Doctor runs the only health clinic in Mineral Town, and he takes his responsibility very seriously. He is a stern fellow, but he'll perk up if you can get him to talk about medicine and other topics that he likes. Doctor will examine your health for 10 G and give you his medical opinion about your health. He won't recover your stamina during his exams, though you're free to purchase expensive potions from his nurse that can do that.

His name is simply "Doctor" in this game. In the DS game that was released two years after the GBA game was released, he was given the name "Trent." This Doctor doesn't have a wibbly-wobbly police box that can travel through time and space. Doctor is the easiest marriage candidate to raise your affection with because of how easy it is to obtain high-LP items to give to him.

Birthday: Autumn 19 (primary) or Autumn 25 (alternative)

Bonus LP: Earn +2500 when you do NOT faint for a total of 15, 30, 45, 60, or 75 days in a row. A bonus is awarded the first time you meet the criteria.

Rival: Elli

Schedule: For most of the week Doctor will be inside his clinic, either upstairs or downstairs. On Wednesdays he'll visit the area by Mother's Lake to look for wild herbs between 8:00 am and 11:00 am, then head back to the clinic for a little bit. From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, he'll be on the second floor of the library, and then back at his clinic for the rest of the day. If the weather is rainy or snowy on Wednesday, he'll go to the church in the morning instead of to the lake.

If you marry Doctor he'll keep to basically the same schedule, but he starts and ends his day inside of the farm house. On sunny Wednesdays he stays at the clinic instead of visiting the library, and returns home at 17:00. On rainy/snowy Wednesdays he will spend between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm at the library.

Gift Preferences

+800 LP (+9 FP)

all sizes of normal milk (not coffee, fruit, or strawberry milk)

+500 LP (+9 FP)

Bamboo Shoots, Black Grass, Blue Grass, Blue Magic Flower, Green Grass, Honey, Indigo Grass, Large Fish, Medium Fish, Orange Grass, Poison Mushroom, Purple Grass, Red Grass, True Magic Red Flower, White Grass, Yellow Grass

Carpaccio, Chestnut Rice, Elli Leaves, Premium Grape Juice, Fish Fritters, Wild Grape Water, Mixed Juice, Mixed Smoothie, Mont Blanc, Orange Juice, Paella, Roasted Chestnut, Seafood Bowl, Fish Soup, Stew

+300 LP (+3 FP)

all coffee milk, all cheese, all eggs, all fruit milk, all strawberry milk, Adzuki Beans, AEPFE Apple, Apple, Bell Pepper, Carrot, Chestnut, Chili Pepper, Corn, HMSGB Apple, Onion, Orange, Pineapple, Potato, Pumpkin, Spinach, Small Fish, Buckwheat Flour, Hot Spring Egg, Strawberry, SUGDW Apple, Tomato, Turnip

Aqua Pazza, Baked Apple, Bamboo Rice, Palbochae, Dorayaki, Eggs Benedict, Ketchup, Mashed Potatoes, Matsutake Rice, Mushroom Gratin, Mushroom Rice, Napolitan, Oden, Candied Peels, Orange Pastries, Orangette, Pepper Steak, Pineapple Juice, Pot Au Feu, Pumpkin Potage, Quiche, Relax Tea, Roasted Corn, Spicy Margherita Pizza, Spicy Pepper Steak, Spicy Ramen, Spicy Sandwich, Spicy Vegetable Stir Fry, Strawberry Cake, Tempura Soba, Zarusoba

-500 LP (-3 FP)

all gems, all ores, Bracelet, Branch, Broach, Chicken Feed, Dress, Earring, Facemask, Fodder, Lumber, Necklace, Perfume, Pet Ball, Skin Lotion, Stone, Sunblock, Weed

Baumkuchen, Cake, Chocolate Cookies (Winter Harmony Day is OK), Pancakes

-800 LP (-9 FP)

Empty Can, Fish Bones, Ancient Fossil, Gold Lumber, Pirate Treasure, Rubber Boot

Fried Potato, Margherita Pizza, Popcorn

Heart Events


Oh, a patient still left to see? You introduce yourself to Doctor, who then reminds you to visit his clinic if you feel unwell. He tells you that the villagers here are pretty healthy because of the blessings of nature, so there aren't many diseases. Despite that, he spends time researching because there's always problems that need to be solved. Doctor wonders if you have the physical strength to take care of the farm by yourself (he says this whether your main character is a girl or boy); if you're uncomfortable telling him your medical issues, then you can talk to Nurse Elly instead.

