Winter Festivals

Thomas' Winter Request - Winter 2

This event isn't technically a festival, but it does occur annually on this date. You'll find that Mayor Thomas will be waiting outside your front door in the morning. He was bragging to another town mayor about how great Mineral Town is. Now he feels obligated to prove it! Thomas will request that you locate this item and then give it to him when he returns TO YOUR FARM later that night. If you refuse to help Thomas defends his pride, you'll lose 10 FP with Thomas. If you accept, he'll tell you what he's looking for.

The item in question will be randomly selected from the following list: AEPFE Apple, Black Grass, Bracelet, Diamond, Golden Egg, Green Pepper, Matsutake Mushroom, Mochi, Moonstone, or White Grass. The event item is randomly selected. If Thomas requests an item you've no way of obtaining, reload your save game; either to a manual save state from the night before or the start-of-the-morning auto-save state will work to get Thomas to reset his requested item.

Thomas will return to your farm at 7:00 pm that same night. He'll wait by your door until 8:00 pm. You'll lose 10 FP with Thomas if he leaves empty-handed. If you had located the item, hand it to him from your rucksack. As a reward, he'll give you a single piece of Gold Lumber. You can place this unique lumber in your field, and it will never rot as regular wood Lumber does.

Thomas will scold you if you try to give him a normal apple or cooked dish instead of the uncooked item.

Thomas will also explain to you that placing this Gold Lumber in your field will NOT cause the other villagers to become jealous. This is a reference to the original GBA game, where placing a piece of Gold Lumber in your field would bombard you with harsh scoldings from the villagers every morning until you removed the overelaborate ornament from your field.

Gotts also sells Gold Lumber in his shop for 100,000 G each.

Valentine's Day - Winter 14

On this day, you will receive gifts of Chocolate or Orangette from the girl marriage candidates. If you have a purple heart color (10,000 LP) or higher, throughout the day you'll have visitors to your farm, who will wait for you to talk to them until it is time to leave:

Talk to the visitor to receive a gift of a Chocolate bar. Candidates who have a yellow heart color (40,000 LP) or more will give you Orangette. Your first time receiving Orangette Cookies will also reward you with one of the 7 Rings if you hadn't received the ring from the Spring 14 White Day event.

If you are married, your spouse will sneak Chocolate (green heart or less) or Orangette (yellow heart or higher) into your rucksack after you go to bed for the night. You'll also earn +1000 LP with your spouse and one of the 7 rings if you never received one pre-marriage. Don't forget to have an empty slot in your rucksack before you go to bed on the 14th to make room for your sweetie's gift.

On Valentine's Day, you can also give Chocolate to the boy marriage candidates. If you aren't married yet, give Chocolate to the boys to earn +1000 LP and +20 FP with each candidate you gift. You can give Orangette too, but you won't earn bonus LP for giving the higher-quality gift. Feel free to regift the Chocolate you received from the girls earlier in the day! If you are married, then giving Chocolate to your spouse will earn you +1000 LP and +20 FP. Giving Chocolate to the remaining bachelors will earn +20 FP as they no longer have Love Points.

Starlight Night - Winter 23/24

If you have marriage candidates at a green heart color (30,000 LP or 4 hearts) or higher, on the morning of the 23rd you'll be greeted by Mayor Thomas when you exit your farmhouse. He will have invitations from the marriage candidates to spend the next evening with one of them. You can read each letter and then select one to accept, or you can choose not to participate at all.

The candidates will be inviting you to a party to celebrate the winter evening with them. It won't always just be a romantic evening with your sweetie; other people will also be invited. Sometimes the party will be at the candidate's house, and sometimes it just starts at their home and then moves to your farmhouse:

On the evening of the 24th, go to the location listed on the invitation at 6:00 pm to start the party. You'll have some conversation and a meal. After the celebration is over, you'll earn +2000 LP with the marriage candidate and +30 FP with the other party participants. The event ends with you waking up the next morning.

Selecting an invitation from Brandon, Cliff, Doc, Gray, or Jennifer (where the party occurs inside your farmhouse) will reward you with one of the 7 Rings. These collectible rings were part of More Friends of Mineral Town, where the girl main character spent Starry Night with a boy marriage candidate.

When you're married, you'll spend the stary evening with your spouse.

Kai does not participate in Starry Night unless you're married to him.

Thomas Claus - Winter 25

This event isn't marked on your farmhouse calendar, but every year this will happen if you have a stocking hanging on the wall of your farmhouse.

To get a stocking of your own, raise Ellen's frienship to 8 friendship notes (200 FP) or more. After that you can have her knit a stocking for you by giving her a ball of yarn between 9:00 am and 11:00 am on most days of the week, excluding Wednesdays. The yarn you give can be made of any type of wool or be any size. Ellen will then knit a stocking. You will spend all day waiting for her to finish her task, returning to your farmhouse at 6:00 pm to hang the stocking from the hook on the wall. Ellen only knits stockings between Winter 1 and Winter 23.

Easy gifts for Ellen worth +9 FP include Honey, tree fruit, milk, wool, and Hot Spring Egg.

On the evening of the 25th, go to bed between 9:00 pm and midnight. As you sleep, Thomas Claus will sneak into your house and leave a gift in your stocking. He'll randomly reward you with an Alexandrite, Mithril, Moonstone, Orichalcum, or Sandrose. You will also earn +20 FP with Mayor Thomas. Alexandrite is the ideal gift, as it's tough to find in the wintertime Lake Mine and sells for 10,000 G.

You can then fetch the gift from your stocking in the morning.

New Year's Eve - Winter 30

There are three options for you to celebrate the end of the current year and the start of the upcoming year. You can only choose one of them each year!

New Year's Soba Feast

Head to Rose Plaza between 6:00 pm and midnight to celebrate with Carter, Duke, Gotts, Jeff, Manna, Ran, Sasha, and Thomas. Talk to Thomas at the table in the center of the plaza to start eating your good-luck soba noodles. After the feast, you'll receive 9 bags of Buckwheat Flour, a cooking ingredient used in dishes such as Zaru Soba and Tempura Soba, that can't be purchased at Jeff's store. You'll also earn +5 FP with each person you talk to in Rose Plaza. This festival will end the next morning at 6:00 am.

You can also get Buckwheat Flour by playing the Goddess' Hi/Low game on the Entertainment Channel of your television from Spring 1 to Spring 5. If you guess correctly between 3 and 9 times, you'll randomly receive either 1 bag of Buckwheat Flour or 1 serving of Mochi.

New Year's Party

Go up to the summit of Mother's Hill between midnight and 4:00 am to watch the first sunrise of the year with Anna, Basil, Cliff (if he is in town), Dudley, Gray, Marie, and Saibara. You must talk to each of the summit guests to start the sunrise event. You'll earn +5 FP with the sunrise watchers, but you won't receive any gifts. This festival will end the next morning at 6:00 am.

New Year's Weird Dreams

A third option is an event that doesn't always trigger. As it is random, save your game before attempting these events; you can then reload your save game and try again. You can also reload your game to see a different dream.

Instead of attending either gathering, going to bed that night might trigger a strange overnight dream. There are three different dreams you might randomly trigger. You won't earn any FP/LP with the villagers you see in your dreams.

After your dream, you'll wake up in the morning inside your farmhouse at 6:00 am as though nothing happened.