocation
Record 1Outset of Seasons - Spring ThemeVan's Store, 500 G
Record 2Outset of Seasons - Event ThemeVan's Store, 600 G
Record 3Flower Bud Village - Autumn ThemeVan's Store, 700 G
Record 4Flower Bud Village - Main ThemeVan's Store, 800 G
Record 5Moonlit Girl - ThemeVan's Store, 900 G
Record 6Moonlit Girl - LoveVan's Store, 1000 G
Record 7Sugar Village - Summer ThemeVan's Store, 1100 G
Record 8Sugar Village - Autumn ThemeVan's Store, 1200 G
Record 9A Wonderful Season - Autumn/WinterVan's Store, 1300 G
Record 10A Wonderful Season - Nighttime BarVan's Store, 1400 G
Record 11Sprite Station - ThemeWin the Goddess' Rock/Paper/Scissors game between 90 and 99 times
Record 12Sprite Station - Ending ThemeWin the Goddess' Rock/Paper/Scissors game between 80 and 89 times
Record 13Trio of Towns - Autumn ThemeWin the Goddess' Rock/Paper/Scissors game between 70 and 79 times
Record 14Trio of Towns - Spring ThemeWin the Goddess' Rock/Paper/Scissors game between 60 and 69 times
Record 15Trio of Towns - Summer ThemeWin the Goddess' Rock/Paper/Scissors game between 50 and 59 times
Record 16Trio of Towns - Winter ThemeWin Huang's Mystery Ticket Raffle with 3 sequential numbers
Record 17Everyone's Wish - ThemeWin Huang's Mystery Ticket Raffle with 3 sequential numbers
Record 18Everyone's Wish - Harvest FestivalWin Huang's Mystery Ticket Raffle with 3 sequential numbers
Record 19Everyone's Wish - WeddingWin Huang's Mystery Ticket Raffle with 3 of the same number
Record 20Everyone's Wish - PeachWin Huang's Mystery Ticket Raffle with 3 of the same number

Because Marv/XSeed did not use the Natsume localized names to reference the earlier series titles, the records use XSeed-ified translation of the original Japanese names for the Bokujou Monogatari series.

Winning Records 11 through 15 is very difficult, as your win counter resets if the Goddess' wins. The easiest way to collect all the records is to obtain the All BGM item from Van by exchanging a Van's Favorite and 1 million G.

The Fireplace

screen shot

A fireplace will be installed in your farmhouse after upgrading to the Big House size. This isn't just a mere decoration though. Placing a piece of Lumber or a Branch into the hearth will light a fire in the fireplace. Moo chicka baa baa!

The fireplace's flame will affect your fatigue depending on the current season. During winter, the first wood lumber or branch placed in the fireplace will reward you with -5 Fatigue (FAT). Placing a second piece on the same day will earn an additional -2 FAT. As long as the fire is burning, you'll restore -1 FAT every time you walk inside your warm and cozy farmhouse. The fire will be extinguished when you awaken the next morning.

Remember, fatigue is represented by the smiley face in the upper-left corner of the screen. As you gain fatigue points and become more tired, the face will change colors and expressions. Reaching 100 FAT will cause the farmer to pass out. You want your fatigue points to be as low as possible.

Placing flammable materials into the fireplace during spring and autumn won't result in fatigue recovery; in fact, it actually increases fatigue. As long as the fire is burning, you'll earn +1 FAT every time you walk into your farmhouse. This will reset the next morning when the fire has burned itself out. Placing a piece of lumber or branch into the fireplace during summer will instantly earn +5 fatigue (oops!), and you'll earn +2 FAT every time you walk inside your hot farmhouse.

The Bathroom

screen shot

This extra area can be constructed by Gotts after your house reaches its largest size. Gotts will charge 300 Lumber, 300 material Stone, and 30,000 G. After three days of construction, a doorway to a mysterious watercloset will be left behind.

Using the water closet will restore +20 stamina and -20 fatigue, but it also costs 30 minutes of in-game time. You can use the bathroom multiple times per day.