By the way, he just received a new medicine from another town and asks if you want to give it a try. Unlike the potion he typically sells, this new medicine supposedly restores your stamina and fatigue at the same time! He doesn't sell it currently, but he's been working on improving its effectiveness.

Choice 1: A little medicine never hurt anyone... (+3000 LP)

Doctor is excited that you're willing to give it a try. You taste the medicine and confirm that you feel a little refreshed, though it doesn't taste very good. Doctor is pleased and asks if you want another drink! Your hesitation reminds him that it isn't good to take too much medicine. He thanks you for your feedback.

Choice 2: Yeaaah, I'll pass. (-2000 LP)

Are you sure? Doctor guesses that you prefer to live on the edge.

Black Heart Event

Doctor is glad to see you! A new drug arrived today! (ut oh...)

Choice 1: Run awaaay! (-2000 LP)

Before he can say anything else, you high-tail it out of the clinic. You feel a little guilty for running away.

Choice 2: Ooh, yay! Untested substances! (+3000 LP)

He thought you might say that! He collects the potion from Elly and returns to the office. This medicine is the same as the one you tried before, but it recovers both stamina and fatigue with twice the efficancy. Unfortunately, Doctor couldn't do anything about improving its flavor. It tastes the same as before, but he is optimistic that it is better than the prior version.

You take the medicine, but the result is twice as bad! Doctor calls Elly over to help.

When you recover, Doctor apologizes for what you went through. He feels bad for putting you in this situation; as a medical professional, he should have known better. The recovery effects must have been too strong. Nothing happened when he tried the medicine. Doctor apologizes again, but you are okay.

Elly is glad to see that you aren't angry but tells Doctor that from now on she recommends that he doesn't ask his patients to try his new medicines. Doctor understands her concerns.

Purple Heart Event

Elly is glad to see you and tells you that Doctor has something he wants to give to you.

Choice 1: What could it be? (+3000 LP, +20 FP with Elly)

Don't worry, this time it is something nice. Elly even wanted it for herself!

You head over to talk to Doctor. He has something special he wants to give to you. Doctor has been researching a new healing technique that is popular with patients in the city. He wonders if would work for the villagers of Mineral Town too and thought he'd give it to you to try first since every day you are working the hardest out of everyone. Doctor gives you the Negative Ionizer. Patients who carry it around report that it calms their minds and helps them to relax, kind of like taking a refreshing stroll through the forest.

Doctor is glad that you like the gift. He is beginning to believe that perhaps the best way to heal sickness is to minimize stress, though there are those like Lillia that do have a physical illness. He will continue to study medicine with the hopes of healing those types of sicknesses. Doctor hopes you'll let him know how it goes.

(The Negative Ionizer won't affect your stamina, but you can place it on the item shelf inside your house as a decoration.)

Choice 2: Past flooding back... (-2000 LP, -10 FP with Elly)

Elli notices you don't seem to be interested and doesn't want you to feel that you have to accept it, but asks that you consider Doctor's feelings.

Blue Heart Event

Elly tells you that she's worried about Doctor. He's been acting strange and seems to have something on his mind. She can't get him to open up as to what's bothering him. Since there aren't any patients today, Elly asks if you would talk to him.

Doctor tells you it isn't anything terrible. He's just been thinking about a variety of topics. Lately, he has been concerned about his patients, as he recently learned that they tend to have a difficult time being comfortable around him. Doctor doesn't know what he should do and asks for your opinion.

Choice 1: Open up your heart. (+3000 LP, +20 FP with Elli)

Being more freehearted does sound like the right solution. He has so much going on that he's not the type to talk about things with others. Keeping himself walled off from people makes it difficult to get another perspective. Doctor admits that while he doesn't talk a lot to others, it seems natural for him to speak with you.

