Marie manages the Mineral Town library in the northwest corner of town. She's a bit quiet, much like the books she watches over. Her dad, Basil, has written many books about the creatures and plants that live around the village, so Marie stores them at the library. Marie loves it when there are visitors at the empty library, as she can then share her books with someone else.

Marie was named Mary in the original English adaptation of the GBA game.

Birthday: Winter 20 (primary) or Winter 23 (alternative)

Bonus LP: Earn +2500 LP when you go up to the second floor of the library a total of 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150 times.

Rival: Gray

Schedule: Marie spends most of her week at the library. From Tuesday until Saturday, she'll start her day at her next-door house, then open the library around 10:00 am. She stays there until 6:00, pm then heads back home. The library is closed on Mondays, so if it is sunny that day her family will go out to Mother's Lake between 7:00 am and 10:00 am, then return home; if it is rainy or snowy, they stay home instead. She'll help her mom, Anna, go grocery shopping from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Jeff's store, and then they both head home for the rest of the day.

If you marry Marie, she'll still open the library from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. On Mondays she stays inside the farm house all day.

Gift Preferences

+800 LP (+9 FP)

Relaxtea: Relaxtea Leaves + Pot (Recipe learned from Lou after knowing 6 or more of her recipe prerequisites)

Vegetable Juice: Cucumber + Cabbage + Carrot + Tomato + Mixer (Recipe learned from Lou after known 2 or more of her recipe prerequisites)

Note: Lou will visit the second floor of the inn on Sundays. To unlock her chef visits, you'll need to toss at least 75 gift offerings (one per day) into the Goddess' pond by the hot spring, then wait until a sunny Sunday and exit your farm house to trigger her introduction. Lou will teach you a meal recipe when you talk to her on Sundays if you have the cooked following recipes: Bamboo Rice, Chocolate Cookies, Curry Rice, Tamagoyaki, Mayonnaise (L), Miso Soup, Mixed Juice, Popcorn, Caffeine, or Zaru Soba. To receive the recipe for Vegetable Juice, you'll need to know at least 2 of the listed recipes. The recipe for Relax Tea requires you to know 6 of the prerequisite recipes.

The recipe for Relax Tea Leaves is also taught you to by Lou once you have cooked 8 of her recipe prerequisites. To make Relax Tea Leaves you need to combine all of the colored grasses (black, blue, indigo, orange, purple, red, yellow, and white) using a Knife and a Frying Pan.

+500 LP (+9 FP)

Bamboo Shoots, Black Grass, Blue Grass, Letter in a Bottle, Chocolate, Diamond, Dango Flour, Wild Grapes, Tomatosetta Stone, Matsutake, Perfume, Pink Diamond, Poison Mushroom, Red Grass, White Grass

Chestnut Rice, Chocolate Cookies, Elli Leaves, Grape Juice, Mont Blanc, Raisin Bread, Relaxtea Leaves, Roasted Chestnut, Caffeine, Super Caffeine

+300 LP (+3 FP)

all alpaca wool, all angora wool, all cheese, all mayonnaise, all sheep wool, all yarn, AEPFE Apple, Apple, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Bell Pepper, Bracelet, Broach, Chestnut, Chili Pepper, Dress, Earrings, Emerald, Facemask, Garnet, Golden Egg, HMSGB Apple, Honey, Indigo Grass, Necklace, Orange, Orange Grass, Pet Treat, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Purple Grass, Ruby, Sapphire, Spinach, Skin Lotion, SUGDW Apple, Sunblock, Tomato, Topaz, Yellow Grass

Apple Pie, Bamboo Rice, Baugna Cauda, Carbonara, Cheese Fondue, Cheese Risotto, Cheese Souffle, Cheesecake, Palbochae, Matsutake Rice, Mushroom Gratin, Mushroom Rice, Moon Dumpling, Candied Peels, Orange Pastries, Orangette, Pepper Steak, Pineapple Juice, Pumpkin Potage, Roasted Apple, Spicy Margherita Pizza, Spicy Pepper Steak, Spicy Ramen, Spicy Sandwich, Spicy Vegetable Stir Fry, Strawberry Milk (recipe)

-500 LP (-3 FP)

Chicken Feed, Fodder, Lumber, Scrap Ore, Stone

Butter, Curry Bread, Curry Rice, Fried Rice, Okonomiyaki

-800 LP (-9 FP)

Branch, Empty Can, Fish Bones, Ancient Fossil, Gold Lumber, Pirate Treasure, Rock, Rubber Boot, Weed

Heart Events


Marie seems to be thinking about something when she bumps into you by the entrance to the library. She's glad that you're here for a visit, as there aren't a lot of people who come to the library. She apologizes for running into you, as she doesn't pay attention to her surroundings when she's lost in thought.

Choice 1: Is something troubling you? (+3000 LP)

Marie explains that she's been working on a new novel and has been trying to work out something out with the story. She thanks you for being concerned about her. Feel free to come to the library if you want to read any books. There's bound to be something here that's useful to you.

Choice 2: You should be more careful (-2000 LP)

Marie is truly sorry! She'll be more attentive from now on.

Black Heart Event

Marie is looking through the books on the shelves of the library. She is searching for a book she wants to use as a reference in her novel, but she can't find it. Maybe it's upstairs? Marie asks if you would help her search for the book.

Choice 1: Consider that book bound! Er, found! (+3000 LP)

Oh great! Marie describes the book, and the two of you begin to look through the shelves. Eureka! You eventually find the book in question. Marie is glad because now she can write her novel.

Choice 2: No can do. Sorry. (-2000 LP)

Marie apologizes for asking. She needs to get back to searching and wishes you goodbye.

Purple Heart Event

At the top of the mountain, Marie appears to be upset. She explains that she was organizing the books in the library when she found an old book. Marie wanted to read the book at a nice spot, so she brought it up here to Mother's Hill. She was weeping because the book's story was incredibly heartfelt. Marie thanks you for your concern, and asks if you have ever had a book move you to tears.

Choice 1: Yeah. Books are love. Books are life. (+3000 LP)

Marie is pleased to hear that you too have immersed yourself into a book as she has. She gives you the book that she found, as she's finished reading it and wants to share its story with you.

The book she gives you, Marie's Book, can be placed as an item on your farmhouse trophy shelf.

Choice 2: Mere words cannot move me. (-2000 LP)

Marie wonders if perhaps it is because you haven't read a book yet that has given that kind of impression. However, she believes that someday you will come across such a book.

Blue Heart Event

Marie's parents appear to be worried about something. If you're here to see Marie, they suggest you come back later. They explain that Marie appears to be in a rather bad mood. Basil says his daughter won't even talk to him! They ask if perhaps you can talk to her, as you're about the same age as she is. You're the only one who can do it!

Upstairs, Marie apologizes for the weirdness, as she's really isn't in a bad mood. It must be a misunderstanding. She decides to go downstairs to explain what's going on.

Marie explains to her parents that she's been deep in thought about the subject of her next novel. Basil is glad to hear that her mood wasn't because of something that they had done! Marie says she still hasn't come up with the topic of her book, so Anna suggests that maybe you have a subject that Marie can use?

Choice 1: I'm drawing a blank. (-2000 LP)

It's okay, this is a difficult question. Maybe something will come up later.

Choice 2: What work? (+3000 LP)

Why hasn't she thought of that before? That's a great idea! Marie asks if you have time to talk to her about your farm work.

You spend time with Marie answering her questions about farm stuff. Afterwards, she apologizes for taking so much of your time, but she believes she can now write a fantastic novel!

This event choice will fast-forward your in-game time to 6:00 pm.

Choice 3: What about...Basil's work? (+0 LP, +20 FP with Basil)

Oh, great idea! Basil is open to it, but Marie doesn't seem as enthusiastic about it as he is. That's not an idea she wants to pursue, but let her think about it for a little bit.

Yellow Heart Event

Marie has stopped by the farm for a visit, or rather, a date with you. She's unsure where to go, as she hadn't thought of that part. How about going to the library, where she can tell you about various books she finds interesting? Marie doesn't mind opening the library for a little bit.

You bump into Karen and Popuri as you walk to the library. They guessed you were heading to the library for a date, and Popuri is surprised to learn that you read books too.

Choice 1: Marie's my book advisor today. (+3000 LP)

Yes, Marie confirms that's true!

Choice 2: Reading is the worst. (-2000 LP)

Karen wonders why you're going to the library if you hate reading.

Marie explains that she was taking you to the library to pick out a book that you might enjoy. Ah, that makes sense! Popuri says she doesn't know what books she might find interesting. Marie tells her she's bound to find types of books that they would like.

For Karen, she might be interested in a cookbook with an adventure story. There's a book called Gourmand General; a story about a general in search of cooking ingredients. It even has a section dedicated to recipes. Karen agrees that book does sound rather interesting!

For Popuri, how about "My Uncle's a Wizard"? It's a story about a normal girl who attends a ball at the castle. It's a romantic story about falling in love with a prince. In the book the girl's uncle is a wizard, and he uses his magic to dress her up for the dance. Oh that does sound wonderful!

Popuri was unaware there were so many different books at the library. Marie can tell you about books a person might enjoy just by talking to her! Marie tells them that she wants people who don't usually read books to come visit her at the library. Sounds good, but Karen and Popuri are on their way to the poultry farm to help Lillia with something, so they can't stop by right now. The girls will stop by later to check out the book that Marie recommended to her.

After the girls leave, Marie is glad those two are now interested in books. And it is thanks to you! She feels that since you arrived, little by little there have been more people stopping by the library. Like today, she wanted to find a book recommendation for you, so she wanted to research what types of books you might like. She feels that she's become a bit more cheerful since she's been in contact with you, and thanks you for helping her change.

Marie suggests the two of you continue onto the library, as she hasn't had the chance to pick a book out for you.

Orange Heart Event

You bump into Marie as you walk into the library. She tells you that she's sorry, but she was just about to close the library for the day. Marie was going to take a walk up to the mountain to think about the story for her novel. She invites you to go along with her.

At the top of the mountain, Marie tells you that she always gets inspired when she comes to this spot. She decides her next story will be a mountain-themed romantic tale about an eternally-cursed werewolf who one day falls in love with a mountain goddess. The werewolf asked the goddess to turn him back to a normal human, which she did, but tragically this meant he could no longer see his benevolent beloved. It will be a story of love and loss. What do you think?

Choice 1: Exciting AND inspiring! (+3000 LP)

Marie thanks you for your encouraging words. She is a little embarrassed talking about the details of her unfinished story, but you've given her the motivation she needed.

Choice 2: That's pretty grim, Marie. (-2000 LP)

Marie is disappointed that you don't like it, as out of everyone she was most interested in having you read it. Given your feedback, Marie plans to make a less complicated story.

Marie turns to you and tells you that you are her light. Without you in her world, she would be still be shrouded in darkness. You make her very happy, and in return she wants to make you happy too. Marie tells you that she cares very much about you. Though you may be surprised at her comments, she explains that just a plain "I love you" is very cliché.

You don't respond, and Marie becomes rather embarrassed. Ah, she suddenly claims that she was simply planning out the conclusion of her novel! After all, she wants her story to have a happy ending. Marie is glad that she can spend a lifetime with you. Besides, being with you is unlikely to result in a tragic love because you make her so happy.

This even ends back at your farmhouse at 5:00 pm.