Doctor thanks you and says he is going to try to be less closed off from now on.

Choice 2: Physicians should have boundaries. (-2000 LP, -10 FP with Elli)

Is that what you think? Doctor doesn't want this to continue. This issue is something he needs to think about and apologizes for asking such a strange question.

Yellow Heart Event

Doctor asks if you have a moment. Carter had collected lots of herbs and mushrooms from the mountain area, so Doctor has crafted a medicinal coffee with those ingredients. Don't worry; he's already tasted it. The coffee was pretty good, and so he'd like you to give it a taste too.

You find Carter upstairs in the clinic. He has also stopped by to try the coffee. As Doctor leaves to brew your drink, Carter is cautiously skeptical. He also has been "helping" Doctor with his new medicines, so he understands your apprehension. This time it is a success! Even Carter couldn't taste his beloved mushrooms in the drink.

Doctor returns with your serving of the herb-infused coffee and hands it to you to drink. It's delicious! It sounds like you want to have it on a daily basis, but Doctor admits that this time he didn't follow a recipe. The coffee just came together on its own and he didn't write down the recipe. It's just a coincidence that it turned out well. The next time he makes the recipe it might depend on the herbs that Carter brings him.

Choice 1: Don't be dependent on others. (-2000 LP)

Doctor thinks that was unpleasant. He made the coffee himself!

Choice 2: Write down the recipe next time. (+3000 LP)

Ah yes, he should do that.

Carter laughs and says that the two of you are a wonderful couple. Doctor would be a good partner, even though he is a bit eccentric! Any other person wouldn't be able to keep him in line.

Doctor is a bit taken back with Carter's description of his talents. He hopes Carter isn't implying that he lacks morals. Doctor complains that Carter's comments were rude, but they don't bother you. It just means that Doctor is passionate about his research. Doctor thanks you, as he is relieved to hear you say that.

Carter points out how the two of you complement each other, as though it was fate that caused you to meet. Doctor hopes to develop new medicines with your assistance, but before that happens Carter requests that Doctor try to make the medicine taste better.

Orange Heart Event

You're walking into the clinic at the same time Doctor is heading out of the clinic. He was heading out for a walk and asks if you would like to go with him. Well, of course!

As you walk together through Rose Plaza, you bump into Mugi. Doctor asks him how his treatment is doing, and Mugi responds that he feels better than ever! Doctor is glad that his patient is better, but reminds him to be careful. While this time it was a simple sprained wrist, but it could have become a lot worse if it hadn't been treated properly. Mugi promises to be more careful and offers Doctor some milk from his ranch before continuing on his way.

A brief moment later, the two of you bump into Mayor Thomas. The red-hat fellow mentions that he just came from visiting Lillia. The new medicine that Doctor had prescribed to her is working very well! Thomas explains that she noted that Doctor is also spending more time talking with her during his home consultations. Even Ellen told Thomas that she noticed the extra time that Doctor was spending with her during home visits to Ellen's house. Thomas is pleased with the extra care that Doctor is taking with the villagers.

After Thomas walks away, Doctor turns to you and explains that recently he's made some changes. He explains that he is aware his presence seems to intimidate his patients, and no one would talk to him while he was out and about unless it was an emergency, so lately he's been trying different techniques. For example, Doctor has been trying to be more casual when talking with a patient. Going steady with you made him realize how intimidating he was being, so he is attempting to emulate your good habits. You're always out talking with everybody and giving gifts and generally have a good relationship with everyone in town. He decided to try and follow the example that you've set! So when he sees someone walking by, he'll call out and greet them. Previously he didn't think much of it, but it feels good to get people to open up to him.

Choice 1: Don't be a copycat. (-2000 LP)

Doctor wonders if he needed your permission first. He's sorry if you were offended.

Choice 2 Your hard work paid off. (+3000 LP)

Doctor realizes that little bit of effort was what he had been missing. He needed to engage with people actively. Doctor respects how you're able to be so open with people.

Doctor is still trying to understand the other villagers' feelings, but he never wants you to be annoyed with him. He thanks you for pointing out that he was intimidating his patients.

This event ends at 3 pm at your farmhouse.